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About Me:

I am a SEE manager and EPP consultant (guess you'll ask later about these letters) and I take care of the funds and the business development of several small and medium enterprises. During the past 5 years the team I have been working with assisted the emergence of an English bakery and tea room, a charcuterie, a business incubator and a couple of crafts venues. I am interested in Orthodox chants singing, shabby chic and vintage craft techniques and also in fencing and eastern martial arts. I believe in community and the added value it creates. I think that a good heart and the talents of each person are a substantial contribution to improving the quality of life.


Currently I am located in one of the most picturesque and ancient small towns in Bulgaria. Vidin is a calm and peaceful place embraced by old castle walls, majestic parks and the river. Inspiration all the way!

Contact Info:

You can reach me here and there at the corners of the web. I'll be glad to see you at these places also:




and here


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5 cred stars
Te las mereces amiga y saludos desde Venezuela hasta Bulgaria @ravijojla


10 stars for you sweetie!!

To me you are woman full of substance! Full of great skills to share.. you are quite good in your novel worth stories. Plus you have extra-ordinary skills on creating something new out of the ordinary.

We are so blessed to have you at the WW house! Keep on shining and inspiring other people..

Lots of love! ❤

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Auh, I'm so melting with your warm loving words! Thank you, lady!

Anything for you sweetie! You deserve that and more.. 😊😙

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4 cred stars

I give this four stars since we haven't become better acquainted yet.

I noticed you also tagged @kaliju in the post. Was that an accident? I know that man and he is a good man.

You have to be a good person because I also see you in @thealliance's frat house.

Thank you for your kind words, @enforcer48! I'll be glad to know each other better at some point. Mentioning @kaliju is not accidental, it's rather a courtesy for the things he does for the community. It's always a pleasure for me any time I see somebody adding value with their contribution. This is what I recognize at @kaliju. I feel free to invite you at Barbarella on Steemit Ramble, Friday 3 pm and 8 pm UTC. This week featuring his initiatives. This is a good way to get to know each other better. I'd love if you consider the time to show up. Best wishes!

I'll see what I can do. I can't make the 3pm one since I'll be sleeping. The 8pm one would require me to wake up a bit early, but I hope the show is longer than 1 hour. lol

It is 1 hour, but don't worry. I'm recording it and I'll do a post later, so you can hear how it was presented any time of your convenience.

5 cred stars

It's hard to describe @ravijojla in words. When I think of - I think of images! I think of someone enjoying a juicy piece of fruit- drinking in all the flavor and enjoying every bite. That's how she sees life - as something to be savored and experienced and shared.

And ideas... oh she has ideas that are nonstop! Always thinking of ways to create something new and exciting! And she loves to involve others, and discuss, and collaborate!

Watching her blossom on Steemit as been my absolute joy - and I hope to continue to watch her transformation into something extraordinary!

And of course - she is my dear friend also :)

I love to be on such a steady and beneficial ground :-) The friendships in the family is a high level of collaboration to achive value for the community while keeping individual presence! Love you to the Steemiverse and back!

hehehehehe yes!!!! i couldn't agree more - we all are so unique and yet - together - so dynamic and strong :)

5 cred stars

I am so happy that Le Dame Sans Camellias, your first impressive writing I have read long ago, brought us together. Today I am most grateful, that you @ravijojla, are a part of my life.

When we started to work together and created The Barbarella Show together, I was again impressed by your most amazing and most professional support and your creative and inspiring flow.

Our WW family is blessed with your extraordinary skills and your neverending love!


(my speachless face and mouth dropped 5 minutes down here....)

Honestly, @ravijojla, you are so wonderful!

5 cred stars

@ravijojla I have know for about three years now, she is a leader in innovation and a true visionary, I was proud to be able to introduce her to the steemit platform which she is moving from strength to strength, it is a honour to know her and to call her a friend.

Blushing! As a mattrer of fact, it's my honour to be on Steemit!

5 cred stars

Total 5 stars, an excellent Steemian very engaging and working really hard to bring together people and communities.

#thealliance #witness

Auuu, I'm so touched! It's a great appraisal for me coming from you. I'm obliged!

What is the main business of your company? Will you explain about SEE and EPP? Interesting... LOL

Gladly! Thanks for asking. :-)

SEE stands for Social Enterpreneurship Economy we are focusing mainly on self-employed start-ups to help them grow and launch them on the market during the first 3 years of their business life. EPP is European Programmes and Projects - we consult small and medium enterprises (SMEs) on project writing, devising business plans and strategies and working with the European Region Development Fund, the European Cohesion Fund and the European Social Fund. The activity of the company aims to create a sustainable network of SMEs, supporting NGOs and Local government in order to guarantee institutional support for the entrepreneurs thus contributing to improving the quality of life in wider regions. Our portfolio comprises so far of 15 SMEs, 20 NGOs - among them 2 Regional Development Agencies and 3 Business Incubators, and 7 municipalities. In our work we observe the European strategy for the Danube Region, as well as The EU 2020 strategy for sustainable and inclusive growth whilst it promotes a more resource efficient and greener economy and fosters social and territorial cohesion; the EU territorial cooperation strategy – facilitating better utilization of development potentials and nature protection, and the EU Bulgaria Partnership agreement and EU Country Strategy Paper for Republic of Serbia as it strengthens the capacity for environmental protection while enhancing the cross-border connections.

Thank you for being patient to read this novel-comment! :-)

Danube Region is famous! Wow! You are a big person and your company. Your company is trying to widening more which is good! What I really like is this,

greener economy and fosters social and territorial cohesion.

Especially the nature protection!

Yes, I'm also in love with this part of it! :-)

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