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RE: My @ReviewMe Profile! ✍(◔◡◔) Please leave your feedback about @ravijojla

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It's hard to describe @ravijojla in words. When I think of - I think of images! I think of someone enjoying a juicy piece of fruit- drinking in all the flavor and enjoying every bite. That's how she sees life - as something to be savored and experienced and shared.

And ideas... oh she has ideas that are nonstop! Always thinking of ways to create something new and exciting! And she loves to involve others, and discuss, and collaborate!

Watching her blossom on Steemit as been my absolute joy - and I hope to continue to watch her transformation into something extraordinary!

And of course - she is my dear friend also :)


I love to be on such a steady and beneficial ground :-) The friendships in the family is a high level of collaboration to achive value for the community while keeping individual presence! Love you to the Steemiverse and back!

hehehehehe yes!!!! i couldn't agree more - we all are so unique and yet - together - so dynamic and strong :)

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