Comment Voting Report for thing-2 for 2017-08-27

in #report7 years ago

This is a report of the recent votes of the bot account @thing-2. This bot's mission is to vote comments and only comments, and you can find more information about it here.

In the past 24 hours, @thing-2 has voted for the following comments:


great work i love your upvotes <3

Just perfect.. wow :)
What an idea!!!

I will support you, God bless you, I learn english, so if I made some mistakes, then I apologize and keep it and check me out @kamranbhatti
thank you very much


Your exposure is very useful for all, especially for us novices, we wish you a @thing-2 is always willing to share to all problems about Steemit.



Keep up the good work if you like this bot upvote 👍⚡♨️

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