Boost your rewards with Minnowpond!

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For those minnows looking to increase their rewards on their posts and comments, minnowpond is here to help.

When you register to join our pond, you will automatically receive an 5% upvote from our currator account on each of your future posts from either @minnowpond or @minnowpond1

To register head to our Discord and type !addminnow [username].

Then head back on over to and send 1 SBD to the account @minnowpond.


EXAMPLE: !addminnow alchemage
Once you have completed these simple steps for registration, for ONE WEEK @minnowpond will automatically upvote any authored posts(5% vote) or comments(1% vote). Remember that this is a weekly subscription, as such you will need to send 1 SBD per week to continue receiving the upvotes from @minnowpond.

You will not be required to register each week, only sending the SBD is part of keeping up the subscription.

We are working on updating the bot so that you will receive a comment on a post older than 10 days 24 hours before the 7th day passes to remind you of sending the 1 SBD to @minnowsunite to make this process easier.
Thank you all so very much for taking the time to contribute to the progress of this wonderful community and of this project.

Our code:
In an aim to be completely transparent with the way our bot will work and what the project is about here are the bots that will be in operation for this.

All percentages may be adjusted according to how we grow and how it affects the voting power of the curators. All changes will be posted and made public. If you are found to be abusing minnowpond (nothing but spam comments, plagurized content, or anything else we havent thought of yet) your votes will be removed, you will be banned from minnowpond and you will be refunded your 1 sbd.

minnows unite.png

This project is ran by @alchemage @cmtzco and @cryptohustlin


Really like this initiative. But got some questions about it though..
Seeing your current Steem Power and Voting Power, I calculated the amount you get which is just $0.01 as a vote. So in the longrun this isn't profitable. How come the price is so high for such a little vote. Just curious ;)

I know that it's free this week so anything is profitable now. But next week it probably isn't.

Can you explain your vision? :)

I have the same question... I thought the bot will become more powerful as more people send SBD to it and it get more Curator Rewards.

Wow this is great!!


Great thanks ! I will try to register !! 👍

sure ma'am...good for us!

Yes, of course.

Great...find time to also check my blog

it's a loss deal.. send SBD 1 and get upvotes worth $0.001

There is a potential blip in your system you should know about, If I edit a post you vote for it again, I noticed when I was fixing some typos - could easily be exploited I think

Wow this is a great

how can i do this... i just registered and was logged in at

@minnowpond I have sent 1$ SBD to you some minutes ago and I've not gotten any upvote from you

Have you registered first ??

You go to akunya and type #adminnow your account space

I've registered before sending the 1$ sbd. Up till now i haven't gotten an upvote

I guess I just threw away 1$ into the dust

I registered earlier today, but so far I can't tell any difference

Haha :) May it will take some time

this sounds cool, joining now :D

buen post, espero tu apoyo en mi blog

I just registered! Thank you for this! BTW am I still within the week where there is no need to send 1 SBD?

thanks! will try!

Wow this is very informative......

Don't forget to upvote me

curious about this.

I would like to ask that I didn't send sbd for weeks, why still voting me. Is there any thing I misunderstood? Thank you..

"Honesty is the best virtue!"

I like that you are honest. That's why I upvote and follow you!

Umm.. how to cancel my subscription to minnowpond... or can I make the bot NOT vote unless the posts I want it to?

why you want to cancel..? whats going on ?

Some curators like curie don't vote for posts that are voted by bots before them. and also there are some posts of mine that I don't want bots (any bots) vote for them... since I can't choose which posts minnowpond can vote for.. I figured I better cancel for now.

But I think it'll be good if we can make it vote for us manually... like the MSP/PAL bot do on discord.

Don't worry, If I cancel.. I won't demand my 1 SBD back.

so i don't have to send the 1 SBD? let me know! i just signd up in the discord! i am also going to go try @minnowbooster and @randowhale

Wonderful info.
I have just followed you.

great idea,have just joined,thanks for sharing.

that sounds like a great idea but i'm going to stick with the pal team on discord for the moment.

Nice platform

Nice platform

Get More Upvotes and Followers :

Un bon poste, chère, continuez. Et aussi voir mes messages @azziz

@minnowpond thanks very informative post

I really dd not follow it.

@minnowpond I'm confused. Do we type the !addminnow jennywebster when we register or somewhere else? Because it looks like all I signed up for is a chat program and now my user name in that chat program is "!addminnow jennywebster" --that can't be right.

thanks. Greetings from Indonesia

Amazing project i will join

Nice idea. I follow you

@minnowpond i sent you 1 SBD without registeration on discord. Please help me to get the refund back...I am very short of SBD for my post will send 1 SBD after registeration. Please help

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