Gladly! Thanks for asking. :-)

SEE stands for Social Enterpreneurship Economy we are focusing mainly on self-employed start-ups to help them grow and launch them on the market during the first 3 years of their business life. EPP is European Programmes and Projects - we consult small and medium enterprises (SMEs) on project writing, devising business plans and strategies and working with the European Region Development Fund, the European Cohesion Fund and the European Social Fund. The activity of the company aims to create a sustainable network of SMEs, supporting NGOs and Local government in order to guarantee institutional support for the entrepreneurs thus contributing to improving the quality of life in wider regions. Our portfolio comprises so far of 15 SMEs, 20 NGOs - among them 2 Regional Development Agencies and 3 Business Incubators, and 7 municipalities. In our work we observe the European strategy for the Danube Region, as well as The EU 2020 strategy for sustainable and inclusive growth whilst it promotes a more resource efficient and greener economy and fosters social and territorial cohesion; the EU territorial cooperation strategy – facilitating better utilization of development potentials and nature protection, and the EU Bulgaria Partnership agreement and EU Country Strategy Paper for Republic of Serbia as it strengthens the capacity for environmental protection while enhancing the cross-border connections.

Thank you for being patient to read this novel-comment! :-)

Danube Region is famous! Wow! You are a big person and your company. Your company is trying to widening more which is good! What I really like is this,

greener economy and fosters social and territorial cohesion.

Especially the nature protection!

Yes, I'm also in love with this part of it! :-)

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