The Road to Steem Fest | Who would you like to meet in Thailand?

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About who I would like to meet in SteemFest4, I definitely have many many many people I want to meet. I have been on Steemit for 2 years and make so many friends here. I missed the SteemFest3 last year because it's too far away from me. It's the best chance for me to go to Thailand for SteemFest4. I am so excited that I may have the opportunity to see those friends face to face who I chat online and support each other.

💝 I have met some steemians when they came to Taiwan, such as @waybeyondpadthai, @joythewanderer, @sweetsssj. I miss them so much and I hope that I will be able to meet them again in Thailand. The problem is, they are very popular. I am afraid that I may have to line up in order to chat with them.

💝 OCD team
@acidyo He chats with OCD curators on discord occasionally. I seldom join their conversation, but sometimes I will read them for fun. It seems that he is a humorous and knowledgeable guy. So I am eager to meet him face to face.

@anomadsoul The first time I talked to him because he was looking for someone to translated posts of @steemonboarding into Chinese. I helped him to translate one post. Although I didn't get the position, I am impressed with the nice intention of @steemonboarding and @anomadsoul to help newbies. When he DM me and invites me to OCD, I was so surprised. What jumps into my mind immediately is: Wow! How many great things you have involved in Steemit? Now I may have the chance to meet him in SteemFest4, I really feel so excited.

@veryspider I met spider at nTOPAZ. She was the leader of Visual Art of nTOPAZ at that time and helped me a lot when I was still new in nTOPAZ curator team. I am so happy that we can work together at OCD again. It's sad that she already told me she won't go to SteemFest4. I hope she will change her mind.

@travelgirl She is one of the people I know when I just join Steemit at the very beginning because we join Steemit about the same time. She is more active than me. One of the reason is that her English is much better than me. So I will ask her about what happens on Steemit recently when I am too busy to surf on Steemit. Haha! Thank you, @travelgirl.

@livinguktaiwan Same as @travelgirl, we join Steemit around the same time and become good friends. She is my resource of Steemit news too. Hahaha!
Although we already meet many times because we all live in Taiwan, I think that we will have lots of fun when we meet other girls together at SteemFest4.

💝 nTOPAZ team

All the curators on nTOPAZ are artists themselves. I really appreciate their artworks on nTOPAZ. I make some friends @veryspider, @axeman, @stef1, @smeralda, @elisonr13. It's a pity that most of them are not in nTOPAZ team anymore. I hope I will have the chance to meet them and talk about our artworks this time.

💝 Fundition team
@leotrap He creates some wonderful project on Fundition which are mostly about charity or environmental protection. I like his kindness for the earth. I also enjoy his well-edited video which shows that he is quite talented.

@bitrocker2020 I never talked to him before. He shares the photos about the events he promotes Steemit in Malaysia. I really appreciate his enthusiasm and energy about promoting Steemit. So I hope I will have the chance to meet him and feel his enthusiasm.

@siamcat She is very responsible in every position she involves. We work together on Fundition, nTOPAZ and Weku. She is so active on discord and looks so nice on Fundition. I hope I can meet her in person since we already talk a lot online.

💝 CN&Team Malaysia
I make so many friends on these community. @ace108 @rea @rivalhw @oflyhigh @htliao @elizacheng @jrvacation @wanderwithtwo @nanosaseme @iamjadeline @wilhb81 @itchyfeetdonica, and many more who I don't mention all. They are the steemians I communicate the most. I am so eager to meet them all.

💝I also want to meet some famous steemians whom I never have the chance to make friends with, including @kevinwang, @ramengirl, @slowwalker. Because too many people upvote and comment under their posts, they never notice me at all. hahaha!
Those steemians make high-quality posts all the time and become the influential persons on Steemit. I think I can learn a lot from them if I can meet them this time.

Oh my god! I mentioned so many people much much more than 5, I am so greedy!
I believe you can feel how much I am excited about the SteemFest4 although I am not sure if I can go. Hope that I will have the chance to win an entry ticket so that I will have no doubt to go since the financial problem is resolved.

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I hope we both can make it, it would be so cool to meet you again in Bangkok 😊💚💚💚

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Yes, we really have fun last time. I am sure we will enjoy our time in Bangkok.

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awwww teresa i hope to see you there too hugs


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Go go go!! Let's have a girl's party 🎉😊

Party time!!!

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Hopefully Teresa, thank you for mentioned 🌻

Will you go?

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Well. Of course I'd like to meet you first. I mean really!

I'd like to meet acid, and anomadsoul. I'd want to ask them how I ever ended up at OCD.

Joy and beyond PadThai. I feel like I've wandered along with them both at different times... and tried to talk both into motorcycles...

Soyrosa. MorkRock. PrincessMewMew. True friends all, that I WILL meet.

But it won't be SF4 for me. Money is a problem right now, and airline seats really do not fit my very large human frame very well.

Next year in North America. I hope...

When I saw your comment, I thought you are going to SteemFest4 and we can meet there. Then I found out that I was cheated. Oh! You break my heart!
Well, I understand Asia is too far away from you. Just can't bear the suddenly change of emotion. (。•́︿•̀。)
Thank you for your sincere comment. Hope that we will have the chance to meet in the future.

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Gosh, Teresa, you are so adorable :D I just wanna hug this post so much XD

I hope you will go and you will have a wonderful time! I know that @livinguktaiwan is going this year, and also some other very-likely-going from the OCD team :D I think it will be VERY FUN to hang out with them, for sure :D :D :D

Please send my hugs to @travelgirl, @livinguktaiwan, @acidyo, @hiddenblade, @gibic, @andywong31, and @anomadsoul if you do meet them there <3 <3 <3

I bet more people are actually going, but I donno for sure which ones yet, so the list might grow as I find out who's gonna be there! You will have a lot of HUGS to give out!!! XD

Haha! I must remember to bring your list and give a lot of hugs. It sounds like I already decide to go. Hahaha!

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  ·  3 months ago (edited)

I'd like to go. But only if I accumulate enough SBD to buy a ticket. By then I'd only have to worry abt accommodation and expenses and the plane ticket? Uhmmm. 🤔😅

Not really keen on meeting anyone but traveling and meeting other Steemit members from around the world seems fun.

Yes, if we don't have to worry about the money, I believe that more people will go for sure. (¯︶¯)

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Hey thanks for the mention! :) I'd love to meet you too, but I can only decide if I'll go till September. Anyway, I'll give you looooots of virtual hugs: ❤


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