Free Resteem service for Newbies Day#23

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Hello! i like to help new steemers to resteem the introduce post.

Just follow me (i will follow you back) and write as comment the following: give me the link to your introduceyourself post if you can. I hope i can help a bit with this for you to take the first steps :) If you like to help a bit also, please this post to your followers, thak you!

Take a look at my giveaway of the day post also if you like:

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Resteemed and 100% upvoted. Thank you for using my service!
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Good Luck!

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Some of it is really cool!

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Resteem done:)

thank you

You are welcome :)

Restteem done

Resteem done :)

Resteem done :)

Sorry, your introduce post is older than 7 days and do not resteemable anymore, if you have any other post, just put the link here and i do resteem :)

Sorry, I'm still learning!

Thanks for allowing me to post another post, much appreciated! :)

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