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Individually we are one drop. Together we are an ocean. - Ryunosuke Satoro

Nicely said!

That kind of community spirit was perfectly appreciable during our Steemfest surf experience.

Thanks to @nomadnessie and @heiditravels - our 'local surfers' - a group of steemy Ocean lovers had the chance to discover an amazingly beautiful surf spot at the Western Coast of Portugal.

Let's kill the hangover!

Surfergirls having fun: (EDIT) @surfermarly & @heiditravels

That's how we love to steemfest!

Is there anything better to kill a party hangover than catching some waves in the Atlantic Ocean?

I don't think so.

After two days of conference and some heavy dance sessions at 'The night of steem', putting our heads into salty water was much appreciated. So a group of Ocean lovers decided on doing a day trip to Penich, located 100km in the North of Lisbon.

When we arrived at the surf spot called 'Baleal' my heart leapt for joy.

Baleal is one of these places on Earth where you need only 5 minutes to feel as if you were on vacation.

Praia do Baleal (Southern part) - What an amazing day!

3House Surf Shop - Our starting point

Steemfest & surfing perfectly match!

Some members of the surf crew took a bus from Lisbon to Penich, others rented a car.

I'm terribly bad at remembering names and didn't take notes during Steemfest (huge mistake = learning), so please apologize if I don't remember all the user names now. Definitely and literally on board were (please add the missing names): @nomadnessie, @heiditravels, @gargon and @pgarcgo (witness @cervantes), @anomadsoul, @lrock, @lukestokes (witness @lukestokes.mhth), @juanmiguelsalas, @alanfreestone, @martin-wichmann, @j0rdan, @steemrollin, @lafona (witness @delegate.lafona).

In the end we were around 14 steemians paddling in the water.

@lrock took around 1,000 pictures with his professional camera at the beach (including some nice group shots), so I'd recommend you to follow him in order to get the whole picture :)

EDIT: Warming up before entering the water (picture stolen from @pgarcgo :-))

At the 3House Surf Shop, we rented some boards and wetsuits. It was €16.00 per person for two hours (if I remember well - seems that my memory suffered during the last days, lol).

When I asked the guy from the surf shop if the water temperature was around 18 degrees Celsius he started laughing out loud. 'In your dreams,' he replied. Haha!

I had never surfed in cold water before, so I was pretty curious to know the difference. On Lanzarote I had been surfing in a shorty even at the end of October. That was definitely not an option for Baleal!

Even though the Ocean had only a temperature of around 15 degrees Celsius, nobody was freezing during the session.

Our long winter wetsuits kept us warm.

Two hours later the happy hangovers from the night before were killed and we felt fresh and energetic again. Awesome!

Here's how happy surfing steemians look like after their recovery session!

The PRO among our steemian surfers: @lukestokes (with @surfermarly)

@surfermarly after the first set (love that wetsuit!!!)

When the sun started to set slowly, the spot revealed some true magic.

The day was obviously perfect. While it was raining in Southern parts of Portugal (as other steemians told us later), we were really lucky with our weather situation.

We fully enjoyed the perfect mix of sun, clouds and mellow winds.

What a romantic moment!

Probably my favourite picture

We would definitely recommend to celebrate future Steemfests close to a surf spot (just saying in case you were reading this @roelandp ;-))

It would be huge to repeat that session with the same group or even more people.

Catching waves all together was so much fun. While the water had a physical healing effect, the group dynamic was fuel to our souls.

As on steemit so in the water: this community really rocks!

Thanks to all of you for making the day special. I will remember this surf experience forever and hope we will celebrate a lot more in the future!

Big hugs my fellow steemy surfers and see you all soon,

Marly -

PD: Un saludo especial a la comunidad hispano-hablante!

Dado que español es mi segundo idioma (después de alemán) y el grupo de surferos tuvo la gran oportunidad de estar completado por grandes miembros de la comunidad hispano-hablante de steemit, quiero añadir algunas palabras en español.

Lo que más me ha sorprendido durante esta actividad (y realmente toda la conferencia), es el hecho de que miembros de steemit son capaces de conectar enseguida, sin importar de dónde vienes o quién eres (en tu vida real). Ha sido un gran placer vivir esa dinámica. Hasta diría que me ha dado un extra "boost" y me siento aún más unida a la red y sus usuarios.

Steemit es diferente? A qué si! Si alguién necesita la prueba, que me llame :-)

Asimismo les recomiendo viajar a Steemfest, aunque requeriría un esfuerzo (económico). No merece la pena sino lo siguiente. La transferencia de buena vibra, conocimientos, ideas y demás no tiene precio. Les prometo que no lo arrepentirían.

Así que: nos vemos el año que viene :-)

Thanks for your valuable time!
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aiming to provide stories for open-minded
people who enjoy living on the edge of their lives,
stepping out of comfort zones, going on adventure,
doing extreme sports and embracing the new.
Welcome to the too-much-energy-blog!

PS: Don't forget that this is a troll-free zone.

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hahahaha oh wow! what a fantastic time!

I so wanted to go on this with you but the distance, time and other things I wanted to do just made it not realistic for me.

So great to see you and others have such an awesome time. This is of course perfect excursion for you!

What an amazing SteemFest!

Hope to get to know you better here on Steemit until next year!

Full Steem Ahead!


The next time you definitely need to come with us! :-)

And big hugs right back at you, surfer girl!

Thanks so much for sharing this special article - it's one I've been waiting for! :D

I'm so happy to hear about this lovely session. I love that last wide-angle photo because it shows what a lovely beach break you found to surf at, with peaks appearing here and there.

Sounds as if the water temp is about what we see here in Southern Cal during most winters. So far, however, we are having extra warm water temps because of the very strange hot weather patterns. The last time I checked a few days ago, the water was still about 20c.

Thanks again for this great story about your surf session there... I almost feel like you took me with you.





My dear friend!
This session was definitely a highlight during the whole Steemfest experience. It's amazing how fast steemians connect in real life, even though they actually meet in person for the very first time.

I love that last wide-angle photo because it shows what a lovely beach break you found to surf at, with peaks appearing here and there.

You perfectly described the situation. We had a lot of different breaks there, so different surf levels could easily be served at the same time. I started to surf the higher breaks at the left hand side but then joined the rest of the group that was lined-up at the breaks at the right hand side.

I hope Steemfest 3 will take place in California for many reasons: 1) meet you and the American community in general in person 2) surf a Californian break for the first time in my life :-)

I'm happy you enjoyed our little recap.
Big hugs honey!!


That would be awesome if Steemfest could be here one time. ;)

I'll be happy to show you my home break... :D

The beach in your photos reminds me a little bit of the one time I got to surf at LaHinch in Ireland back in 2009... I may need to write that story! ;)

Take care, sweetie! :D Great to hear from you, and so glad Steemfest was good for you! ;)


I'll be happy to show you my home break... :D

Oh, I want THIS!!! :-)


I was so sad to read that steemfest is going to happen while I´m not in Europe and on the other side of the world. as I´m going to be in Canada next year and want to travel down the west coast of states I do hope the same. steemfest in California would be awesome.


Crossing my fingers for you (and us) :-)

That was SO much fun. I haven't smiled that big in a long time. :)


YES, it was. Thanks for being with us. Your smile is really worth more than a thousand words here :-)
Have a safe trip home and I hope to see you soon!
In the meantime we'll meet online :-)


A 100% real comment... It is funny articles... and enjoyable

Really nice impressions @surfermarly!


Danke Jonas!!! Vielen Dank auch nochmal für die super Organisation der Poker Night. Ich glaub damit haben wir wirklich einen festen Programmpunkt im Steemfest erschaffen :-)
Wir sehen uns auf steemit!!!


Na klar gerne doch und es war wirklich eine coole Poker-Nacht, auch wenn ich schon ein wenig drunken war vom HF Music Hotel Rooftop! ;-) Ja auf jeden Fall, nächstes Jahr machen wir ein richtig fettes Steemfest-Poker Turnier, das wird AWESOME! :) Genau wir sehen uns hier auf Steemit und dann spätestens nächstes Jahr wieder in Real Life. 👍 😎


Super Plan, bin dabei!!! :-)

ahhh! I wish I could have done it all. :) Your pictures look amazing!


Next time you might join though :-)
I told @acromott that we should bring Steemfest 3 to California!
It was sooooooooo nice meeting you in person!!!


Steemfest 3 in California would be awesome!! ;)
We can find some good waves out here


hahah! yes that sounds like an amazing time :) Or HAWAII!!!!


Wohoooo, even better! :-))


Yes i agree to you..Such wonderful pics..Wish i could have done it too..!!!!

I was really want to go surfing during STEEM FEST (T.T)
I KR steemian who gave name card at night before you leave.
Sometime I will visit your country to learn surf from you~!
See you than:)


Hey there!! Have you seen that I mentioned you and your Korean friends in my last post? :-)
I took one of your banners home, and I'll decorate one of the walls in my house with it.
We definitely need to surf at the next steemfest again! Hopefully it will be close to a beach. I can teach you surfing then for sure! And whenever you're close to my island, let me know.

See you around!

So @lukestokes surfs too🤤 wow, mehn thats some memories right there. Did you get any body from Africa to do the African Breakdance(Jo' Bata) at steemfest?...😊


It's not that @lukestokes just surfs, he surfs like a pro! :-)
A surfing witness - is that cool?! Only possible on steemit, hehe
Nope I think Africa wasn't represented this time. You should come over the next time though!!!


Surfing is always enjoyable and challenging. I like it very much. I think you have a great fun and entertainment also. By sharing this post you gave us some happy moment @surfermarly


Wow, and he is a good mentor too. I think i voted him as a witness...

Where is next year Steemfest? I hope to the Heavens i can afford it by then- am coming to humour you all with African culture and fitness😊


I think i voted him as a witness...

That's surely a good idea :-)

I guess the next Steemfest might be in the US. That would be fair since the major part of Steem users is American. But we'll see...:) You might bring some African vibes to Steemfest anyways, independently from the location.

Hello @surfermarly, your photography is amazing

congratz on making it onto the treding page again!


Always - @surfermarly was a Celeb before the Fest, now she is a legend :-)


LOL - thanks for the flowers, Uwe. But I'd prefer to be just 'that surfergirl' :-)


To me you are "THAT STEEMIT GIRL"


Oh, I haven't even recognized that :-) Thank you!

That is so awesome you guys got to go surfing there! I knew @lukestokes could surf but didn't know he went to Steemfest! So awesome!


Yeah we had soooooo much fun. I guess it's appreciable in the pictures...
Luke's a really good surfer btw! :-)
At the next steemfest you need to join us!!!


I would love that! I would be the worst surfer of the bunch but I would do my best!


There is this saying that the best surfer is not the one that knows best how to catch a wave, but the one that has most fun in the water :-)


I like that!

Awesomeness - you are a true leader @surfermarly - get the bunch of Steemians all together for such an awesome team building trip - looks and sounds really great!


Oh, that was actually the work of @nomadnessie and @heiditravels who were our 'locals' (living close to the spot). But I enjoyed very much being part of the group :-)
It was definitely one of my best experiences at Steemfest!


Oh these two live in Portugal? Another lesson learned - thought all is located in America related to the Steem Celebs apart from you and @twinner :-)

It was so much fun!! I loved it :-)


Yes it was!!!!!! I was so happy to finally meet you in person.
Big hugs and enjoy the rest of your holidays :-*

Looks like a perfect place to hang and play with the friends!!!
..and to surf the hangover away hah

Steemfest was freakin awesome!
It was so nice to mee you there!!
See ya next year!!!!


YEAH! It was so great to spend time with you guys, I had so much fun!
Let's do the next Steemfest in California, what do you think? :-)

Theres our good looking Steemit babes!

Jelous over here. I have never surfed and wished i would have been there..
Hope you all had a blast


Haha, the blockchain surf babes. Only on steemit :-)
YES, we had an incredibly nice time!

This was a very nice read and the photos you included are awesome! I like the one with the surfergirls and the sunset photo is beautiful. Thanks for sharing this!

I just finished my fourth #photofeedback. In this series, I review peoples pictures in a very detailed way. If you have some time, I would greatly appreciate it if you read it and tell me what you think.

Have a great day!


Sorry for replying late! It'll be my pleasure to check out your photo series.
I'm just reviewing all my articles and comments from the past days and trying to catch up, there were so many so it was hard to not loose thread :-)


Thanks a lot @surfermarly! That's no problem at all, appreciate it that you took the time to respond :)!

Photofeedback number eight will be up in a few hours. Would love to hear what you think!

Have a great evening

Thanks for sharing @surfermarly. We also did a lot of side trips while we enjoyed the Steemfest conference in Portugal. Upvoted.


Actually I didn't see very much of Portugal during the conference, but everything I saw really amazed be. I will definitely come back and explore the place having more time...:-)

Thanks for your support and please excuse my late reply.

Don't forget @steemrollin @lafona @j0rdan and Martin Wichmann too :)


YES!!! Thanks for the adding, now they're in :-)
And again thanks for organizing everything, the spot and the day was simply perfect.

What a gorgeous beach! I've heard that Portugal is great for surfing, so I bet you had a lot of fun :) Were there any beginner surfers joining you or only advanced surfers? I would love to join next year if they organize Steemfest in a surfing-friendly spot, but I am not a good surfer at all :P


We were a nice mix of advanced surfers and rookies :-)
You don't have to be a good surfer to join the group though!
Hopefully the next steemfest will take place close to a beach again...


Nice! I hope so too :)

I would say surfing and blockchain is perfect combination for me currently. Top two in my list.
ps. what is troll-free zone?


I would say surfing and blockchain is perfect combination for me currently.

Oh I can totally relate!

Troll-free means that you can't post negative stuff in my blog - supportive people only :-)


I see~

That icy water will cure anything. Glad you all had fun in the waves. 🐓


Oh yeah we did!
Sorry for my late reply. It was hard to follow the thread during steemfest and then afterwards I missed to look again at the older articles... My bad!!



Yes brother.!!! To read this article refreshed my mind... really enjoyable


Brother? Haha


beautifull place @surfermarly

Steemfest was freakin awesome! thanks for this...

Dreams withing dreams 😍❤️🤙

Happy steemfest...
Such a nice enjoing this moment
@followed and upvoted

nice post.good to know about steemfast.thanks for share with us.keep it up...


It's actually #steemfest (not fast) :-)

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nice post.good to know about steemfast.thanks for share

I am happy that now you are back on you surfing track


Well these pictures were still taken in Portugal :-)

I simply love your articles, what great content and quality of posting you offer the community here on Steemit and abroad.

Thanks a lot :)


Thank you so much!!!
And please excuse my late reply. There were so many comments on my latest articles that I missed some of them.

Hi..i just follow and upvote you...please follow and upvote me

Catching waves is the real fun

Surfing is cool :) I have never tried but I already want to


You should! It's really fun!

You don't take a photograph, you make it.


Not sure what you mean :-)

Looks like great fun you had .... I wish I'm more fit on Saturday to join you guys

Looks like your still having too much fun

@surfermarly, you really had a wonderful time. Thanks for sharing

So nice place.. I want to learn surfing too...

Awesome!! Surfing in the ocean is an exciting sport!! It looks you had heaps of fun!!


Yes we did have a lot of fun!!!

thats my man @lukestokes. happy surfing

Good post, I am a photographer, it passes for my blog and sees my content, I hope that it should be of your taste, you have my vote :D greetings


Excellent! I will follow you :-)

Excellent post, I invite you to visit my blog.


Cool, I will jump over right now :-)

Woow amazing job, great shots, i love surfinf but i couldn't do it.

Great pictures! Thank you for sharing!
If you like to read about travels and circus life please welcome to my friends @annamur

Nice work... Greaf blog
Vote for you

thanks for sharing your story. seems like you guys had a great session together. 🤙


Oh we had a blast!!!

Nice post pretty girl. Definitely place to visit, it looks amazing. In my country there is a forecast of snow and you are surfing:).


Snow?! Wohoooo!
I love snow, even though I haven't been skiing for a while. I should do that again...

Well Lisbon seems to have been a great syccess and what better than to relax afterwards? The beach looks gorgeous, expanse of and sky and lots of surfing and fun. Makes the thought of a dreary winter seem a long way away even if it is only next month here! Thank you Happy Steemers!

i wish califonia 3 in awesome people.stemfest good work......... all the best....