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May 2017, a new level was introduced in steemit here SteemitBoard - Update 6, It was officially design in Introducing a newcomer in the Steemit family!

@arcange posted, "Before jumping into the vastness of the ocean and its competitive world, there's nothing like learning to swim with serenity." SteemitBoard is glad to introduce the new “Red Fish” level.

A Redfish status own from 0 Vest to 999999 Vest/that's equivalent to 0 to 489 Steem Power or depends on recent steem value.

Redfish Community

After the official announcement, redfish tag was created and as an official tag for all redfish level steemit. Steemit Redfish Community was born. Many are confused of calling it as a plakton level as many are used to this name before the official announcement. Our little community will try to give awarenes of redfish level existence in steemit. Help new steemians through their post upvotes and resteem.

Even until now, Being a redfish level in steemit is still unknown to many. I am summing up of 99% of new steemit users think they are in Minnow level but in truth, they start a Redfish level having 1 steem power to 489 steem power.

Its been years have passed that the #redfish tag was created. The reason also for not knowing steemit have a new level, is lack of information. We will give that information hoping to support new steemians in building community linking to a bigger groups.

What is Redfishcoin

RedfishCoin is a non ICO project.

It is a verified Waves Assets of Steemit Redfish Community. Serves as a community Assets utilities to send and receive payment for services offered, rewards, tips, campaign project promotion and others.

Token Information

Asset Name - Redfishcoin
ID - 5sU8dF7DyN7dKN4NiFTtVC5shqthSgTEuvKUu2iusyS2
Ticker - REDF
Algorithm - Waves Platform
Token supply - 999,999
Circulating - 999,461
Reissuable - No
Decimal - 8
Commission - 0.001 Waves
Block time - 1 min
Source code - github
Explorer - wavesexplorer
Source: pywaves

RedfishCoin Wallet

Redfishcoin Purpose

It is a sole purpose for this coin as a rewards to all redfish tag users here in steemit. Tokenizing community assets to support our growing community. We will encourage fellow redfish to support, actively participating on every events, contest, and other and receive rewards through our token to boost community awareness of redfish existence.

@Redfishelp account will create a steemit story about redfishcoin news, updates, reports etc. and the rewards it gathers from the post will be used to buy back Redfishcoin on the market for coin stability and growth.

In this way, our funds is coming from @redfishelp account! We hope some love from the whales if they see it too, we continue to inspire redfish users, rewards the redfish users through this coin! Hoping all redfish users support this cause and we accept new ideas for improvement.

Asset Distribution and Allocation

Promotional Campaign - 10%
Airdrops- 5%
Research- 7%
Maintenance and Fees- 4%
Market Listing- 16%
Team Developers- 15%
Monthly Shares- 40%
Future Projects- 20%


You are holding and aware of steemit ranking. Redfishcoin is name after the official New User's Rank! It can be obtained freely. Redfish Tag User's takes the advantage of Future value of this token.

Redfishcoin will be bought back by @redfishelp account. All of its earning steem/sbd will be converted to buy
Again redfishcoin for coin price stability! It's like mining steemit then reward back to the community. Buy more coin at WavesDEX.

Redfishcoin can be trade to bitcoin, Waves, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Litecoin etc. It can be exchange in waveswallet DEX. Redfishcoin is a verified token from wavesplatform team and soon more Exchange.

RedfishCoin Exchange


The creator was born Filipino, name Albert Miniao Bonador. 31 years of age, Lives in San Roque, Macrohon Southern Leyte, Philippines. 2003-2006 study criminology in Sain Joseph College, City of Maasin Southern Leyte. Begin his journey in Online Investment in late 2015.

Steemit Username- @albertvhons, a father, an active steemit user, crypto enthusiast, who loves travel, blog, photography and the life within the nature's beauty.

Join steemit this year, May 2017. Active online investor since 2016. Learn how online investment works. Been through the ups and down in cryptocurrency. Have a knowledge in basic trading.

From the beginning of Being a redfish rank, as it was officially introduced in steemit, it is a passion to help, spread awareness and encourage fellow redfish rank to keep steeming.

The Redfishcoin and the Redfish Community is the first Ever attempt to build a community. He is a full time steemit blogger. Believes in Steemit capabilities to hold future, a new social media platform to gather around, share ideas and at the same time gathers potential rewards.

Redfish Community Team



Building and Funding Redfishcoin


STEEM AND SBD MINING- a steemit account @redfishelp will dedicate to mine in steemit Galaxy! All its future Rewards will be used for funding the coin. Private funds of community team, Payment on service offered, Airdrops and Trades gives support for coin stability and sustainability of the project for long term goal.

EXCHANGE MARKET- Steem/sbd token that can be get from steemit will be converted to Bitcoin, waves, ethereum, etc.

WAVESPLATFORM DEX- Redfishcoin is a waves token. Redfishcoin is converted to bitcoin, waves, ethereum etc. In Waves DEX.

REDFISH COMMUNITY- The benificiary of all future Rewards tru Redfishcoin Giveaways/Rewads/Tips/Payment etc.

REDFISH USERS- All there Redfishcoin keep, hold or buy can be easily converted to bitcoin, waves, ethereum, etc. In wavesplatform DEX and on future external echange.

Steemit Redfish Service and Rewards

Steemit Publication
Medium Publication
Retweet Campaign
Airdrop Campaign
1 Million Total Supply
Buy Back Program
Awesome Bonus token
Royalty Rewards
PoP Steemit Promotion

In giving more focus in distribution via giving back to the community, Steemit monthly shares was created to give reason to our stockholders to support more in Redfish community. From the start of RedfishCoin creation, the main reason is to give back to the community. With limited resources, stockholders helps to raise its market value as we keep on buying back the assets for coin stability.

Hold 100 minimum Redfish to earn 3% monthly shares
Hold 500 minimum Redfish to earn 5% monthly shares
Hold 1000 minimum Redfish to earn 7-10% monthly shares

NOTE: Monthly Shares are Optional and are subject to change every contract/months or year

All above information is for educational purposes only. This does not serves any guarantee of owning this token can gain much profit. Holding this token is at your own risk. The creator is not liable for any changes in price in the DEX market, nor the distribution of this token. Above information may not apply to you.


Powered by: Wavesplatform

REDFISHCOIN®2017 All Rights Reserved


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