BlockGators Curation Trail Vol. 1

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Let’s see if we can get the Curation Trail up to 50 Steemians

While on steemauto follow this:

Then follow this:


You can comment follow if you completed these two steps. The curation rewards are endless and you will automatically be eligible for these two contests:

BlockGators Give Votes- Steembloggers Contest!


My Goal is to reach 10000SP

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You got a 5.67% upvote from @postpromoter courtesy of @blockgators!

You got a 7.30% upvote from @upme requested by: @blockgators.
Send at least 1 SBD to @upme with a post link in the memo field to receive upvote next round.
To support our activity, please vote for my master @suggeelson, as a STEEM Witness

ini keren kawan.

kawan why I rarely can Upvote him ... I'm a loyal user of tags steembloggers and I've followed the steps you give