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Creative minds are rarely tidy. - John W Gardener

Oh, I can relate, John! You whould have loved seeing our last night's poker table though.

What happened at yesterday's little Steemfest get together was definitely high class creativity.

Since it's illegal to sell poker chips - thus impossible to buy some -, the steemy poker players had to discover some other way to find out who's got the best pokerface on the blockchain.

Here's to one of the craziest poker sessions I've ever been participating in!

@surfermarly showing a quite good hand

Having the nuts!

There is this saying that 'out of limitations comes creativity'.

Well last night's poker session at Steemfest definitely proved that.

Since we couldn't buy any poker chips for our creamy and delicious game, we had to find an alternative currency.

We may be part of 'the new world' when it comes to technology, but if you run out of poker chips there is nothing more valuable than a package of cookies :-D

The fancy stacks - picture taken by @gargon

So you have the nuts? Me, too! :-)

I'm pretty sure that I will have a different view on cookies after last night's experience.

They are of great value!

Now even though we had quite a mess on the table with all these crumbs, the location we were playing at had definitely style!

@future24 and @lex030 kindly organized some private space for us at the 5-star hotel 'Epic Sana Lisboa Hotel' (5 walking minutes from the HF Fenix Lisboa.

The hotel staff informed us that we were not allowed to play for money. Well is Steem what they'd consider being money? :-)

That's how we love to poker! Playing with style at the Epic Sana

The winners take them all!

We started with blinds of 50/100 but then raised them every 15 minutes. After a while the game was becoming quite tough and fast.

1.5 hours later the group of 10 players was reduced to five.

As on steemit so at the poker table, the whales were controlling the game :-)

@nanzo-scoop celebrating a winning hand, observed by (Mr.) @blocktrades

After 3 hours we had a winner!

The amazing @pgarcgo (project and witness @cervantes) demonstrated well what poker games are about.

He had been almost kicked out of the game but then celebrated an amazing come-back.

The buy-in for every player was 50 Steem, so in the end the pot was splitted between @pgarcgo (350 Steem) and @nanzo-scoop (150 Steem).

I'm pretty sure that this wasn't the last poker session during a Steemfest. Wherever the next one will take place, I'd be happiest to be part of such an event again.

However, the next time we'll have a professional poker set with us. Then 'having the nuts' will be again a privilege of a few.

I'll head to the airport now, with a bag full of amazing memories and uncountable pictures.

Stay tuned, because in my next blog post I will write about my 'Steemfest surf session' with @heiditravels and other fellow steemy surfers.

Big hugs, Marly -

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Original nuts.

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Cookies power! Thanks Marly, it was a fab. evening yesterday with you guys: @nanzo-scoop, sorry for that final bad beat, I was just lucky. Thanks mate you made me laugh the hell out of me. Thanks also to the rest of this amazing funny evening (for me, the closing event): @lafona, @blocktrades, @lex030, @future24, @gargon, @anomadsoul and @steemrollin. See you next time in sf3, and, as Marly said, this time without "peanuts"!!


No need to apologise. I gave you a bad beat earlier so we're even. Great night, great game and great company. Let's have the rematch at SF3!


Yes, let´s have a rematch for sure @nanzo-scoop!


LOL - Forget about Steem power, it's all about cookies power!!!

Thank you incredibly for adding more players to the group. There was one more missing in the list: @steemrollin. I think now we have them all on the blockchain :-)

Peanuts are definitely overrated, haha!

Thanks for making this event unforgettable, you rocked! :-)


Yeah, Cookies power!!!! :-)

Great write up @surfermarly - last night was epic! We'll definitely need to resume hostilities at Steemfest 3!

Remember: there are no friends at the poker table but on Steemit, it's all love!

Safe journey back. x


Yeah, it's all about Steem love :-)
Thanks for being part of the group, I'm happiest that we finally met in person!!!
Wherever Steemfest 3 will take place, I'd love to organize a Steem Poker Night again.
Maybe we should do it with cookies and nuts again, just because we can :-D Haha

Big hugs and safe trip home for you, too! :-*

You've been in good company from what I can see. If ever in the Netherlands I know a few steemians who like to play poker with you and @nanzo-scoop. So let me know whenever you guys are around!


Oh yeah, it was a fantastic group. Even though we finished late (at 3am) and everybody was incredibly tired, we played until the very end - including a series of extremely hilarious moments :-)

Thanks for the invitation! Whenever I am in the Netherlands, I will get back to you!

hahah! Your poker night was a success! heheh! Thanks for sharing. We are currently sitting in the London airport, missing ya'll!


Missing you, too!!!
I feel sort of a after-steemfest-depression. The event was beyond awesome!


AWWW... I know right. It was an amazing experience to meet everyone! :) Until next Steemfest.

Haha - you are rocking this community lovely @surfermarly - I still have not seen any video stream even I am back to internet, now suffering from the flu..... we need to chat soon again, curious to hear more details. Transferred the charity stuff yesterday to the other account. Take care, safe travels!


Thank you so much for your donation!!!
You will be mentioned in my next @dreamsoftheocean post - no doubt about that :-)

I watched the video of my own presentation on Saturday morning at the hotel and it was quite weird to see myself on that stage, haha.


Always welcome - i will return probably when finished the charity circle :-). I still did not watch any video, will do so I hope during the week.

Interesting poker chips, but danger of eating your stack LOL
Great post, Have fun :-)


LOL - you won't believe that but there were exchanges like "can you give me a cookie for two peanuts, I'm hungry?", haha

Thanks for your kind feedback!


That's what I thought right away...At High stakes poker, eating the chips could be costly. LOL
Rich crypto folks can afford it anyway, like lighting their Cigars with burning $100 bills :-) crypto don't burn LOL

Look like fun.
See you a "cookies & cream", raise you a "strawberry ripple"

I am surprised one of the programmers didn't make a poker-bot for the game :-)

I'm looking forward to reading more on the content / presentations / ideas you picked up at steemfest.

Have fun in the mean time.


See you a "cookies & cream", raise you a "strawberry ripple"

Haha, it was quite similar though. Like: "Raise. Three cookies." :-D
We should have recorded the game! It was absolutely hilarious.

Thanks for stopping by :-)

I'm no gambler. I just don't have the nerve, but I know many people love it. Glad you guys are having so much fun


It was great to meet you in person @steevc!!
Yeah well, it seems I didn't have the nerve, too - haha. The whales were just unbeatable :-)

I want to play poker on steem blockchain. Hopefully we will have this feature/platform very soon.
I also made a post about this yesterday. How do you think about this


@spl ... you're welcome



Great creativity. Played poker in similar way one time, but honestly it is better whit poker set. Advice for next time : play tight, and get involved when you have the goods.


Actually I played too tight here. Sounds weird but I guess it was the case.
Anyways, I did that for the fun and not for the money :-)

Very creative!.Looks like such fun.

Wäre wirklich gern dabei gewesen.... geht mir voll auf die Nüsse :-D naja nächstes Mal dann hoffentlich.

Amazing post really nice & mind touch blog😁..I like this👌.Re-steem😍😍

bean sprouts

Superb game. Wishing you goodluck in ur next play.

Aw sounds fun. And the photos looks great and looks you guys had a really great time. Cheers!

Haha love the sneaky picture you took of your hand! Looks like a fun night!

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Excellent post, you got an interesting game. I think next time luck will be on your side. Happy flight.

@surfermarly, you have extraordinary talent, too much creative. Specially sports loving, I am impressed from your work. Nice pictures you shared of poker along with nuts. Very nice to see the pics of @nanzo-scoop and @blocktrades. Keep it up. Good luck.


can you up vote my comment.. because my reputation is very low due to my own mistakes.. i want to rebuild it by your cooperation.

good idea , hope you have a good night​

Looks like you guys are having a lot of fun. Enjoy @surfermarly.

Winners up! Steem will always win. Nice poker contest!

Very nice @surfermarly :-)

nice place bro. I hoop you upvote and following me.

playing with nuts, lol haha i would always be lost ! I would eat them, not paying attention, take a handful .. But the fun would stay.

Poker with nuts! You are fashionable!
That is you are outdoor! Lovely!

Poker scares the c**p out of me! ;)



Can't believe I missed this! Next time I'll be there :)

Such a great time you gang had! I hope the next SteemFest brings me around as well! Keep rocking it girl!

It was an awesome poker night, we have to repeat it!

Vote 4u

For the love of poker I missed out! Let me know and maybe I can manage to get a set of steem(-ified) poker chips for next year depending where will be.

¡Joder que brutal!


Jajaja a que sí :-))