Road to SteemFest⁴ | Funding thanks to HF 21 (now HF22)

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Last week @anomadsoul challenged us to write on the reasons why we want to go to SteemFest⁴.

"Why do I want to go to Steem Fest? Help me fund my trip!" - he asked

Obviously the #1 reason is:

#1 - Fear Of Missing Out!!

Ko Chang view (source)

As @jeffjagoe properly wrote in is post 'Why I Will Attend STEEMFest 4 in Bangkok, Thailand - Help Fund My Trip with Upvotes![The Road To STEEMFest]' I would also have FOMO if I didn't go.

Or like @bitrocker2020 wrote: "Going to SteemFest seems to be like an annual trip which must be made year on year for me.".

Like them I've also been in SF2 and SF3, and it is a tremendous experience anyone here on the Steem ecosystem should try at least once in their life. Everywhere you look you'll find someone that also decided to join the Steem crypto community, and you must know that doesn't happens quite often (at least, not in my daily life). The opportunity anyone has to start talking to any other steemian, and make some meaningful connections is AMAZING!! It can be anyone, a developer or someone that heard about crypto only in 2019, and decided to join SF because someone told him/her it was great!

Well, there are a couple of other GOOD reasons, but let's see:

  • Get in touch with the new trends/ projects, or whatever that uses Steem blockchain....while having fun :)
  • I've never traveled to longest plane trip so far was only 7 hours;
  • I love to go to the beach and the chance to get tanned in november...looks pretty awesome to me;
  • I'm looking forward to spend time with some steemians i haven't had the chance before;
  • I reserved some days "to escape from work" in november;
  • I can, despite all the budget gymnastic I will have to do.

...and we reached "the worst part, paying"...before prices rise further!!

Remember to:

It's soon to understand how exactly HF 21 (now HF22) will help me, but today I received 0.407 STEEM POWER as a curation reward regarding 1 post, which is pretty good (IMO)! It's a good start!!

See ya in Bangkok!!

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i'll see you at SF4 !!!!!!! =D its gonna be fun

Oh yes it will!! :D looking forward to november :)

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@liliana.duarte, Your journey have stories for sure and hope that this time also you will join SteemFest and will going to hold more memories. Now Curation is the real game after this Hardfork 21. My good wishes are with you. Stay blessed.

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Thanks!! I already feel some effects of the HF21 on my curation rewards, and I feel this change will actually benefit the platform😊

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For sure we have to focus towards the beneficial aspects.

YEA! I hope to see you at the fest as well. :D Keep posting and lets hope steems price moons soon. :D

I've read your posts on #roadtosteemfest and hope you can make it. I know you'll love it and hopefully we can drink to that:) Hope Steem moons too, we all do!! :D

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