Follow Steeembloggers Curation Trail

Following a curation trail is an asset to any community you are apart of. Steembloggers is an upvote bot built to represent the growth and development of the Steembloggers community. The Steembloggers community will be of greater value when all 100 voting members are active.
There are many benefits that occur for Steemians who join the Steembloggers curation trail through Steemauto. Minnows and all will benefit from use of this tool.
Following, the Steembloggers Curation Trail is also a requirement to qualify as a voting member within the Steembloggers community.


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kitten fighting :)
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Ok, I joined steem auto , and I am following @blockgators curation trail, also I did a blog on it, so you might want to check it out.

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Wow greate article!
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