RESTEEM your post for just 0.005 SBD -- yep, you read that right!!

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Follow me and send just 0.005 SBD / STEEM and my bot will resteem your last post !

Just write ciao in the memo. In a bunch of seconds/minutes my bot will find your last post and resteem it !

If it was already resteemed, the next post that you publish will be resteemed as soon as created! Pretty amazing, right?   : )

( In alternative you can put the link in the memo if you want a specific post resteemed )

For more info on all the services that I offer see HERE
the summary (eheh ) HERE.

Enjoy!   : )


Hello gasaeightyfive!

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Just a question nothing else....

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Sure, if publishing one post a day is spam then you're the mother of spam. .

We use "your" precious tag now because you flag every single post of ours.

We know you don't like competitors, troll kid.
( hilarious, just one example. And do you still stop your service for bad wifi when it rains liar kid? ROFL )

In reply to the new accusations of the cyber bully ( / @flauschi / many downvote accounts closed by admins) :

  • gaottantacinque only owns gasaeightyfive, the others are biz partners

  • The automated reply is just on comments, see link below

  • He claims tags that existed even before he joined. We use 1 of "his" tags a day for the reasons below: