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RE: Announcing RobinHoodWhale, the Steemit Deep Sea Savior

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Yesterday, I donated 1/3rd of my holding in SBD to the RHW in good faith the account would be used as explained.

A few minutes ago, the "promoted" feature was implemented, and @robinhoodwhale has sent 50 SBD to @null.

That was never part of the contract. Of course, it is now your money, do with it as you see fit, who am I to judge. But you promised to power up with it and upvote minnows.

I'm herewith giving you feedback on why I consider this relationship of trust broken for now.


As per the memo, I sent my own personal SD solely to test the new promoted content feature, while hopefully getting better exposure for the project. No RHW funds have been used other than to power up.

I routed 55 SD from my personal account @repholder to @robinhood explicitly stating in the memo of these 2 transactions one with 5 and one with 50 that they are solely to test the promoted content feature, they are excluded from any eligibility in the investment part of RHW.

@akareyon: is that lengthy wall of self-justifications your way to express that you are sorry for jumping the gun and throwing accusations?

Thank you for the transparency and for living up to the agreement thus far!
May this continue~*~


your name is etched into my memory of steemit - had you not promoted my steemigration post last month in slack, I would probably never had that much SBD to give away to begin with. I firmly believe that it is thanks to you it received that much attention within less than 20 minutes. I respect you and trust you; and I hope you also know me as a reasonable, but sometimes provocative user, and I was trying to make a point.

Imagine the potential for drama that I left untapped on purpose ...!

People will watch @null/wallet closely. Steemit inherently is highly competitive and thus, self-policing. Everyone will watch what his neighbor does. People will jump to conclusions. People will not double-check, like I did, by looking at the RHW wallet as well. I know your intentions were good. But you generated a source for misunderstanding, and it was my intention to clear it up by raising it before someone else does it - and does so with accusations, flipping of tables and curses against humanity.

At that point, you probably weren't aware you could promotify RHWs account from your own (that is what I did, I tried the function with a small amount of money for another user's post that I found worthy of attention), so you funnelled your own money through the RHW wallet. It was perfectly legitimate, given the circumstances: in this case.

What I am trying to get at is this: in the "real world", you can't send a donation to a charitable institution and appropriate it for a special purpose, like giving a million Euros to the Red Cross and tell them only to buy chocolate from it; it would be mightily frowned upon, and the Red Cross would either send the money back or buy medicine and blankets anyway. And there is a reason why one is not to use money from the company's cash register to buy private groceries, "I'll put the money back": to prevent misunderstandings.

I don't know how it is elsewhere, but in my country, this would have been called "money laundering". There are even laws to keep the bookcleaning clean of precisely such occurences.

tldr: Just trying to raise some "awareness" here.

I hope it also succeded at demonstrating that misunderstanding and drama can be avoided by formulating the criticism in a certain (non-accusatory) way, giving the "accused" a fair chance to put forward his own reasoning and evidence.

For the historical record, here is the evidence for @repholder's claim:

"you can't send a donation to a charitable institution and appropriate it for a special purpose,"

Yes you absolutely can. By law if you say it can only be used for X, that's all the non-profit can use it for.

I just verified @repholder's claim... It looks like it checks out.

THANKS @bacchist
I never doubted the claim but it is great for the community as a whole to see this and a valuable contribution to the cause!

Yes it does, thank you, @bacchist. Please see my reply to repholder in the neighbor branch of this comment tree for the big reveal.

I just realized something..Why the hell am I on 1000 other sites when this entire platform can have a much more greater impact than any other social media site or even website at that matter. Has anybody built a site for steemit and open ledger, combining all the important funtions of each one? Just curious Thanks!