Investigation of resteem services (Price ÷ Followers=???? ):

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Hello dear friends and steemians!

I am a big fan of resteem services, they help me grow my audience ,
but I'm also a big fan of not getting ripped-off!

How many of these resteem service followers are real?
How many are content creators?
How many are bots?

It looks like doesn't count the "ghost accounts" or the "dead accounts", so there is only living followers displayed (the numbers) below your blog-profile. So the followers of these resteeming services should at least be "alive".


But I decided to do some digging to see what kind of exposure you really get for your money.

So to get some kind of statistics I sampled 50 random followers (from the beginning of the letter B) from a well known resteem service @sportic and ran it through the “Steem Sincerity API’s” graphical interface, to see some kind of rate of content creators, bots and spammers…

This is what I got:


You can test it out here, (it's developed by @andybets):

Unfortunately the service is not a 100% accurate and many of the users just disappear from the “map”, I don't think it is a 100% ready yet... But the "demographic ratio" looks pretty good, better than I expected so well done @sportic!!!

I also manually checked some of those accounts and there where a fair amount of "smaller follower accounts" with only a couple of resteems and like 1 post, new users? Hmm, I am not a 100% convinced, but those accounts could be "curator bots", and thats not necessarily a bad thing...

Anyway, now we are going to assume that the number of "living followers" are correct, and calculate how much exposure you get for your hard earned SBD or STEEM, with fourteen of these resteeming services, so Price ÷ Followers.

Price vs Followers

(if you are not in a "nerdy mood", just scroll to the bottom to see the best ones)

@byresteem has 28450 followers cost per resteem: 2 SBD or 2 STEEM= 0.00007 STEEM
@raise-me-up has 25509 followers cost per resteem: 1.5 STEEM= 0.00005 STEEM
@sportic has 23861 followers cost per resteem: 1 SBD or 1 STEEM = 0.00004
@hottopic has 20956 followers cost per resteem: 1.5 SBD or STEEM =0.00007
20956_@hottopic.png has 19303 followers cost per resteem 0.200 steem or SBD = 0.00001 (but you get a comment with a yellow robot, but thats okay because he is from Berlin =)
@promotedpost has 15787 followers cost per resteem 1 SBD= 0.00006 (this one also comes with upvotes).
@hugo4u has 14783 followers cost per resteem 2.000 SBD=0.0001
@talhadogan has 8130 followers cost per resteem 0.700 SBD or 0.700 STEEM=0.00008
@resteembot has 6692 followers cost per resteem
(The price for 44 reputation is 0.044 or more) 0.044= 0.00006
@resteemy has 5253 followers cost per resteem 0.100 SBD = 0.00001 (but it's a bit slow sometimes/dead?)
@booster007 has 4980 followers cost per resteem 0.100 SBD/STEEM=0.00002 (but it looks out of order/non responsive...)
@blogbooster has 4961 followers cost per resteem 0.005 SBD/STEEM=0.00002 ("The current bidding round is full. Your bid has been submitted into the following round." It has been 48 hours and no resteem, so I would stay away from this one, sorry but if you snooze you loose)...
@reblogit has 3915 followers cost per resteem 0.03=0.000007 (cheaper then most alternatives)
@marcocasario has 363 followers cost per resteem=0.0000

These resteeming services also offer upvotes and followers, but I am not going to take that in account, @hugo4u has many different offers, and he is a bit more pricey, but he is a human not a bot, so maybe he has better quality followers I am not sure but @yallapapi uses his services...

Two of the most economic alternatives where two of my favourite resteem-bots: and @resteembot!!!
I have always gotten good traffic and real upvotes and comments after using them.

Personally I also like @resteemy but it/he/she seems to be inactive. @marcocasario is free, but he still has only 363 followers, but free is good right! -edit- I did some miscalculation @reblogit is also VERY affordable...

(Thanks @marcocasario for bringing these things to my me attention! I have corrected/updated this post.)

For this article I used the following resteem-services:
resteembot, resteemy,, marcocasario, xtdevelopment, promotedpost, byresteem, hugo4u, and sportic. And my conclusion is that a combo of a couple of smaller "players" with one of the "big boys" is probably the best combo for maximum exposure at minimum cost.

Sources: (took the screenshots from that site).
(*I got a warning in my browser when using this site, but the site shows active users, ghost and dead accounts) This is not sponsored at all, I was going to do this calculation just for myself, but I decided to share this info in an article. Hope it helps you grow here on steemit!

Peace, Happiness, Love and Abundance to all steemians!

• Follow
• Upvote
• Resteem
• Comment for god's sake!
• And please don't involve me in some "Bot-War", keep it cool.


Thanks for your analysis @friendly-fenix. I will pay a bid bot to thank you for your post.

Unfortunately THE HONORABLE @RESTEEM.BOT after spamming & downvoting me for over a month yesterday he went crying to a whale that sent my repo to 3.

The service will run anyway - it costs me nothing after all   =)

Enjoy guys!

PS. Guys if you want, drop me an upvote to recover my repo so that I can get more followers to resteem your posts to!   : )

Other active, cheap and quite fast Resteemers that are not in your research are:

(why I have low rep score)

Please @marcoocasario, keep it cool with the arguing.

Let's all be friends and sing "Kumbaya my lord" !

yup, as you may have noticed you have been skipped by the auto replies =)

why low repo

PS. In your analysis it may be worth mentioning speed of the service and who on that list leaves a self promoting comment after resteeming and who doesn't.
Thanks =)

Yeah maybe I should go more into detail, but people will probably fall asleep reading if I do that... =)

why low repo

@friendly-fenix Gotcha. PS. @reblogit price is actually 0.03, missed a 0..
: )

oh, I am going to fix that right away thanks for the help!

why low repo

@friendly-fenix also, are you sure that resteemy is still active?
His last resteemed was done 2 months ago..

thats very observational. I did try resteemy now and he is sleeping or something... He did a resteem for me 1 month ago...
Yeah some of these guys can be slow...
I di edit the page now, but that is it...

Free DAILY Resteem Service here too + very cheap SUBSCRIPTION for FAST resteems

That is good to know, I wish the best of luck with your business!

Resteemed by @resteembot! Good Luck!
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Thank you, you are mentioned in the article @resteembot

( apologies for going off-topic fenix )

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( -> gabrygabry )

Cool, are they "alive" and kicking (the followers)?! I am going to try your service right now, thanks for being nice... I hope I don't have to download some steemit-virus.exe file first or something? =)

It honestly just depends. Sometimes you get a bite and sometime you don’t! No, You don’t have to download anything!

My screen started blinking and my laptop was acting really weird when I was writing this article and using these off-steemit investigation sites, etc... =) So sorry for the paranoia... =) THANKS FOR PROVIDING A FREE RESTEEM SERVICE!

Your content in this post is very good.
I am also fund of resteem service. Thank you to recapitulate many of this service of resteem that few knows.

Thank you @oadissin!!!

I really appreciate your valid input, thanks!
I was going to do this investigation just for myself, because I like the idea of resteem services, they play an important function here on steemit, some are better then others of course.

Starting a resteem service is also a way for "the little guy" who wants to earn some STEEM/SBD to do so by selling resteems.
And I like helping "the little guy".

Thanks for your comment, please resteem, follow and all that jazz...

I used to use a bunch of resteems. I won't name names but I got shafted by some of the big ones.

I don't use Hugo4u anymore but he always came through for me when I did. I have actually had my best luck with some of the more inexpensive ones though (I have a "theroy" about why that is). You didn't list it here but xtdevelopment is super fast and I have gotten some good upvotes after using it. They run a deal like resteembot where you get it cheap if your rep is under a certain score (I think 53). Kobusu was really good for the price too the last time I used his service. It is run by a real person who actually posts too so I suspect he has some real followers. The only issue is that he can be a little slow sometimes.

Thank you for your input, I agree with you the slightly smaller and economic alternatives sometimes feel like they generate more good comments and "real" followers, but it is hard to know... =)
I will look into @xtdevelopment and @Kobusu ...
Thanks again for the information and the comment!

No problem. I still actually use xtdevelopment but there are not that many people taking advantage of it at the moment.

I think the smaller ones do better because they attract smaller users who are more likely to check out posts from resteem services where as the people who can afford to use the big ones are unlikely to look at a paid resteem. I have no proof of that though, it just seems to make sense to me.

Thanks for the hint, I'll give it a try : )

You have been flagged by @abusereports for being a bad Steemian!

@abusereports not cool. Where is my trial? I did not read any questions.

why low repo

( removed from blacklist )

Yeah, I guess you might be right, or maybe not?
I got some pretty good traffic (it was back in the time when you could see the number of visits on your profile) from this "normal steemit dude" called @larryphang, can't remember what he charged or if he is still in business...

I feel grateful to see your sharing on resteem service. As a new user at stemmit, im still in the part of exploring and building my own system here with a goal to get quality upvote and followers as i create quality content daily. Resteem is one of my plan but from what you share out, i think delegate steem or Sp should be my best option to build from a small capital.

Hello @daniel.ang!
Nice that you decided to drop me a comment, you have a high reputation number for being new!
You must be quite successful? Yeah the resteeming services are for promotion and well "brand building" and to reach a new audience, there is no direct reward, (like when you get lucky with an "upvoting bot")... Yeah I am going to look into this delegation now, you are probably right...
But then one must have a lot of SP (to delegate)... Right?

It does told me sometime to figure out and some hard work on daily posting to reach this reputation.

Yup, you are right, it does need some min SP to the delegation. Earning Steem and SP here is just like our daily active income. Delegation is just like investment to gain a passive income to me.

I just try out the delegation at smartsteem with a min 20SP invest. You can check that out :-)

Thanks for the advice about smartsteem and the min 20SP invest, I will read up on it, I am very grateful for your advice @daniel.ang!!!

You have a minor grammatical mistake in the following sentence:

Unfortunately the service is not a 100% accurate and many of the users just disappear from the “map”, I don't think it is a 100% ready yet, but the ratio looks pretty good, better then I expected so well done @sportic!
It should be better than instead of better then.

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Thanks, I keep forgetting about So much new stuff to learn about while on the road, it can be overwhelming at times. Thanks for the article!

Yeah if you are low on STEEM try the cheap and free-ones. is pretty good, so is @resteembot, the cheapest big one was= @reblogit or with like 3917 followers... I also just resteemed a guy/bot @kestuxs with 1200+ who does free resteems... Hope it helps...





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O yeah, you are mentioned and rated in this article
you did pretty well, top nice!

Yeah, why not! It won't hurt trying. You might be pleasantly surprised or not, it is a bit of chance... =) Best of luck! And thanks for dropping by and commenting my post I really appreciate your comments!

Glad to hear @artopium!!!!
Yeah I have been happy with his service before, but I got a bit suspicious for a while because of a misunderstanding of the numbers of active, dead and ghost followers on this site "steemit spectacles"...

I guess it also has a lot to do with when you post and what you post, like always...