The road to Steem Fest | A trip down memory lane with Liliana.Duarte

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I would never imagine to visit Krakow before

As soon as I read the e-mail informing about SF3 location I thought to myself: "Poland!? Why Poland!? It isn't in my wishlist...How far is that??" (and so on!) Obviously that same day I began to prepare the travel!! And I don't regret a bit!!

Here's my memory lane:
After leaving our lugage at our booked apartament we head to a sports bar for pierogi and a beer!!

That was close to Rynek Główny square that is one of the largest medieval town squares in Europe, and holds the beautiful St. Mary's Basilica and market.

I had a traditional Polish meal for supper, but what I remember the best and miss is zapiekanka, some sort of sandwich sold on the street that is absolutely delicious!!

We all have heard of second world war and the Jewish persucution by the nazis...but being there, in the Jewish Quarter and also visiting Auschwitz made me more aware of the terrible dimension it took.

I will never be the same and I believe I became more attached to life than I have ever been.
This experience made me grow personally.

Relating to SteemFest 3

This was my second time and I felt super animated to know new steemians that joined after me and see the passion in their eyes for being early adopters, but also it felt great to meet again some friends from SF2. Basically it feels like being in family, a place where we belong and are welcomed!!

We took a bottle of portuguese wine to share. At the begining we were a bit shy to have it there, but soon our friends helped us to drank it :)
@artakush, @prc, @tixinhacapitinha, @lizanomasoul, @rmach and @liliana.duarte.

This time I felt easier to reach others and start a conversation (besides it is way easier here on my room with my phone or computer). The SteemFest app connect feature helped a lot.

The next two days were dedicated to conferences

Wich are not conventional at all!!

We had really delicious food too!

...and the group photo

But we also had a lot of party moments:

  • The bowling night


  • @greencross at Night of Steem (i loved it but was so tired to move my ass)



  • We also visited Wieliczka Salt Mine


But more impressive than that was to be able to dinner down there!


Thanks @roelandp for organizing and making it all possible!!

That's why I'm already saving for SF4. I don't know if I can make it happen, but I'll try my guts out!


I hope next time I have the guts to talk and thank @blocktrades for those votes in my early times :) For now I'm more than happy to see @anomadsoul launching these iniciatives with his support :) and that I made time to finish this post!!

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Well... with @gtg being a boss with airlines and @roelandp advising on hotel reservations everybody is running out of excuses to miss SF4.

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Momentos fantásticos! Sem dúvida 🙃

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