I have some redfish, but the faucet only give us 0.001 :_(
Anyways, gonna resteem as support to token to this platform I love very much (I'm owner of another token there btw, SquashCoins)

3P7PRTUZLnjN972ip8yW9RKTLvkCJyjM2KT or andre3301

redfishcoin (airdrop 2) until 1k entry Accumulated

For the first 1000 entry accumulated and airdrop will be distributed
(Runs 2018 airdrop 2)


Joined airdrop...thanks


Is It time more to buy redfishcoin and hold?

Or sell everything you got!

Upvoted, followed.
I just made Redfish trading and wrote about it

My WAVES: 3P3NfPadaKW2tdXvxPuMRcVBu5NjS4Lz9qp

Coin send
Thanks for joining!

Very good project. I'm here following. Could you send a bonus?

Hi dev,im interesting to join your resteem,upvote,follow and comment...this is my waves wallet address 3PR8GQ5xvEHQPy445cESoYHwJYfmA5Dbhqh...thanks and good luck

All the job, already done 😊

Nice info and Sound looks good, I hope it will bring good progress. Success brother 👍
Done, upvote/resteemed/followed

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