100 Articles on Reddit Curated Publications List

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New content platforms like Steemit take some of their features, like upvotes and ranking, from the pioneer of Reddit. Built in 2005, this was a discussion board that quickly became incredibly popular in use. Previous platforms like Digg and independent forums quickly became overshadowed by the quick expansion of subreddits focused on a variety of topics: political, social, or arts and entertainment.

The innovation of social media like Reddit has had a profound effect on society and media and has been studied in academic literature over the past 12 years. To showcase some of the research and literature, below are the top 100 most cited publiations that mentioned Reddit in their title.

  1. "Widespread underprovision on Reddit". E Gilbert. 2013. dl.acm.org Proceedings of the 2013 conference on Computer …. 109 cites.
  2. "“Don't feed the troll”: Shutting down debate about community expectations on Reddit. com". K Bergstrom. 2011. uic.edu First Monday. 99 cites.
  3. "Mental Health Discourse on reddit: Self-Disclosure, Social Support, and Anonymity.". M De Choudhury, S De. 2014. aaai.org ICWSM. 89 cites.
  4. "6% of online adults are reddit users". M Duggan, A Smith. 2013. core.ac.uk Pew Internet & American Life Project. 82 cites.
  5. "Evolution of reddit: from the front page of the internet to a self-referential community?". P Singer, F Flöck, C Meinhart, E Zeitfogel…. 2014. dl.acm.org Proceedings of the 23rd …. 80 cites.
  6. "An exploration of discussion threads in social news sites: A case study of the reddit community". T Weninger, XA Zhu, J Han. 2013. ieeexplore.ieee.org Advances in Social Networks …. 55 cites.
  7. "Identifying social roles in reddit using network structure". C Buntain, J Golbeck. 2014. dl.acm.org Proceedings of the 23rd International Conference …. 37 cites.
  8. "Human psychology of common appraisal: The Reddit score". P Van Mieghem. 2011. ieeexplore.ieee.org IEEE Transactions on Multimedia. 34 cites.
  9. "Interfaces as rhetorical constructions: reddit and 4chan during the boston marathon bombings". L Potts, A Harrison. 2013. dl.acm.org Proceedings of the 31st ACM international …. 31 cites.
  10. "How reddit ranking algorithms work". A Salihefendic. 2010. Hacking and Gonzo. 29 cites.
  11. "An examination of electronic cigarette content on social media: analysis of e-cigarette flavor content on Reddit". L Wang, Y Zhan, Q Li, DD Zeng, SJ Leischow…. 2015. mdpi.com International journal of …. 25 cites.
  12. "Popularity Dynamics and Intrinsic Quality in Reddit and Hacker News.". G Stoddard. 2015. aaai.org ICWSM. 24 cites.
  13. "Navigating the massive world of reddit: Using backbone networks to map user interests in social media". RS Olson, ZP Neal. 2015. peerj.com PeerJ Computer Science. 23 cites.
  14. "Going dark: Social factors in collective action against platform operators in the Reddit blackout". JN Matias. 2016. dl.acm.org Proceedings of the 2016 CHI conference on human …. 22 cites.
  15. "Should Reddit be Blamed for the Spreading of a Smear?". JC Kang. 2013. ir.stonybrook.edu Know Your Neighborhood. 21 cites.
  16. "Faceless bodies: Negotiating technological and cultural codes on Reddit Gonewild". E Van der Nagel. 2013. researchbank.swinburne.edu.au Scan: Journal of Media Arts …. 21 cites.
  17. "User Migration in Online Social Networks: A Case Study on Reddit During a Period of Community Unrest.". E Newell, D Jurgens, HM Saleem, H Vala, J Sassine…. 2016. aaai.org ICWSM. 19 cites.
  18. "Lifespan and propagation of information in On-line Social Networks: A case study based on Reddit". G Haralabopoulos, I Anagnostopoulos…. 2015. Elsevier Journal of network and …. 18 cites.
  19. "Researching Social News–Is reddit. com a mouthpiece for the 'Hive Mind', or a Collective Intelligence approach to Information Overload?". R Mills. 2011. eprints.lancs.ac.uk . 17 cites.
  20. "An exploration of submissions and discussions in social news: Mining collective intelligence of Reddit". T Weninger. 2014. Springer Social Network Analysis and Mining. 17 cites.
  21. "Characterizing conversation patterns in Reddit: From the perspectives of content properties and user participation behaviors". D Choi, J Han, T Chung, YY Ahn, BG Chun…. 2015. dl.acm.org Proceedings of the 2015 …. 17 cites.
  22. "Factors associated with weight change in online weight management communities: a case study in the LoseIt Reddit community". GL Pappa, TO Cunha, PV Bicalho…. 2017. ncbi.nlm.nih.gov Journal of medical …. 17 cites.
  23. "Blogs, twitter feeds, and reddit comments: Cross-domain authorship attribution". R Overdorf, R Greenstadt. 2016. degruyter.com Proceedings on Privacy Enhancing …. 17 cites.
  24. "Framing Social News Sites: An Analysis of the Top Ranked Stories on Reddit and Digg.". BS Wasike. 2011. researchgate.net Southwestern Mass Communication Journal. 16 cites.
  25. "Amazon EC2 outage downs Reddit, Quora". J Pepitone. 2011. aspiresoft.com Retrieved May. 15 cites.
  26. "Popularity and quality in social news aggregators: A study of reddit and hacker news". G Stoddard. 2015. dl.acm.org Proceedings of the 24th international conference on …. 15 cites.
  27. "Playful participatory culture: Learning from Reddit". A Massanari. 2013. spir.aoir.org AoIR Selected Papers of Internet Research. 14 cites.
  28. "Howsocial'are social news sites? exploring the motivations for using Reddit. com". T Bogers, R Wernersen. 2014. ideals.illinois.edu iConference 2014 Proceedings. 14 cites.
  29. "Bombings trip up reddit in its turn in spotlight". L Kaufman. 2013. New York Times. 14 cites.
  30. "Nearly eight-in-ten Reddit users get news on the site". M Barthel, G Stocking, J Holcomb, A Mitchell. 2016. Pew Research Center. 14 cites.
  31. "Random voting effects in social-digital spaces: A case study of reddit post submissions". T Weninger, TJ Johnston, M Glenski. 2015. dl.acm.org … of the 26th ACM conference on …. 13 cites.
  32. "Evidence of online performance deterioration in user sessions on Reddit". P Singer, E Ferrara, F Kooti, M Strohmaier, K Lerman. 2016. journals.plos.org PloS one. 13 cites.
  33. "a Tor-powered botnet straight from Reddit". CS GUARNIERI. 2012. . 12 cites.
  34. "Ddos on dyn impacts twitter, spotify, reddit". B Krebs. 2016. Krebs on Security.(October 2016). Retrieved June. 12 cites.
  35. "Deep reinforcement learning with a combinatorial action space for predicting popular Reddit threads". J He, M Ostendorf, X He, J Chen, J Gao, L Li…. 2016. arxiv.org arXiv preprint arXiv …. 12 cites.
  36. "Ask me anything: what is Reddit?". KE Anderson. 2015. emeraldinsight.com Library Hi Tech News. 11 cites.
  37. "The Role of Information Visibility in Network Gatekeeping: Information Aggregation on Reddit during Crisis Events.". A Leavitt, JJ Robinson. 2017. alexleavitt.com CSCW. 11 cites.
  38. "An analysis of the discourse of Internet trolling: A case study of Reddit. com". E Merritt. 2012. ida.mtholyoke.edu . 11 cites.
  39. "Fast, free, and targeted: reddit as a source for recruiting participants online". I Shatz. 2017. journals.sagepub.com Social Science Computer Review. 11 cites.
  40. "Consumers and curators: Browsing and voting patterns on Reddit". M Glenski, C Pennycuff…. 2017. ieeexplore.ieee.org IEEE Transactions on …. 11 cites.
  41. "We've Reddit, have you?: What librarians can learn from a site full of memes". B Sanderson, M Rigby. 2013. crln.acrl.org College & Research Libraries News. 10 cites.
  42. "More than just cat pictures: Reddit as a curated news source". S Ovadia. 2015. Taylor & Francis Behavioral & Social Sciences Librarian. 10 cites.
  43. "Reddit in the Flesh". M Shaer. 2012. New York Magazine. 9 cites.
  44. "Online media forums as separate social lives: a qualitative study of disclosure within and beyond Reddit". M Shelton, K Lo, B Nardi. 2015. ideals.illinois.edu iConference 2015 Proceedings. 9 cites.
  45. "The effect of social feedback in a reddit weight loss community". TO Cunha, I Weber, H Haddadi, GL Pappa. 2016. dl.acm.org Proceedings of the 6th …. 9 cites.
  46. "Constructing the image of the teacher on Reddit: Best and worst teachers". S Chang-Kredl, D Colannino. 2017. Elsevier Teaching and Teacher Education. 9 cites.
  47. "How the professor who fooled Wikipedia got caught by Reddit". Y Appelbaum. 2012. The Atlantic. 8 cites.
  48. "Determining the influence of Reddit posts on Wikipedia pageviews". D Moyer, SL Carson, TK Dye, RT Carson…. 2015. aaai.org Proceedings of the Ninth …. 8 cites.
  49. "Examining thematic similarity, difference, and membership in three online mental health communities from reddit: a text mining and visualization approach". A Park, M Conway, AT Chen. 2018. Elsevier Computers in human behavior. 8 cites.
  50. "Motivations and limitations associated with vaping among people with mental illness: A qualitative analysis of Reddit discussions". R Sharma, B Wigginton, C Meurk, P Ford…. 2016. mdpi.com International journal of …. 8 cites.
  51. "The Use of Reddit as an Inexpensive Source for High-Quality Data.". MR Jamnik, DJ Lane. 2017. pareonline.net Practical Assessment, Research & Evaluation. 8 cites.
  52. "Detecting anxiety through Reddit". JH Shen, F Rudzicz. 2017. aclweb.org Proceedings of the Fourth Workshop on …. 8 cites.
  53. "A computational study of how and why reddit. com was an effective platform in the campaign against SOPA". R Mills, A Fish. 2015. Springer International Conference on Social Computing and …. 7 cites.
  54. "Conversation modeling on reddit using a graph-structured LSTM". V Zayats, M Ostendorf. 2018. MIT Press Transactions of the Association of Computational …. 7 cites.
  55. "'Karma, precious karma!'Karmawhoring on Reddit and the Front Page's econometrisation". A Richterich. 2014. academia.edu Journal of Peer Production. 7 cites.
  56. "Women win facebook, twitter, zynga; men get linkedin, reddit". C Taylor. 2012. Retrieved Feb. 7 cites.
  57. "Vestis Virum Reddit:" the Gender Politics of Drag in Williams's" A Streetcar Named Desire" and Hwang's" M. Butterfly". JS Bak. 2005. JSTOR South Atlantic Review. 7 cites.
  58. "An analysis of domestic abuse discourse on Reddit". N Schrading, CO Alm, R Ptucha, C Homan. 2015. aclweb.org Proceedings of the 2015 …. 7 cites.
  59. "Hey reddit, enough Boston bombing vigilantism". AC Madrigal. 2013. The Atlantic. 7 cites.
  60. "The disinhibition of reddit users". T Gagnon. 2013. writingandrhetoric.cah.ucf.edu Adele Richardson's Spring. 7 cites.
  61. "Age and gender in Reddit commenting and success". SC Finlay. 2014. scholarworks.iu.edu . 7 cites.
  62. "Information and Social Analysis of Reddit". T Steinbaur. 2012. snap.stanford.edu Retrieved from [email protected] CS. UCSB …. 6 cites.
  63. "Why is Reddit so anti-women?': An epic Reddit thread counts the ways". E Zuckerman. 2012. The Atlantic Wire. 6 cites.
  64. "How the 2016 presidential campaign is being discussed on Reddit| Pew Research Center". M Barthel. 2016. . 6 cites.
  65. "The Reddit Reckoning". C Wade. 2014. Slate. com. 6 cites.
  66. "Redditors revealed: Motivational factors of the Reddit community". C Moore, L Chuang. 2017. scholarspace.manoa.hawaii.edu Proceedings of the 50th …. 6 cites.
  67. "Why Did Reddit Succeed Where Digg Failed?". R Metz. 2012. MIT Technology Review . 6 cites.
  68. "The impact of crowds on news engagement: A reddit case study". BD Horne, S Adali. 2017. arxiv.org arXiv preprint arXiv:1703.10570. 6 cites.
  69. "Freedom from the press? How anonymous gatekeepers on Reddit covered the Boston Marathon bombing". M Suran, DK Kilgo. 2017. Taylor & Francis Journalism Studies. 6 cites.
  70. "Facebook didn't kill Digg, Reddit did". P Tassi. 2012. … /insertcoin/2012/07/13/facebook-didnt-kill-digg-reddit …. 5 cites.
  71. "Facebook didn't kill Digg, Reddit did". P Tassi. 2012. … /insertcoin/2012/07/13/facebook-didnt-kill-digg-reddit …. 5 cites.
  72. "It's Silicon Valley 2, Ellen Pao 0: Fighter of sexism is out at Reddit". M Isaac, D Streitfeld. 2015. New York Times. 5 cites.
  73. "Reddit news users more likely to be male, young and digital in their news preferences". M Barthel, G Stocking, J Holcomb, A Mitchell. 2016. Pew Research Center. 5 cites.
  74. "Former Reddit CEO Ellen Pao: The trolls are winning the battle for the internet". E Pao. 2015. The Washington Post. 5 cites.
  75. "Boston Marathon bombings: how Twitter and Reddit got it wrong". G Shih. 2013. The Independent. 5 cites.
  76. "Does Reddit Have a Transparency Problem?". D Auerbach. 2014. Slate. 5 cites.
  77. "What is Reddit worth?". G Anders. 2012. FORBES INC 60 FIFTH AVE, NEW … Forbes. 5 cites.
  78. "“I feel like I've hit the bottom and have no idea what to do”: Supportive social networking on Reddit for individuals with a desire to quit cannabis use". SJ Sowles, MJ Krauss, L Gebremedhn…. 2017. Taylor & Francis Substance …. 5 cites.
  79. "Breaking News: Condé Nast/Wired Acquires Reddit". M Arrington. 2006. Techcrunch, October 31st. 5 cites.
  80. "Led it on Reddit: An exploratory study examining opinion leadership on Reddit". DK Kilgo, JJ Yoo, V Sinta, S Geise, M Suran…. 2016. journals.uic.edu First Monday. 5 cites.
  81. "Linguistic Data Analysis of 3 Billion Reddit Comments Shows the Alt-Right Is Getting Stronger". T Squirell. 2017. Quartz . 5 cites.
  82. "Identifying the social signals that drive online discussions: A case study of Reddit communities". BD Horne, S Adali, S Sikdar. 2017. ieeexplore.ieee.org Computer Communication and …. 5 cites.
  83. "'Reddit hates EVERYTHING, including Reddit': Identity, Community, Participatory Culture, and Engagement on Reddit. com". A Massanari. 2013. … of Internet Researchers Conference: Denver, CO, USA. 4 cites.
  84. "Exploring AAPI identity online: Political ideology as a factor affecting identity work on Reddit". B Dosono, B Semaan, J Hemsley. 2017. dl.acm.org Proceedings of the 2017 CHI …. 4 cites.
  85. "How Reddit Fueled the Scanner-Happy Media to Out Innocent Boston 'Suspects.'". R Greenfield. 2013. The Atlantic Wire. 4 cites.
  86. "Wikipedia blackout: Websites Wikipedia, Reddit, others go dark Wednesday to protest SOPA, PIPA". N Potter. 2012. ABC news. 4 cites.
  87. "Upvoting the news: breaking news aggregation, crowd collaboration, and algorithm-driven attention on reddit. com". AC Leavitt. 2016. search.proquest.com . 4 cites.
  88. "The SOPA blackout: Wikipedia, Reddit, Mozilla, Google, and many others protest proposed law". V Savov. 2012. The Verge. 4 cites.
  89. "Update: Amazon Web Services down in North Virginia Reddit, Pinterest, Airbnb, Foursquare, Minecraft and others affected". R Dillet. 2012. TechCrunch http://tinyurl. com/9r43dwt. 4 cites.
  90. "Reddit Users Attempt to Shame Sikh Woman, Get Righteously Schooled". L West. 2012. Jezebel. 4 cites.
  91. "Verizon finds US developer outsourced his job to China so he could surf Reddit and watch cat videos". E Protalinski. 2013. The Next Web. 4 cites.
  92. "What just happened on reddit? Understanding the moderator blackout". JN Matias. 2015. Social Media Collective Blog. 4 cites.
  93. "Reddit moderators shut down parts of site over employee's dismissal". M Isaac. 2015. The NY Times (July 2015). 4 cites.
  94. "Meet the Reddit power user who helped bring down r/technology". F Alfonso III. 2014. The Daily Dot. 4 cites.
  95. "Move over, Reddit: Tumblr is the new front page of the internet". C Dewey. 2015. The Washington Post. 4 cites.
  96. "Navigating the massive world of reddit: Using backbone networks to map user interests in social media. arXiv. org". RS Olson, ZP Neal. 2013. URL: http://arxiv. org/abs/1312.3387. 4 cites.
  97. "Nearly Eight-in-Ten Reddit Users Get News on the Site. Washington, DC: Pew Research Center". M Barthel, G Stocking, J Holcomb, A Mitchell. 2016. . 4 cites.
  98. "Characterizing Conversation Patterns in Reddit". D Choi, J Han, T Chung, YY Ahn, BG Chun, TT Kwon. 2015. Proceedings of the 2015 ACM …. 4 cites.
  99. "Reddit is tearing itself apart". B Menegus. 2016. Gizmodo, November. 4 cites.
  100. "Reddit: Can anyone clean up the mess behind “the front page of the internet?”". A Hern, H Bengtsson. 2015. The Guardian. 4 cites.


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