The Road to Steem Fest | Business or Pleasure?

in roadtosteemfest •  4 months ago  (edited)

1 - If I consider that having 1st hand information about Steem projects can help my Steem blog to grow or my chances of winning Steem...than my answer is: "Business"!!.

Although, I believe SF will be live streaming like in the past year, so that 1st hand information will be available to everyone!!

2 - Also, I can't forget the amount of money I'm (and will be) spending on this journey. Without regrets, I believe it would be easier for me to look to my 2019's cashflow and see this travel to Thailand like an investment.
However, I'm not running, or planning to run, any project on Steem, so I won't be asking for funds, or votes that pay back my expenses:D On the other hand, this travel can be seen as a personal investment. No matter what happens, my life insight will be richer after this experience!

3 - I would love to meet a whale...I already had that chance twice (SF2 and SF3)...but I haven't! At least, I think I haven't.
What's the problem!? Me!!when I meet and engage with another steemian I don't know (and don't care) how much SteemPower they have on their wallets. Also, I only recognize @blocktrades, but I've never had the courage to talk with him. I think "if I've nothing important or interesting to say, than it's better to keep my mouth shut!"**

Despite of being smarter if I said it was for business, in fact it is mainly for pleasure

I will spend my last 15 vacation days to travel to Thailand in November. Attending SteemFest 4 is the main driver of our decision (mine and @rmach's), but not only.

I'm going to Thailand because:

  • I know I will love to hang out in Bangkok with steem lovers like me!
  • @roelandp is a master in the organization of SteemFest :) Looking forward to the new 1st day venue :) It will be awesome!!
  • It's a great deal and an opportunity to be introduced to an Asian country (food and culture)
  • I will have the chance to swim in warm waters and hopefully get tanned in N O V E M B E R!!!

The past week I've renewed my passport and had my vaccines.
Nest steps:

  • Book the hotel for the second week plus the last night in Bangkok;
  • Travel insurance
  • Moskito net/ repelent and medicines...
  • (...?)

See ya in Bangkok!!

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