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January turned out to be quite interesting and hectic for us. This month we had the most number of posts monthly yet. We also managed to expand our Instagram page, partner with HackerNoon and even gain a bit of traction on Steemit (Thanks to our friend @crypto.piotr). Overall, quite a busy and fulfilling month. 

With the hopes of engaging more actively with the community, we have also decided to set up a monthly bounty, asking members to suggest interesting topics for us to cover in a future period. Take a look at our ongoing activities and please do give us your suggestions to help us move forward. 

Here is a preview of all the activities carried on by @ReverseAcid in the month of January 2019. 

 1. XRP-USD Chart Breakdown: Daily Timeframe - 1/1/19

2. The Blockchain Patents Race - 3/1/19

3. Gold Making a Rebound - 4/1/19

4. Looking Back at the Ethereum Hard Fork Timeline - A Precursor to Constantinople - 7/1/19

5. Are the Dedicated Cryptocurrency Funds of Today Durable? -  8/1/19

6. Ethereum Classic Faces New Challenges - 9/1/19

7. Ripple vs. Stellar Lumens - 10/1/19

8. Blockchain: Promise or Potential? - 12/1/19


10. Cashing in the Free Money - ICOs and the reason for ETH dump - 15/1/19

11. HACKED! Exchange was hacked - 16/1/19

12. The Stablecoin Ecosystem and It’s Importance to Digital Payments - 16/1/19

13. Korean Exchanges in Trouble? - 18/1/19

14. The Battle of Our Times - PoW vs. PoS - 18/1/19

15. What is the RBI doing? - 19/1/19

16. Private Blockchain - An Oxymoron? - 20/1/19

17. Crypto Analysis Series - Part 6: IOTA - 21/1/19

18. Experiencing the Blockchain First Hand - 22/1/19

19. The Damage a Bitcoin ETF Will Do to Individual Portfolios - 27/1/19

20. What Does Deloitte Have to Say? The Next Big Trend - 28/1/19

21. The Next Big Milestone - Governance on the Blockchain - 29/1/19

22. DYOR - Do YOUR Own Research - 31/1/19

Please do have a look at our previous posts. We would love any suggestion or advice or feedback from you all.

We would also like to thank a couple of people who have been immensely helpful in keeping us motivated:



@elektropunkz @skramatters @khussan @fucho80 @naijauser

@jenina619 @offgirdlife @nurseanne84 @alokkumar121

@boyanpro @chesatochi @wakeupkitty @edgarare1

Thank you all for your support. 

P.S. Please do make use of the bounty, suggest some intriguing topics that challenge us. A maximum of two suggestions will be taken up by us for elaborating in the future. 


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I am new to crypto and blockchain through steem and really do not know much about any of it. The most interesting part for me to read about are the signs of mainstreaming. I feel like we will have a tipping point one day and then the whole world will want in.

So I like to know about corporations, insurance companies, governments and entities like that who are switching their holdings into crypto over time or more radically.

As far as the technicalities, it pretty much all goes over my head :)

Hey @fitinfun

One of our goals is to make easily digestible articles for newcomers to learn about blockchain and crypto. We would love if you go through one of the "Crypto Analysis Series" reviews and gives us your feedback!

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I will try and let you know. I am definitely a newcomer so I will be good test :)

Dear @fitinfun

Learning about crypto and blockchain surely will give you advantage over people who do not know much about it. I wish more often women would show some basic interests with this topic. Im afraid that future of humankind on blockchain will be dominated by male.

So if crypto would ever become real big deal .... most woman may end up being very poor.

Great suggestions

I've seen stats to say that only 10% of people in crypto are women, so I think you are right. I have on my list to look at one of the "Crypto Analysis Series" reviews for @reverseacid and let them know my feedback. I had to look at 2 since they were really hard for me to make sense of. I have a long list of "I do not know what this means" to report.

This is like math or science with women just not enjoying it. But my son hates all that stuff too. If I did not handle the money side of steem for him, he could never be here.

That would be such an interesting topic for publication @fitinfunfood ....

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The main precious metals are increasing their value with a eminent crash of world economy.

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Wow how much information in a single month.
You are doing a great job no doubt, and now you have earned a new follower.

Thanks for the support @darthgexe. Hope to hear from you in the future.

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Thanks for sharing and mentioning me in your post @reverseacid. I feel honoured.

Congratulations for all your achievements. Seriously it's great to see that you're progressing so fast.

Take a look at our ongoing activities and please do give us your suggestions to help us move forward.

*I would like to ask you what is your view on idea of tokenizing property assets? In theory it sounds great to be able to tokenize your property and sell those tokens on exchanges.

But I wonder how could it affect existing real estate markets? Could regular people still afford to buy property in major cities? *

that is my suggestion :)


Have you already heard about #Bitpanda , an Austrian exchange and it‘s Project pantos?
Greets Robert

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Interesting, give us some time and we will get back to you.

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Yes, it’s a huge blow for Indians. It’s sad to see the Central Bank much too negative in this concern.

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The cryptopia hack has a huge impact on electra(eca) as many have been unable to touch their funds due to the lockdown

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Interesting @khussan. We’ll look into it.

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Nice article @reverseacid. Glad to know that you got partnership with hackernoon. I liked your article ,keep it up.

As for challenge , I like to see few articles on new protocols/coin are getting created in cryptospace that can have future.

Thanks for the appreciation @supriya1706. It means a lot.

About the challenge, I’m sure you’ll be interested in the ongoing “Crypto Analysis Series” we are carrying out. Monthly, once or twice, we sit down to pull out a thorough and understandable summary of a particular token/coin. Please do have a look at those.

If there’s any specific token/coin/protocol you’d like us to cover, we’d be happy to give a try at that.

Thanks. Hope to hear your feedback in the future too.

I think the last run has put so much pressure on blockchain to have this crazy valuations but its not needed. We're exactly where we need to be, way up on the 10 year cycle with more value than ever before.

We need to stop looking at the outlier of the last bull run. there is enough value in the system as you can see from all the projects you mentioned and progress being made

You dont reboot with worlds financial system in 10 years its going to take time

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Hi @reverseacid
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really excellent review man

Thank you @usman119. Hope you could stick around.

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Wow! Just too many updates and analysis in a month. You're doing a great job by this. Well, I'm very much interested in Stellar and would love to see more comparisons. Also, I would love to see analysis of undervalued Cryptos that indicates it has a great future as well as analysis of ICOs with great potentials.


All of that is massively helpful for anyone who wants to keep up with crypto. Thank you for sharing this. I did knew about few of these things. But was clueless about many. So much bad things have happened in the bear market. Now something good is bound to happen eventually and I'm looking forward for that trend reversal.

Good luck and have a nice day!

For the price of gold,
Watching the news yesterday,
Talk to a friend,
I guess he would be 45000~50000NTW.
The result made me guess,
Because I think he will fall back to 50000 even if he rebounds to 55000NTW.
If he falls below 45,000, he will rebound back to 45000.
Current situation,
gold is not only one ,
so it wouldn't fall too much,
also wouldn't rise too much,
Because too many countries have reduced the guarantee ratio of gold.

Quoted from /

I would say something you could look at is the masternodes world of crypto. There are a lot of projects getting going that could be special. TRTT, and VITAE or well maybe they will fail can't know for sure but not a lot cover these projects.

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