Creamy & Delicious Memories - Why One Should Steemfest At Least Once In Their Lives

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There is no magic in magic, it's all in the details. - Walt Disney

We call it magic when we struggle to find another more rational description for an unreal experience.

Those of you who've already participated in a Steemfest event (Amsterdam 2016 - Lisbon 2017) may confirm that there's something indescribable, magical between heaven and earth when you meet your internet friends in person for the very first time.

The road to Steemfest³ is about to be paved, and I'll give you a couple of more reasons to consider traveling to Krákow this November.

Here's why everybody should steemfest at least once in their lives!

@surfermarly with her Steemfest² bag at the famous Dunes of Maspalomas (Gran Canaria)

Steemy magic

I was as excited as on my first school day when entering the hotel lobby.

The very first steemian I ran into was @nanzo-scoop (of course!).

Oh my God, youuu!?!

Hugs were followed by radiant smiles... as if we knew each other forever. Well we actually do, since two years on Steem sometimes seem to be close to an enternity.

I checked in my hotel room, had a 30-seconds-shower and changed myself in another 60 seconds, not wanting to lose any more time and desiring to finally join the welcome party.

What then happened really blew my mind.

On my way to the check-in for the conference I ran into Mr. Steemfest himself @roelandp who was easy to recognize in one of his amazing, multi-colored one-piece suits.

More hugs, more laughter, more positive vibes. Alright, I really loved surfing that wave.

Of course it had to be @sjennon (the designer of my surfermarly logo) who handed the conference package out to me.

Gosh, so nice to meet you in person!

Leaving the check-in towards the terrace where the party was already taking place, I didn't come too far.


Finally I was able to hug @anomadsoul! We switched to Spanish, fusing the Mexican and Canarian accent. God, it was damn cool to hear our voices in real time.

When I turned around @karensuestudios and @acromott stood right in front of me, providing me with their Californian and contagious smiles.

Yes, you already know what happened: more hugs, more oh-my-Gods, more joy.


More magic moments that spontaneously come to my mind now:

I could go ahead in the very same way for hours... but I'd rather prefer to ask you:

How's that gene called again we all share?

Honestly, I've traveled a lot and met uncountable people in my life, but I've never ever lived something similar before.

Unfortunately I had missed the very first Steemfest back in November 2016 - and deeply regretted later on.

You wouldn't believe me, but it was actually as if we were all on a school trip again. - @gargon described his sensation from Amsterdam

Inspired by the euphoria it was pretty clear to me that I had to travel to Steemfest² no matter what.

Also I really wanted the selfie with @ned :-)

In fact I was one of the first ones in buying their tickets, booking their flights and hotel accomodation once the second event was announced.

I was dying to be part of it.

And I swear it was so damn worth it.


The true value of Steem...

...lies in the power of its community, and everybody is kindly invited to verify that fact traveling to Krákow.

I'll provide you with one more reason why.

Before going on stage and speaking in front of the Steem community the morning of the 2nd November 2017, I was terribly nervous.

@nanzo-scoop who was sitting next to me may confirm that.

You gonna be alright - he said trying to calm me down.

He was supposed to be right after all, because something magical (remember the very beginning of this post) was supposed to happen.

I went on stage, took a deep breath and started out.

My initial plan was to not directly look at any of the people sitting in the audience, avoiding that their reaction may distract me from my speech.

So I was rather trying to focus that famous invisible point at the wall on the other side of the room.

But then they all suddenly applauded at a point when I didn't expect it, so I accidentally appreciated the encouragement looking some of them in the eyes.

I remember it as if it was today.

It was you, @dougkarr. You were was sitting right at the middle corridor and provided me with a radiant smile that was able to illuminate the whole conference room.

That feedback was so contagious!

Unconsciously, I threw my strategy over board and began to actively look for the direct eye contact of the audience while surfing on the wave of good vibes that was irrevocably flooding the place.

I swear I won't forget that moment in my life.

While I literally proposed the thesis that Steem is able to change the world on the beginning of my speech, I effectively felt that this was the very truth while talking.

Speaking on that stage was beyond awesome, and I'm incredibly grateful for the experience.

Banner by @rubencress

That feeling of solidarity!

It's hard to find the right words to describe the @steemfest dynamics.

Probably it's the fact that we're all part of the 'Fourth Industrial Revolution' which welds us together in such way.

Blockchain technology is supposed to revolutionize all kinds of technological standard. It's a weird but also stunning feeling to be actually part of such a huge movement.

It's what primarily characterizes the Steemfest spark.

During the whole conference in Lisbon I had this strong sensation that we were the ones that would have a significant impact on the entire world's future.

Well.... maybe there was one point in time when I was in doubt if we'd really be able to make it.

It was the moment when Mr. Blocktrades said:

I hope my wife will never find out what I'm doing right now.

...while he looked down on his poker stake made of cookies and nuts.

The fact that we couldn't purchase any poker chips in the whole city of Lisbon ultimately didn't stop us from playing.

I even went on a half-hour taxi drive together with @steemrollin and @blocktrades, stopping by at any gas station close to the venue asking for poker chips and a second set of cards.

Can you picture the scenery?

Maybe it's part of the steemy understatement that these type of situations are effectively able to take place.

@blocktrades losing to @nanzo-scoop at The Steemfest Poker Night 2017

Write your own Steemfest Story

Everybody has a different point of view on this amazing blockchain project, and we all experience the dynamic from our own personal perspective.

Yet, there's something clear: few people came home from a Steemfest who were not mind blown, stunned, euphoric, inspired or enthused.

Your own Steemfest story is actually just one flight away.

Much love,
Marly -
Steem Ambassador
This blog was created in July 2016, aiming to provide thought-provoking content for open-minded people who go on adventure, step out of comfort zones and embrace the new.
Thanks for being part of the journey!


PS: All my blog posts are created and submitted via eSteem Surfer 1.1.12 - my favorite Steem desktop client that was developed by @good-karma's @esteemapp team. Check out their account for more information.

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I remember how nervous you were before your talk, and you totally killed it. You did an amazing job! I so enjoyed surfing with you and the crew you put together. Every time I look at the footer of my posts and that smile picture I have, I think of that trip. That was my happy face for sure after getting out of the water. Thank you for making that happen. See you in Poland!


Thank you so much for returning the good vibes in such way and for the huge compliments! :-)
The whole trip was a true inspiration and - yes - I perfectly remember that this magic smile in your footer was taken after getting out of the ice-cold Atlantic Ocean.

You can't script this :-)

Hopefully we'll meet in Krákow - due to some bigger real life changes this time I'll be only able to confirm my participation last minute.

You were a bit nervous but the presentation was grrrrreat. Everybody liked it a lot.
See you in Poland!


Sweet! :-)
Thanks for the compliment, and I really hope I'll be able to make it to Krákow!!!

Recollection posts of something you were a part of are fun to write and read, and this is one of my favorites :D

Nanzo looks proper chuffed to be the poker champ, BT still gracious in defeat. Your presentation went really well, I'm glad I was there watching and hearing the applause you deserved.

Ready to create some more memories in November 2018? Yep!


Aaaaw, glad you enjoyed it in such way, Asher!! :-)
You may only imagine how much fun I had putting all this together once more... writing about Steemfest is like catching one of the reeeeeally good waves and surfing it til the very end, haha


Praying for my this year's participation.

I thought you did great with your presentation last year. It helps when you believe so much in what you are doing. It was great to meet you and so many others in Lisbon and I look forward to doing it all again in Krakow.


Thank you so much Steve! It was indeed fantastic to meet in person, and I really hope that I'll be able to repeat this incredible experience in Poland. Due to some real life challenges I'll be facing soon I can't confirm my participation yet, but hopefully will be able to do so last minute :-)

Thanks for the recatch of your experiences :) i'm glad to meet you in person in Krakow this year, hopefully.

Check out my blog for an exclusive Steembay Auction for the steemfest³ . it's a steemit branded fullcap, you might be intrested in

All the best 🤙


Ich weiß noch nicht, ob ich's zum Steemfest³ schaffe - bin aber voller Hoffnung :-) Eine Steem Cap hab ich bereits, aber dennoch: coole A(u)ktion.

Schönes Wochenende!

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I pray I'm rich enough to attend next year's.

fantastic experience

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Wow.. Really a wonderful experience.. I wish I could be a part of it..

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It is evident that you had a great time. Kudos to you!

Well Marly!

Although I have never been to any steemfest oraginzed in the past. But I can relate how does it feel because same thing happened with me on #facebook (fake book now :D) but I met several friends through this fake book site.

It feels so special and lot of fun. Hope so one day I will manage to join you all for all this fun :D

Ein Steemfest Event in der Dominikanischen Republik - das wäre was! da muss ich aber noch feste dran arbeiten. Meines wissens bin ich der einzige Steemian hier auf der Insel. Also noch viel viel viel Potential! Ich bin gespannt wie sich das hier alles entwickeln wird...


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Dancing is always good even if it is just your mind doing it.


Dancing is always
Good even if it is just
Your mind doing it.

                 - sugarfix

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.


When you live in Japan a long time society's programming flows like two rivers joining.

Also hinfahren anstatt jetzt günstig Steem zu kaufen oder zu halten? :D


People should do with their Steem and time whatever they want :-)

This does sound magical! I so wish I could make it this November! But I will absolutely be at the next one! Soooo excited!

Que bien, sueño con participar algún día. Saludos

I want that moment where I turn around in the Steemfest venue and I see you there. Are you coming to Krakow?


Aaaaw, that'd be great!
I don't know yet, but I hope so :-)

Yes! And it was great to see you curiously peeking though the door before excitedly jumping in the check-in room.

Definitely looking forward to hand you your Steempackage this year too!


Hehe, absolutely!
I really hope I'll be able to make it to Poland :-)


You must! What makes you say 'hope'? :(

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