6 Days Running-All Time Redfishcoin Giveaways and Bounties/ a coin from Steemit Redfish Rank!

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6 days running-All time Redfishcoin Bounty



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Create a story about REDFISHCOIN, using #redfish tag
Include your Waves address in your post
1 redfishcoin per post, once a day only!

(End: October 15, 2017)

Facebook Campaign Bounty

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1 redfishcoin for profile cover
1 redfishcoin for 10likes you gather
10 redfishcoins for 100 likes you gather
Comments links below with waves address!
(End: October 30, 2017)

Tweeter Campaign Bounty

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Tweet about #redfishcoin
With your waves address
Claim 0.1 redfishcoin per retweet! You get!
Limited for 1 tweet a day
Comment tweet link below
(End: October 15, 2017)

Investor Campaign

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Buy 1 sbd/steem for 5 redfishcoin
Minimum bid is 10sbd/steem
Limited offer only

Support the Redfish Community!


Wallet and Exchange


Redfishcoin Price Update


How to trade redfishcoin to bitcoin


this is our all time bounty offer, claim and join the party, it will not be available in long days! RESTEEM AND COMMENT YOUR WAVES ADDRESS for free coins!

Upvote &Resteem





follow @albertvhons for more


"Redfish is the first rank in steemit, next will be minnow, dolphin, orca and the last whales"

above images are clickable, come try it

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Resteemed. Thanks


Coin send
TX ID: F8eVcr4XqAK9KZSHu6i86mEB4yyaUxkAxAK8ak7j1N18 | TYPE: Outgoing Transfer | DATE: 10/6/2017 14:01:19 | SENDER ADDRESS: 3PQeT7ayanjvH4Ab5nRvxvJQqiGuWQRv34F | TX AMOUNT: 0.10000000 Redfishcoin | RECIPIENT ADDRESS: 3PL57oeiRyGM4uQDpaAewt7awWEoYKbrv2F | TX FEE: 0.001 Waves

Create a story about redfishcoin using redfidh tag to claim free redfishcoin, worth $1 at current price

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Your welcome


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TX ID: BFKYwPcN2LRfAKJhAjSQakh33WaT9ZkpuASXuRo2xJCD | TYPE: Outgoing Transfer | DATE: 10/2/2017 20:20:45 | SENDER ADDRESS: 3PQeT7ayanjvH4Ab5nRvxvJQqiGuWQRv34F | TX AMOUNT: 0.10000000 Redfishcoin | RECIPIENT ADDRESS: 3P7cY3REK9UnLcobog12URjePpdmpCiDcmh | TX FEE: 0.001 Waves | ATTACHMENT: 486vWPLHc8

Growing Redfish community


Yes, this is newly created token name after steemit redfish rank for awareness
If this is profitable?
Yes it will be in the future

OH man i just told my wife about this this is really cool man! i need a waves wallet@!


Supporting #redfish
And Holding Redfishcoin
A coin name after steemit Redfish rank for awareness campaign

Resteemed. Thanks


TX ID: 7m5jAHoHSnBwFeSnpSL9VZZQQEU2LQ8q2bSUFbH1vhhk | TYPE: Outgoing Transfer | DATE: 10/5/2017 10:37:28 | SENDER ADDRESS: 3PQeT7ayanjvH4Ab5nRvxvJQqiGuWQRv34F | TX AMOUNT: 0.10000000 Redfishcoin | RECIPIENT ADDRESS: 3PQ5crZWPmFL9sVrRLWJRUxACTo16GpSon8 | TX FEE: 0.001 Waves | ATTACHMENT: a5opDFVS

Join the steemit bounty while it has open now!
Until oct. 15 only

I thought redfish coin giveaway are free or SBD


Indeed it is free for now!
Buy the start of november, Redfishcoin will be bought and redistribute again but not in this bounty!
This is just for awareness of existence of redfishcoin!

Upvoted, followed.
I just made Redfish trading and wrote about it

My WAVES: 3P3NfPadaKW2tdXvxPuMRcVBu5NjS4Lz9qp

Facebook Cover Updated: https://www.facebook.com/flodner

WAVES: 3P3NfPadaKW2tdXvxPuMRcVBu5NjS4Lz9qp

Resteemed Also.



My Twitter has 11K+ Followers (many of whom are interested in crypto-currencies), in case you want to add bonus)



Fb=1 coin
Tweet= 0.3
Resteem= 0.1

TX ID: Asip5iYXpsnJBwZ2wzTH7E9TMR8pzXS9EzMftaeuNzHk | TYPE: Outgoing Transfer | DATE: 10/7/2017 18:59:44 | SENDER ADDRESS: 3PQeT7ayanjvH4Ab5nRvxvJQqiGuWQRv34F | TX AMOUNT: 1.40000000 Redfishcoin | RECIPIENT ADDRESS: 3P3NfPadaKW2tdXvxPuMRcVBu5NjS4Lz9qp | TX FEE: 0.001 Waves | ATTACHMENT: a5opDFVS

I could send a bunos if I see retweet!


Thanks, actually I am using sometimes Social Media Sharing Sites, and I have credits there, I can use them to make Retweet of this my Tweet or of any other.
In this way I can get 100+ retweets,
In past I remember I had even several thousand retweets, but now I have enough credits for only some hundreds.
If you want I can use it, let me know


There is a misunderstanding here!
Bounty in tweeter is that you are going to tweet about redfishcoin, not the @redfishcoin account

Tweeter Campaign Bounty

images (30).jpg

Tweet about #redfishcoin
With your waves address
Claim 0.1 redfishcoin per retweet! You get!
Limited for 1 tweet a day
Comment tweet link below
(End: October 15, 2017)

Upvote & Follow : Done.
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/Gunamily
Twitter : https://twitter.com/Gunamily/status/917286554829185024

Waves Address : 3PC817UFosJ1uXtJgbEuHGm1yLVsnH2V27o

Thanks anyway,
Best Regards Gunamily.


Coin send

Hello Albert,
So today #Redfish campaign is:

  1. Post on My Cryptocurrency web-site (It's up to you how many Redfish to send)

  2. Post on Steemit

  3. Retweeted

  4. My Tweet (I have 11K+ followers and receive more and more crypto-currency related followers)

  5. My Facebook post

  6. Facebook post which received 22 likes (will receive more probably)

I think that's it for today.
Will do something in the next few days.
My WAVES is:


Tweeter post will recieve 0.3/tweet only
Considering the rest is not part of the bounty campaign!
But still i am giving you a coin even if it was not mention,

Redfishcoin is intended for steemit community, and facebook users may use this as long as they join steemit!
Coin is send!


Ok, so basicly I can do tomorrow (and few more days)
Steemit Post + Retweet ?


Yup, 1 steemit post and create your own tweet! A day

Followed and shared at https://www.facebook.com/riccardo.farloc/posts/1633081483403129 and also resteemed this article


I dont see the connection to what we really ask for this fb profile cover

So Steemit post is: https://steemit.com/redfish/@flodner/redfishcoin-airdrop

And Tweet:

So I think that's the last Steemit post in this campaign.
Also for the Facebook - end is October 30, but there is only 1 coin for month, or may be several coins for keeping profile picture?


flodner Flodner tweeted @ 15 Oct 2017 - 18:30 UTC

Redfishcoin Airdrop

steemit.com/redfish/@flodn… / https://t.co/qTXN05egz7
#steemit #redfish #redfishcoin #waves

Disclaimer: I am just a bot trying to be helpful.

And my WAVES is: 3P3NfPadaKW2tdXvxPuMRcVBu5NjS4Lz9qp