The Nightly Task Manager (11.23.2016)- Steemit Posts That Pay You!

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It would seem the community has accepted the new rules with open arms. Yesterday was @taskmanagers most successful day yet. Everyone who completed the special task received 2.5x pay! Today's special task will have 2.5x the usual pay available... Pay attention at the bottom for details on how to get some Steem Power. Yesterday's payment below:

  • On to tonight's paying tasks...

@thegame -  Ethereum ETH/USD Up or Down Steem Distribution Game, vote the main post and only one comment to qualify... Guess if Eth will go up or down by a certain time.

@bola - Guess How Many? #66, guess the exact amount and win! Resteem reward also available.

 Steemit Photo Challenge - Is now CLOSED! Awaiting new theme announcement.

  • Old News: Featured in a previous post but still valid, in case you missed it :)

@chessmasters - Brought to you by the @steemsports team, same thing, only chess. Works just like steemsports bets, only vote on 1 comment!

@steemprentice - ANN: Steemprentice Account Group Investing, Sharing, Voting, Writing, like the crowdfundedwhale  project. 10 Steem minimum for participation. See the post for details. 

@thecryptofiend - Steemit X-Prize, this contest is giving away 1MV! Check out the rules in the post, you have one week to come up with your idea to promote steemit. 

@steemsports - Almost everyone already bets on steemsports bets.... but some do so incorrectly. Cast only 1 vote in the comments section or you will not qualify.  

@papa-pepper - PAPA TURNS 70 - SO YOU GET A NEW CONTEST, multi-layered contests. Some have been won. Check out the post for details.  

@officialfuzzy - [Guest Signups] Beyond Bitcoin Hangout #183 - 11/25/16 - This one is a little different, it is for people who run projects on blockchains to come talk about their project. Rewards for coming on the show. Check out the post for full details. 

@crowdfundedwhale - Send Steem, Steem Power or Steem Dollar donation to their account, after that the bot will upvote your posts. The project needs more repeat donations. They have updated the terms to a minimum 10 SP, 10 Steem or 1 Steem Dollar to join! 

 Special Task: Upvote and resteem this post, then comment "Task Complete" below for a reward of 0.1 Steem Power! Reward will be paid after post payout.  Remember you must have made a blog post within the last 5 days to qualify! 

Upvote and resteem the post below about steemit's welcome page and receive 0.25 Steem Power instead!! Be sure to comment "2.5x Task Complete" if you choose to support the creators of our welcome page! 

The Official "Welcome to Steemit" Landing Page is Now Live!


2.5x Task Complete

2.5x Task Complete

2.5x Task Complete

2.5x Task Complete

2.5x Task Complete

2.5 Task Complete

Thanks for featuring our (@timcliff and my) post!

No problem, I'll be featuring deserving posts from time to time at random :)

2.5x Task Complete

2.5x Task Complete

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