The Road to Steem Fest | Thai Life, What I want to Experience in Thailand

in roadtosteemfest •  5 months ago 

It's official, I'm going to Thailand for SteemFest⁴!!

When I was in my vacations last month I took time to learn about Thailand. Obviously going to SteemFest is already pretty exciting, but I needed to know what else could I expect from the country, so I picked a Lonely Planet guide and started my planning journey!!

I'm pretty sure our decision was builted on that book :)

For me it will be important to experience:

  • Street Food: I want to try typical dishes, shrimps, fresh fruits, but I'll do a better list before going;
  • Visit 1 or 2 budist temples: it's a must for me!
  • Experience my first thai massage!!: I read that in one of those temples there was a massage school, maybe it will be a good place to try it
  • Large market during the weekend: I can't remember its name, but I know it's a must go on Saturday after SF. I'm sure there will be more interested :)
  • Go to a paradisiac island!!: After SteemFest we'll go to Ko Chang for a couple of relaxing days
  • Snorkling!? Trek on the jungle?: I'll decided it later.

I think Bangkok will test my limits, I mean tolerance for crowded places. On the other side, the island will help to balance that.

In my last #roadtosteemfest post I've shared this picture, but I'm really looking forward to step in that water:

Ko Chang view (source)

  • Calm and hot sea water
  • Surrounded by green forest
  • Peace and relax time

What else should I ask!?

See ya in Bangkok!!

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Congratulations on being able to go to Steemfest so far away. I hope you can meet @tangmo there and say "Hi" for me. I'm looking forward to posts from you on the plants that you see there!

Hi Holy!! Thanks 😄 Bangkok will be crazy cause I don't like croweded places, but still I'm excited to be part of SF4!! 😅 I hope I can manage to do both, meet @tangmo and to look at their plants 😊 Although, I don't know if @tangmo will join sf4!?🤔

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yeaaaah! This was exactly my thought as well.. The country is beautiful, might as well make a trip out of it! See ya there!

I think after spending so much money on a plane ticket, and If I'm going to a warmer place in november, I must find a way to go to the beach. Any of it will be fine for me, and the pictures of Ko Chang that I've saw...humm, I definitely must go 😉😊 see you soon!! (It's so nice to say it!! 😅)

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@liliana.duarte, ... couldn't have listed better myself, .. you've reminded me to pack my snorkelling kit ! ... see you there!