ANN: Steemprentice Account Group Investing, Sharing, Voting, Writing - 10 STEEM to join or donate or write a post

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New steemprentice account for growing shared value through commenting, investing, sharing, voting, and writing.

I invite anyone who is interested to join in my idea of an account for steemprentice to expand from mentor initiative started by @sykochica. Combining some aspects from idea from myself and around the community.


Donations are accepting in SBD (Steem Backed Dollars) by default. Also please note that any amount of STEEM or STEEM POWER received that is less than 10 STEEM (POWER) will be considered a donation. By default amounts received over 10 STEEM (POWER) will not be considered a donation and add users on a list to be voted for unless they choose otherwise resulting in a donation.


Anyone is invited to invest in the @steemprentice account by sending 10+ STEEM / STEEM POWER to be included in (potential) votes from the account. Any amount of SBD received from anyone will be considered a donation. Such donations may be used to cover costs, be saved, and/or used to power up the account as usefully decided by the community and/or management.


Part of the purpose of #steemprentice is sharing. Sharing help, knowledge, resources, and of course STEEM, along with upvotes! This account will be used to share through some mixture of posting, resteeming, and voting.


The @steemprentice account will upvote posts of those who invest 10+ STEEM into the account. Some members may not get upvoted every day depending on available voted and STEEM POWER before having a slider bar to vote accordingly once enough STEEM POWER is accumulated. Voting will be done by bot for all current paid investing members.


Anyone is welcome to write a post to be posted by the @steemprentice account. You may choose to raise SBD, STEEM, & SP or 100% SP to go towards the account. Or you may elect to raise SP for the account and split the remaining SBD / STEEM with the account, or raise SP for the account and be paid with SBD / STEEM produced by the account. These rules and guidelines may be adjusted over time to cover costs of running steemprentice and related projects.

NOTE This post will be posted by @steemprentice & @virtualgrowth for better reach and explanation from both accounts.

ANN: Steemprentice Account Group Investing, Sharing, Voting, Writing - 10 STEEM to join or donate or write a post by @steemprentice

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Very good. I will be sending steem to @steemprentice.

11 seconds ago Transfer 10.001 STEEM POWER to steemprentice

Thank you:


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Good luck with the upgrade to a crowdfunded whale project :)

That's a big thanks. Then you may need a bigger one when I will contribute (I will, but I only need not to forget) ;)

Sounds fair enough! :)

So is this going to be manual votes or a bot set up to do it?


And its ready meow?

Meow, yes, Meow. (and now)

I'll join in aboot 4 hours then, when my next payout is due

You know I'm in....just powered up everything. Once my current post pays out I'll send some Steem.

It's has been done. 20 Steem to steemprentice.....up up and away! :-)


Well Shucks! I powered up everything earlier and had one of my BTC faucets pay directly into Blocktrades. Consider me on board. I just need to make a post or two and earmark for this. This is for anyone to join/contribute/donate to, right? It's not dependent on being a minnow or having a lower rep score?

No hurry. Yes that is correct. This for everyone. As higher rep / SP holders will provide more curation rewards. Thinking it makes sense to be open to everyone to get a mixture.

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Steem_Land tweeted @ 20 Nov 2016 - 23:53 UTC

ANN: Steemprentice Account Investing, Sharing, Voting, Writing
@SteemUps @SteemitPosts @steemit @Beyond_Bitcoin

Disclaimer: I am just a bot trying to be helpful.

Can I please ask are bots a good thing? I see bots here with good reputation score etc and they carry out nice function but do these like have any effect on ones reputation score?

Some bots are helpful in providing some value. They are the ones that get up votes to a higher rep.
The bad bots get down voted. So a bot's reputation is usually reflected over time.

linkback-bot-v0 is helpful in sharing related posts for example.

I'm in, if I ever get that much,...'re in. I paid 10 STEEM to add you. :)

You rock, thank you very much!!

Retweeted and pinned. :)