The Road to SteemFest3 | What do I expect of Poland, Krakow and the social activities?

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The 'cue' for this weeks 'Road to Steemfest' series initiated by @anomadsoul is 'expectations'. Expectations about Poland and the (social) activities we'll do there. Since my expectations thus far only go as far as 'yay I'm going to meet so many people!' I hadn't really collected my thoughts on Poland itself. But it's a great exercise, so here I go:

What do I know about Poland? (Not much)

Well, first things first: I've never visited Poland before! Even though there is only one country separating The Netherlands from Poland (Germany) I never had a reason to visit yet.

Once you live in Europe it only makes sense you're not so much 'European' but break your identity down to even smaller entities. The Netherlands is often seen as part of 'Northern' Europe: crappy weather, rich, high scores in all kinds of lists that say we do well on education, (relative) happiness and low-crime. Poland however is part of 'Eastern' Europe which has (mind you, I know they're simplistic!) short-cuts in my brain to slavic influences, catholicism and cheaper living standards.

Poland is not a country that gets a lot of attention in Dutch media, although this year it did make the news because the current 'conservative' government is limiting access to abortion in a new law which made literally thousands of men and women go on the streets to protest.

From a travelers perspective I see countries of Eastern Europe also as the new breeding ground for creativity, art and undiscovered nature, so I feel Eastern Europe will start to see more tourism in the years to come and probably also get a better identity than the simplistic one I just shared in the paragraph before.

As a photographer: YAY such gorgeous and colourful architecture! I will have a blast collecting these tiny details of the colourful buildings in the old town of Krakow.

Lastly, Poland is the country that has Auschwitz, a place I want to visit so I can see that very very dark bit of history more up-close. The last time I saw a bit of the traces of the Nazi regime was in Prague where I visited an old cemetery where literally layers upon layers of bodies were buried because there was not enough space to burry them next to each other, so instead layers of new earth were placed on top of the previous layer. The inside walls of the church on the graveyard were covered in names of the people that had died. Walls and walls and walls of names. I will never be able to fully grasp the size of what has happened during WWII, but thinking back of the impression visiting that graveyard left with me I can only be scared about my visit to Auschwitz.

What about Krakow?

Now I am one of those travelers that likes to know the 'off the beaten track' places before they research the Tripadvisor Top 10, so I researched the 'hipster guide to Krakow' and the 'off the beaten track to Krakow' and those things made me very excited. I feel there will be a lot of culture and innovative art scenes that I will try to visit once I'm in the city. I might book a few days more than strictly necessary for SteemFest so I can do some art crawling and see if I can find some street art murals since they tell me a lot about the vibe of a place.

I expect a lot of vintage shops, antique shops, museums and little eating places. The impression a short search on AirBnB left me is they have a quite modern feel for design like The Netherlands, but then combined with old architecture, a combination I find very interesting and tickles the creative part of my brain.

I'm super excited we're going to Krakow and not Warschau since I read Krakow is actually the 'cultural' highlight of Poland. Also, I have a 'second city syndrom' since I live in the second city in The Netherlands and often like those better.

Speaking about 'second'... I'm probably going to be staying in the 'second' hotspot of Krakow (of course Old Town is the first), Kazimierz, which is the Jewish quarter and well-located compared to the SteemFest locations. I love second places within a city as much as I love second cities: enough buzz to be able to find everything you need (well, food and art that is for me) without all the lost tourists. Even though you could say I'm a tourist I never travel like a tourist and feel more at home at places where the locals feel at home as well.


I believe there will be no difficulty to find amazing places to eat and drink and be social in this super cool city in Poland. There will be some talks, someone shouting 'hey let's go eat!', and we'll all have a great time bombarding cozy restaurants with too many of us barging in at once.

I'm super social in an introverted way: we can have long in-depth secret uncovering talks especially when in a one-on-one kind of setting. I'm not the kind of person that attracts all attention (or needs it) and I am certainly not the one who knows how to do more superficial chit-chat very well. My physical challenges make it harder for me to 'enter' a conversation if everyone is hanging at a bar, or dancing, or suddenly a group decides to 'go for a walk to the other bar only twenty minutes away' - So I'm a bit worried about how easily I will connect with people I've not already connected with before, but I wrote about these challenges before and also know some people understand my challenge and will try to make it easier for me. I'll probably meet less people then the average extravert but those I meet I will have really met.

That's the power of introverts :-)

The more I write these #roadtosteemfest posts the more I feel like going! I honestly thought I would come up with nothing for this post, but see what happened! I did. I'll spend a good part of this weekend going through more posts and hope to connect with a few more people who I'll meet in November. Cheers!

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Social in an introverted way

I can so relate to this! I love chatting with people and learning about them... just big groups make me 😳
I much rather sit in a corner and chat with one or two people over a beer. Also, not a dancer.. I’ll sit with you too 😉

I had no idea there was a hipsters guide to Kraków.. I’m going to have to check this out.

Good to hear more of your journey to SteemFest, and I look forward to meeting you!


Hahaha - we're going to sit in a corner together and just look at people! Just know that if we meet you don't have to talk - I'll be your save haven if you need one :D

Looking forward to meeting you too!

I am looking for to hear more about this! I would have loved to attend it. Or at least the Steemit meeting in Toronto which was much closer to me. Have fun and enjoy your time in there! I am sure you'll make a lot of memories, try new foods and come back home with at least two memory cards full of some amazing shots. ;-)


Yes, I'm sure about that last part too!

I would have loved meeting you at SteemFest, but you know, I'm somehow sure we will, someday. The longer we're here the more connected we become, and if all goes well our wealth should go up with time as well - which will make the decision to take a long transatlantic flight easier as well :-)

I'd love to do some street art photo walk with you someday, so I put that on my list of things to work towards to :D


I am sure that one day we will ;-) Meanwhile, be well!

I researched the 'hipster guide to Krakow' and the 'off the beaten track to Krakow' and those things made me very excited. I feel there will be a lot of culture and innovative art scenes that I will try to visit once I'm in the city. I might book a few days more than strictly necessary for SteemFest so I can do some art crawling and see if I can find some street art murals since they tell me a lot about the vibe of a place.

I also will be staying on for a couple of days after the conference as it is much cheaper for my flights even with taking a few extra nights in a hostel into account. I'd love to pick your brains about the art scene in Krakow as I haven't researched the off-the-beaten-track side of the city yet.

P.s. I read your first roadtosteemfest post about your foot and mobility issues. I'm always prepared to be a second piggy-back-ride if/when Eric (anomadsoul) gets tired. Ha ha, in university I was know as the piggy back man cause I used to give rides to my fellow students after a night out on the town. Usually the ladies, being a chivalrous English type ;-) Although this was 12 years ago, maybe my back won't be as strong as it was then lol


Yes, sometimes staying longer actually makes sense :D Staying in Krakow is really cheap so a 100$ saving on your ticket can mean a few more nights plus food and it still evens out :-)

I will make a post on all the stuff I've found out about Krakow! There will probably many people who want to explore a bit so that will be fun to do in smaller groups as well :-) I'll let you know when the post is done!

Thanks for reading my first post - and I appreciate your offer to be the second piggy-back-ride! :D That's a very galant thing to do, carry the pretty ladies home after going out lol! ;-) But I'll certainly remember you were trained for it :D

oeeeee, you made me think about expectations on something that is in two months. That is a totally new situation to me, but I am having the same kinds of ideas as you have. Auschwitz has been super high on my to do list, so i am super siked that this will finally happen one day or the other ( i will stay some days longer in Poland because i will arrive late) and thought about the social events. And yes, also not the shouting type here, maybe only after a couple of beers :D

are you coming alone or is the mister also joining?


Lol - yes, I'm often thinking about things only 'last minute', but these writing exercises help me get into the SteemFest groove weeks in advance :D Awesome right?!

Even as a child we've heard about Auschwitz so much already, it's time we visit it. Cool to hear you're going to stay a few days longer as well, I'll have to book tickets in a bit, hehe. Staying in Krakow is cheap enough!

(BTW I'll travel solo :D)

I would for sure want to visit historical sites from WWII. I am a big history buff and was so amazed by the history when I visited Holland almost 15 years ago. Wow, that is way too long ago. I know you are going to have an amazing time and I wish I was joining you at Steemfest.


Wow - 15 years ago already. Yes, there's so much tangible history in The Netherlands and Europe in general. For a history buff it's paradise :-) I'll make sure to share a lot of details about my trips with you @broncofan99! I'm already saving up for a future trip to Canada or to get you a ticket over here, lol :D

@soyrosa very well written. Excellent in fact. Hope you enjoy your visit...awaiting more info on new post...looking foward to those pictures as well...good luck. Thank you


Thanks John! Can’t wait to fire up my camera! \o/

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I'm sure you will have a wonderful time, and you will get around all the social events - one way or another.

#thealliance #witness

can i just say that i am starting to hate you for this :P i forget about steemfest and than every week you remind me of it with this cool posts about how great it will be :D


SORRY! It won't stop for another two months, and after that of course will do some reporting on the SteemFest as well :D Just block me!


can't block you, i will have to suffer through it :D

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