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RE: Would you please REVIEW ME?

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Woo hooooo I get to be the first again!!! (i love being the first to review!!!)
I think I knew every single thing on this.... EXCEPT... did i know about the ball room dancing??? OK - NOW... i need to see some videos please :)

As anyone can see, @anutu is a man that is the full picture. From the core of who he is - to shining out to the environment all around him - he is one vision, one heart, one focus - I think I would use this ONE word to describe him: HARMONY.

He is harmonious with people around him, with the passions that consume him, with the environment that he lives in, and his desire is to always create from that harmony as well.

@welcomewagon has been extremely fortunate for being able to bring him into our family, and I am so grateful to @eveningart's wonderful eye to spy him very soon! Our lives have been enriched ever since!


And also...Anutu=Anytime!

Yes!!!! My silly phone autocorrect!!! Hahahahhahaa so funny @ravijojla!!!

You remember me the first days on steem, @dreemsteem ... blushing right now ... I blushed so much more the first days, got so much better now :)

I am so ... GRATEFUL!

I do remember!!! :)
I remember well!

hihihihihihi <3

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