Steem - The Dysfunctional Family I Never Knew I Wanted

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Lately I have been doing a lot of questioning - questioning what I am doing here, what my end goals are and what the goals of Steem are, where the platform is heading, an overall vision for Steem, if there will ever be a balance .. etc etc etc. My mind has just been all over.

I have been here for nearly 2 years and I have spent most of that time working towards this vision I had for Steem - A vision of alternative economy. One which took the control out of middle men's hands and gave it back to the people. One which empowered communities by giving them the tools they needed to build what they would like to see. One which gave individuals ownership of their data and a web 3.0 that could be revolutionary.

I saw this potential, and I wanted to do my part to get it there. So while you may just know me from this blog or llfarms or all those sock puppet accounts I apparently have... truly most of what I have always done is behind the scenes - building. Working and building on what I thought would get Steem to where I thought it could be. I think due to that I see things differently here. I see the shared inflation pool as something that is pulling the price down unless it's being allocated to what "adds value."

This means I find myself annoyed with payouts, including my own. I get annoyed with the farming of autos, the bs posts that are clearly just made to suck as much rewards as possible, the content that is heavily rewarded due to popularity over that which, at least in my opinion, adds value due to attentiveness to those outside of Steem. The projects who seem to just be using the rewards pool to line their pockets without returning any value, the socialist mentality of many as well as some serious entitlement etc. I find myself annoyed often due to what feels like the majority of people only caring about increasing the size of their own wallet rather than increasing the overall value of STEEM.

Why? I don't know and I wish I didn't but maybe because I just have never seen it that way. To me working towards improving the price of STEEM improves all of our investments. And in the opposite taking value while adding none back, decreases the value of all that STEEM we own. Yes, that means I am annoyed often, and maybe that makes me a pretentious asshole due to that... I am not really sure. I guess I have always just viewed things more in a big picture way, which could possibly mean I miss out on smaller details that are also important.. that is completely possible and maybe my focus is completely wrong - old habits die hard.

So I think that even though I am really loving seeing the changes after the fork, I find myself questioning what the end goal is a lot lately, and what my part in it is.

Then after a few conversations, and seeing some recent meet up posts - I realized the reason why that, even with all the flaws, I am a still here...

The Community

That's right, this insane and amazingly dysfunctional family I never knew I wanted. I have met the most amazing people through Steem. Some who quite frankly I can't even stand what they do on Steem, but I love them and will get a beer with them and chat to weeee hours of the morning any chance I get. That sounds snarky, but I don't mean it to be.. I just mean that there is not a single steemian I have met that I didn't enjoy spending time with, even if we didn't see eye to eye on the platform.

That human aspect behind the avatars... that is what I love here - all you crazy bastards.

I saw a few posts about the recent Finland meet up and in one it was mentioned how even though they had never met most of them before, there was not an awkward moment the whole time - and that totally resonated with me. I have been to many meetups and it always feels like meeting old friends... and I think that is something pretty special.

I remember heading to my first meetup - SteemFest 3, which also happened to be my first solo trip overseas as well as many other things, and having anxiety about the idea of walking into a room of people I have never met before... all by myself. It was one of my biggest fears of going, no lie. So the idea that after being there only a few minutes and seeing familiar names, who then immediately felt like old friends (and not having an awkward moment for the whole week) really wasn't lost on me. That is something pretty amazing and not something I have experienced elsewhere.

Since then I got to spend a weekend in a house with Steemians in Austin (something else I never thought I would do) and had one of the best times of my life. Just family and friends making food together and chatting about all things, and well.. you know, that thing that pulls us all together - Steem.

I have always believed that our community is what adds the value here, and I realize that the more I go to non Steem conferences - where that same feeling just doesn't exist. I have this idea in my head that our amazing community may be the special thing needed to onboard "normies" to crypto.. a safe and interesting group of individuals that can immediately welcome people with open arms and offer assistance with anything. Maybe our meetups will eventually become a way to do that, invite people in. I think it could work, and one of these days I'll maybe try to test it out.

The truth is that these meetups (with our dysfunctional family) lead to collaboration and probably some much needed motivation for many to keep going and keep on believing. I know it has for me in the past. And maybe, just maybe they could be harnessed to show the rest of the world why we are all so crazy about Steem. Until then, they just bring us closer together.

So while I sit and wonder what I am doing here and why... I am remembering the dysfunctional family I never knew I wanted.. but am extremely thankful for. The friends I have met in real life, and even those I have not.. who all feel like family. And while we have a few escapees from the local mental facility running around screaming (who I would rather not know), most of you guys I like quite a bit ;) and am so very glad to have you in my life.

Maybe I am just overdue for a meetup, to remind me of why I am here.

Ok enough ramblings out of me...

Thank you all for being you, as you are all kickass human beings that I am glad to know.

Much Love,



We win this thing city by city. I've been holding the monthly Adelaide meetups here in South Australia, for almost 2 years now; and there's nothing like it.
Coming out of Winter, last Thursday was out in the beer garden. Three hours felt like 1.Twelve people all wanting to talk to everyone else at once.
Easiest way to buy STEEM? Bring cash to the meetup and ask around.
Easiest way to sell STEEM? Bring your device to the meetup and ask around.
Confused about something? Ask around.
Trying to onboard a friend and get them some early support? Ask around.
We win this thing city by city.

We need one in Geelong lol.

@metametheus lets do a Melbourne one soon. I cant think of anyone else bar @bobaphet and @trevorpetrie that lives anywhere near? Radelaide has such a good group of Radsteemaussies.

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The trick is consistency. Lock in a recurring time and place, so people can go mark a full year on the calendar. Nobody can make it to every one, but once people know others will definitely be there, it just grows on itself. People thrive on certainty. Totally different Steem experience when you have a monthly meetup to look forward to.
I compare it to skimming a stone. The stone is in the air most of the time, but just touching the water briefly every now and again, keeps its momentum going.

Love the metaphor. Xx And sooo gonna land my stone in the Adelaide pool one day!

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Last Thursday of the month, from 6pm at The Jade. We'll be there :)

Melbournians are too much hipster to stick with a date.... 🤣

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We had 4 or 5 well attended (15-20 members) Melbourne steemit meetups last year but as the price dropped so did attendance.

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I didn't know you guys were pulling in those kinds of numbers at meetups; that's actually fantastic.

Thats a shame!!!!

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I totally agree with this and love that you are doing it consistently. I’ve heard of the Adelaide meetups quite a bit and am always a bit jealous of the bond you have built there 😜

I need to move closer to people.

I think our community could onboard many, as who doesn’t want to join a crazy family like ours!?

I like the dysfunctional family analogy. It really is like that sometimes. There are a lot of things that I don't agree with or am not happy about here too, but being on Steemit has helped me realise my true potential and has increased my sense of self-worth. I have had to redefine what my self-worth is, what the worth of my content is, no matter what attention it got. I've had to stop reflexively evaluating my worth based on the popularity or rewards I might receive. Instead, I started to look at each individual, the relationships I formed with them. The worth one comment had for them, what one person got from something I shared, and also, what I got from what others shared and commented. It's not easy, but the community here, despite it being very socialist at times, more than I would like, is very different than your typical social media platforms. I have also started to adopt the mindset I got from Steem onto the other platform I use, like Twitter, and connecting with people outside of Steem there too. I still don't use fb much except for specific niche groups and even there I must be careful because the minute someone doesn't like what you say or is jealous of work you've done, you're flagged for something or other and that mentality angers me. I only sometimes share there.

While Steem might be a dysfuntional family as you call it, it's a lot more respectful and encouraging than any other social media platform, according to me. While there are individuals on those other platforms I appreciate, it's mroe difficult to feel free there.

I love this perspective and really enjoyed hearing your experience as a content creator on multiple platforms. I keep hearing that out there they have dysfunctional but not that family feel, which confirms what I have always felt about this place - the people make it special.

Thanks for being here and being a part of this crazy family of ours! 🤗

It's a pleasure. Thanks.


you are amazing... watch you SHINE. Xxxx

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Thanks :) /hugs

You're one of my favourite people here on the block-chain. I do love Star Wars and RPGs, maybe not as much as you (you get right into the lore, etc.) and your videos are funny too!

I am glad that the Steemit community has reinforced your sense of selfworth.


Personally, I find it very liberating to be here. I can post what I like, mostly.

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I agree that this platform is way more permissive than other social media platforms and gives you much more liberty to express yourself and reveal your potential, or, who knows, discover some new skills and interests you never knew you had. You can hardly do the same on mainstream platforms where you are bombarded by gossip, hate and baby photos :).
Although I've been blogging on other platforms and websites too, I can say that Steem is the only one where I truly feel like home and proud of my work.

Yeah, I've stopped blogging anywhere else, aside from certain relevant posts on Wordpress for my website. If I posted half the things I post here on Fb, damn. I tweet them out though, most things. When I was posting my videos on fb I got people who weren't interested in my niche requesting videos that have nothing to do with it. So I just stopped, it was more work to share there than I was benefiting from. So far, twitter is treating me well in regards to sharing my content. I had not been using twitter much before, so I'm giving it an honest try.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts... I'm new to Steem and trying to figure it all out. I'm hoping to contribute some original music and maybe some other content... and get something out of it as well.

But I had no idea this whole "community" thing was a thing. Very interesting!

Hey! Welcome to Steem! Yes the community here is tightnit and very supportive. As someone just arriving it may take some time to find your audience and “family” but I promise you will.

Going out and commenting on others posts (like this) is probably the best advice I could give as its how people find you. Another thing is to look at the “tribes” which are small niche communities that use specific tags and have their own tokens. A good way to browse them is through here - (you log in with the same username/key as, its just another front end).

Also many of the communities discuss and chat through the discord app as we don’t have a integrated chat option yet. Just a heads up.

I followed your account and look forward to seeing the music you share! Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

I think you just answered the most important question that goes through minds of many. What is the purpose of Steem? Not the price, not the rewards, not the tech. The People!

Steem indeed is a big family of amazing people.

This crazy bastard is glad to know you and have you around too.

Full disclosure: I can be a crazy bastard in real life too. 😊 But not today.

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Pretty sure we all have a bit of crazy bastard in us lol. 🤗❤️ Can’t wait for you to ship yourself here so we can have a beer.. as there is no way I’m coming near any of those killer spiders and mean kangaroos 😃

I get it...If I wasn't an Aussie I'd think Aussie's were mad! 🇦🇺😉

By the way, legit picture Jus! ✅🍪

Hey thanks ☺️ One of my older favorite shots I took.

I'm always drawn to those darker apocalyptic shots...Ones that show things as old and rundown, overgrown or neglected, forgotten. Not sure why. Maybe because I find most people fake these days and shots like this remind me of reality.

Legit picture.

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I agree. In fact that’s what inspired my whole “hidden beauty” photography posts I used to do. This shot was from this post which was meaningful for a few reasons.

I need to start the hidden beauty posts again, they were good for the soul. Thanks for the reminder ❤️

You should! Anything that has meaning to oneself has value. Looking forward to it. 💙

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You essentially encapsulated the whole essence of the Steem experience and what makes it a special place to be here. A community you haven't met yet, but feels like you have already.

We are literally the biggest place to meet strangers, yet, they don't feel like strangers. FB, allowed others to bring family onboard , we have the ability to make totally new friends here out of strangers. There is value in this as we've seen. I've always said, the value is in the community and still holds true to this day. Good post.

I totally agree with you and that’s a great way to put it, we can meet those we never would of before. Kind of crazy when you think about it! ❤️

Highlight of my Steem day: seeing you speak your vintage Justine mind as your kickass self, and resonating with much of what you said. If "nothing good ever comes easy," God this all better be really f'in good if and when it all works out. Worst case, we'll have new friends we met along the way.

I decided a long time ago to expect nothing of this, just enjoy it and anything over that is gravy. The friends alone are pretty much worth it.

It's so amazing to witness you from being someone with little social media knowledge to someone promoting Steem everywhere! I still remember you are just curating with your phone LOL which was crazy! And you were always talking about going out of your comfort zone and here you are now! All confident. I am so happy for you and I totally agree with the community here. I have been spending a lot of my time on the internet for years but the people that I met on Steem had been the greatest so far. I've never met any of you in real life yet but I feel like we have actually hung out in person before! Amazing connection that we have and I'm glad you're one of my lovely friends here. Proud of you girl! :D

Haha, thanks ☺️ Even though sometimes I think I’m really just better off not being seen at all 😜

Steemians are such a unique breed and it constantly blows my mind the connections that have been built here. So thankful to have you as one of them and we WILL meet in person one day.. it’s gonna happen.

oh btw I still totally still use my phone for everything, nothing has changed 😂

Love you ❤️

Thanks for helping keep OP on Steem so I could have the chance to meet her.

The nutters keep me on my toes and ever so aware that you can't please everyone. It's a garden party

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I do love garden parties!! The diversity here is what makes it interesting. The fact that I have met so many people here that I absolutely adore and would never have met otherwise is pretty damn special. So.. go to a meet up when you have the chance 😜

I’ve been around here for about 3 years now and have grown to know hundreds of Steemians. Funny thing is, I’ve only met one other Steemian face to face in real life! I guess I need to arrange a meetup in Saskatchewan with the help of @nonamesleftouse or something!

Yes, yes you do!! I am thinking about pushing for a big one in Vegas perhaps.. many think it’s an easy place to get to and relatively inexpensive. Could be like a second Steem fest or something.

Get that slacker @nonameslefttouse to help you get one going near you!

I've been saying one of these days, for years... LOL!

Lol, this does not shock me 😂

@porters is Satch too

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Let's do it Dave! Please keep me in the loop! Could become a very powerful community. I love the suggestion above. To choose a location and a consistent meeting time and place. #steemintheprairies

How often do you come back to Saskatchewan?

One of these days.

Omg. Seriously. Love your sock puppets..Dammit I wish EVERYONE saw their role in raising value of steem. Like the tokens, for instance. Lets support ALL the tokens. ALL the community. Work together. Raise UP the steem barn together. And god I love being part of your dysfunctional fam, even if Im the third cousin tenth removed from the colonies down under xxz

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I have da best sock puppets 😜 I completely agree with you and love your passion and commitment to growing this place as well. I’ve told you repeatedly that I feel like we have this bond due to our similar views alone, not to mention that you are a badass. I hope one day we can meet, but until them I really enjoy the bond we have.. and you are my favorite third cousin tenth removed 😘

Awwwwww xxx 🧡🧡🧡

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Thank you all for being you, as you are all kickass human beings that I am glad to know.

You're welcome!

I'm pretty sure she was talking about me, buddy.

No. This time we'll have to disagree and be all dramatic about it. She was talking about me!

That's what I said!

That's what she said.

Well played.

I won't lie... I was hoping for some goat photos... but I guess gratitude will have to do... boring...

I've been playing around with some other sites just to diversify a bit, and I can tell you, the dysfunctional is actually worse out there. It's ridiculous.

Oh.. I do have lots of goat photos from the fair.. maybe tomorrow? Haha.. you know me and my “blogging” it’s completely unplanned and random 😂

Yeah I agree with the other sites, and have heard that often. While they may have that “dysfunctional” down, they are missing that very important family part. I’ve seen people argue here about the most insane things, just like family, and then are back to cracking jokes a minute later. Honestly I have only seen a few instances or individuals that are just toxic here, and that’s pretty impressive.

I have been tempted to try and arrange a Scottish meetup, there are only a handful of us. I just get the feeling it would be a shitfest of drink and violence.

So I will probably arrange for in the new year!

Doooooo itttttt! As I see nothing but awesomeness from that description. Just be sure to make a video 😃

Hahah, I definitely will, video, perhaps not :OD

What she said... now upvote my comment and comment on my comment! I promise it will be powered up!

One of the many escapees from the local mental facility running around screaming

Note:  For you that do not know I actually was born in a mental facility. I am in good company here on STEEM, for sure.

Haha comment on comment.
Ok. Done😁😁

Hahahaha! Oh Sarge, thanks for being you dude 😉

Nice!!! I am still HERE and will NOT go anywhere. Step by step we need to keep steem and our “wacky” community with fascinating humans alive 🌺 Too many I cared for left....

2:35 AM here so this is all I have for now: <3 <3 <3

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❤️❤️❤️ can’t wait for another wine meetup with you!

Punch in arm.. ah, half drunk in bath. I mean sloppy kiss.

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I agree that community is the biggest reason to stay here for, and meetups are an important part of it to build deeper connections between usernames. That's why I initiated our first public meetup in Finland, which we had just yesterday - and we had a blast :)

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Haha.. well shit.. I meant you guys!! Why did I say the Netherlands?? 😂😂😂 Does it help that I had a cold at the time of writing this and maybe just was out of it? 😂 (edited).

Loved seeing the posts and as I have met some of you... I can only imagine the convos and feelings shared. Love that you guys are doing them and hope they build even stronger bonds ❤️

Haha, it happens, at least the Netherlanders did have a meetup too :D

Edit. Or was it that the Netherlands meetup was still yet to come? I don't know :D

I Feel exactly the same as you! Thank god im normal and there are people out there who think like I do 👍🏼😁

We all feel a little isolated or overwhelmed with building the allegiance to this platform because at times the price just doesn’t reflect the effort we put in.

However we are all crazy awesome bastards that will never leave this project and for that we should be knighted and adored 🤔💯🙌🏼 Lol

Lol! Yes!! When do we get knighted? I feel like we have all earned this! thanks for being here 😉

You are welcome! I’m trying to get the Queen on the phone 📞 but she’s not so keen after the Boris incident 😂 lol

i went to a meet up in Adelaide. That mattclarke guy was trying to sell me tupperware and avon products

at least he paid for the drinks lol

but... did you die?

Just be glad someone cares about your leftovers so much as to spend their time hounding you to buy over priced plastic for goodness sake! Sheesh!

😄 I hear your meetups are the best.. I want to come visit but Galen has terrified me with his punching kangaroo stories.

You’re my favorite LEGO head.. thanks for being a valuable part of the family ❤️

Yes and "Save Steem, cut the chord, quit Discords"

Appreciated the read.

Hey! Long time no see.. glad you are still around ❤️ this Point, call u sister, haha..and you re soo right!..and a Real (big) family is like steem at the end..there are always more and less loved brothers, chaotic cousins, angry uncles and melancholic aunts..and so on..but at the end the goal of all of us should be clear and a kind of similar..guess for 90% of the members it is..soo, don’t stop asking and speaking clear whatever you think..more steemians should do that..ok, sister..say hello to grandma, haha..and..every way with heart is a good way..(brujo Don Juan in ‚journey to ixtlan‘ by Carlos Castaneda)..up..

Lol loved this ❤️ thank you for the kind words and I agree completely.

..welcome..there’s too much around us stealing our time and seeming to be important..sometimes hard to concentrate on the real important things..steem on, sister(haha..)..

you gotta feel the reality by seeing it in flesh, to know that this is not just a robotic platform or some sort of simulation you are in. your feelings are true and natural.
I think you gotta meet up some people too. :)

Yeah I think we all have this bond and I have it with many I have never met.. but there is something pretty amazing about taking that bond offline, it definitely makes it deeper.

For sure! no doubt about that!
imagine grabbing a beer and talking about things.
It's a different story for sure! <3 :)

I have met amazing people on steemit and j have loved them. I hope to meet more people

You will! You can’t escape the crazy family 😉

This was such an awesome read! Thank you for sharing this. I also realize that its easy for us to get responsibility and power over our own resources, but economically allocating utility, usage and creating a cycle to take it to the next level requires community.

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Yes I agree! It’s this amazing opportunity here to have ownership but also to be able to work with a likeminded community to help us all succeed. I call it the ultimate social experiment often.. as I think it’s quite fascinating.

Yeah this isn't working, it's the bidbots still, that's still the problem. The bad bids throw a monkey wrench in the entire reward system forever!! ! Time to keep flagging them all! Whuhahahahaha! Our leaders may have led us astray with this last HF! Look See where we are 12 cents not 30! geez! Steemit is still flagging me through mack-bot, so like I said before we go down until they stop - simple as that! Arghgggghh! 6 cents Ahoy!

If you want to spread your bounty down below, @justineh, I have a couple of recent posts on my blog letting you know where you can help little people grow. Both are partly titled "whale tips".

I can understand feeling bad about the high payouts at the top, but that just means you are in a good position to help the little people below. That part of the STEEM community is being decimated right now, and every vote helps, no matter the size.

And that’s what I spend my days doing :) I run the C-squared curation group and curate content with my trail. You can see from my steemworld that includes many unique authors and small accounts as well. But I also am pretty specific on value in vs value out and don’t feel that just because an account is smaller means I have to support them... that’s the socialist mentality I was speaking of. Most of these “small” accounts simply pull everything out, and expect larger accounts to support them... if they didn’t pull everything out they would be a larger account themselves. So while I support many valuable authors, no matter their size, I don’t base what I support on the size of an author’s wallet. I base it on what they do.

Thanks for the post recommendation, I’ll check it out.

c-squared is recommended on one of the posts.

Most of these “small” accounts simply pull everything out

This is a fallacy. Many of these are trying to build, even with 50 cent post payouts.

Yes I saw that, thanks for including us! Also just a heads up - trufflepig is completely automated and no one can get in touch with the creator. Many times the posts include authors who are known abusers, so just be extra careful there. Also I’m not sure if it’s still the case but qurator used to be a delegate for a vote, so I’m not sure how their curation works but I don’t believe it’s manual. I’ll check the other one out though.

I don’t think my comment is a fallacy in the slightest. I’m constantly searching smaller valued posts and authors and I don’t find many that truly are going unsupported. I hear often that these little guys can’t get any support and then I look and to be honest I’m not seeing that. There are a few posts I’ve seen as examples that for me personally are not worth supporting. No one is entitled to support, a content creator needs to attract a crowd.

As far as my comment about pulling everything out, that goes to those who I hear constantly saying they are a small account, barely getting by, and the whales should support them.. in fact I’ve heard you say repeatedly it’s larger accounts responsibility to support accounts like you and others.. but how do you think we got our stake? I didn’t mine it.. or get it by doing under the table things, I worked my ass off and powered it up. I remember at one point you saying this to someone and then I looked at your account and you had cashed out more than their whole stake. So if they had done the same as you, they would be a small account.

So while I think it’s great that many live off STEEM, I don’t think they are entitled to pay their bills with it off the backs of those who invest for the longterm value of STEEM.

I’d love to pay my bills with STEEM and I hope one day my investment will pay off.. but the inflation is not free money and if we don’t consider the longterm goals, STEEM will never be worth anything.

So please, stop the socialist narrative and stop acting as if anyone owes you anything. This may sound harsh, but I’ve had enough. And you are the biggest culprit of this.

With all of that being said, please drop anything you think adds value in C2. I actively look there daily and work hard to ensure those authors are seen.. and we do all of that as volunteers with no compensation whatsoever.. so please understand it’s because we truly care.

Have a great day.

In the last year, I have grown my stake from 250 sp on two blogs to over 1700 sp on three blogs. I work 14-18 hours a day here trying to help other small people grow their blogs too. I believe in STEEM enough to work that hard, and thankfully it has been able to keep me under a roof and fed. I understand you do not think any one should ever take money out of STEEM, but bigger accounts take far more that I or other small blogs do.

I am on the trufflepig post a few times a month for some of my posts. When that happens, I go in and support some of the others as I can. I have never once seen a poop post there in over one year I have been doing this.

Qurator supports your first post of the day if you are a member. All of their curation posts are done by humans who are then looking to make sure there are no bad characters. Under NewSTEEM they are making a lot of change to their procedures of support right now.

I think that the down-vote armies have cleared out a majority of our bad actors and I am all in favor of this and the NewSTEEM changes. If you make a practice of looking in the places I recommend in my "Whale Tip Pre-Curated posts" post, it is easier to find posts to support than looking on your own. In the "Whale Tip Contest Post", you can find hard working people running contests with very little support. Somehow we need to grow a middle class. Contests are a way for many to start and grow here, and so helping the organizers with your vote helps many more.

Curation is hard for anyone. For bigger accounts that used to delegate or only vote for each other, is it even more difficult. This is the reason I am doing these posts now, with more to come. I have seen all the posts of big fish saying how hard it is to find good posts, and this is my effort to steer them in an easier direction.

I already drop links in the c-squared discord and will continue.

I actually didn’t say I didn’t think anyone should ever take money out - I said those taking money out shouldn’t look to those who decided to invest instead of take out and tell them they owe them something. They don’t.

You came to my blog, again, to tell me to “pass my bounty down” and directed me to your post to show me how.. your post that directed me to the project I run. Did you really feel I needed to be directed to such?

I’m just saying before you complain about lack of support for small accounts and try to “help out some bigger accounts” to find content, maybe take a few seconds to look at who you are offering “advice” to. I don’t need you to direct me to content, I curate all day, and have for nearly 2 years.. I’m not a whale who doesn’t know how to use my VP, in fact I help the whales use their VP. So please.. don’t lecture me or give me advice on how to curate, as I don’t need it. Thanks.

I have one feeling that most posts are curated without opening or reading a post? thanks for the post

I never vote a post I don’t read 🙂 if my vote is there, I read it and found it valuable in one way or another.

I don’t doubt you / but others vote for shit - do they not read at all and vote on pictures? 😁

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"I have been here for nearly 2 years and I have spent most of that time working towards this vision I had for Steem - A vision of alternative economy. One which took the control out of middle men's hands and gave it back to the people. One which empowered communities by giving them the tools they needed to build what they would like to see. One which gave individuals ownership of their data and a web 3.0 that could be revolutionary."

But that didn't happen. What you did, and I am going to do an article on it later, is try and force people into communities to survive here. You took from the poor and gave to others much better off. "Your communities" or what YOU decide is included in YOUR community. The reason a lot of us are here isn't because we think the rewards are great, they think the system can be abused or to reap huge gigantic rewards by using bidbots....a lot of here are because of our OWN little community we've found, that would be the people we've come across who we enjoy interacting act. That's what has kept many low sp holders coming back...those whom they've formed their own little community out of. You know the best part of picking and choosing your own little members to include in your own little circle?...because when there is a falling out the whole damn tribe doesn't walk out on you. These aren't tribes or communities you built they are ass kissers.

So please do be the first to step up and prove your "dissatisfaction" with the rewards by declining your payout.....we'll be waiting as this piece of blather was't worth 104.89.

Thank you all for being you...

And thanks to you, Justine, for bringing so much of your energy to the project!

Thank you, that means a lot 🤗

Hi Justineh, whilst I agree that this is one "dysfunctional family" and can feel the passion in the blog, I've given a downvote as I did feel that it was a little over rewarded.

Hey! Thanks for the heads up but I assumed as much and fully support using downvotes for disagreement of rewards. Thanks for helping to normalize them!

There really is no other reason I'd use the "rewards redistribution" button other than disagreement on rewards pool as I have no interest in engaging in wars.

I've been tagged (as have you) in a post from @xcaliper which got me thinking about things. I'll make a note to drop a comment as to why I use the dv button in future so the person on the receiving end doesn't get upset.

But I really think the whole thinking around the up and downvotes is still grossly misunderstood.

Either way, please know it's not

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Nothing to do with your wicked awesomesauce post above @justineh, but you're in spot #42 for this week's The Curation and Engagement Leagues 🏆 post. I'm sponsoring it with a 0.500 Steem @tipu tip, so here goes -

!tip 0.5 steem

Awwwww thank you!!!

I come for the knowledge and I started when I was 16. Earning stuff on steemit is a sidejob

I'd like to say I love this post I've made a few friends on steem, really looking forward to developing a dapp for steem because i do feel it is very under utilized as a strong blockchain that it is.
I do look forward to making more friends along the way.

We must reward those posts that talk about non-steem and non-crypto issues. That is the bigger market we need to cater to. An inflation should be reduced.

I also like to support non Steem stuff, in facts that’s most of what I vote. I’ve seen many non Steem posts getting good support lately, so that’s good. There will always be Steem related posts highly rewarded and many here are invested in STEEM and like to read about it, I don’t see anything wrong with that.

I can completely resonate with the offline part of Steem, I also went all by myself to Steemfest 3 and the energy I felt there is something I have never felt amongst a group of so many 'strangers'. After saying hello to the first random person I knew it was alright to go the next one and the next one, all of them had something interesting to say and were open to listen to my story. I loved the sense of togetherness and enjoyed every moment of those 5 days. That being said, the online Steemworld is worlds apart from the offline experience and that shouldn't be and to be honest I don't know if that will ever be. Maybe communities can change that, but only if there are strong and good leaders who have the right tools to make everything work. All the best. TC.

Yes it totally was such a unique experience! I think communities will help with this a lot, that’s my hope anyways.

I love my steemit family, that stretch right across the world and that come from all walks of life, it is a constant reminder to me that yes we are all the same and we all need the same things mainly community. I have foraged so many amazing friendships on here and been given so much support over the last few months. You can not put a price on that.
I really see so much amazing potential for this community and I will forever be grateful and positive about it as, I have learned so much and grown so much since I joined almost 2 years ago.
I am all for joining together with others who wish to continue to make this platform great.

Love this and agree. It’s amazing the ability to find those we have such things in common (or even some we don’t) and build relationships that I didn’t even think were possible online. It’s pretty amazing.

Youre trending again. Haha.

And i thought id write about you in Soyrosas competition for some silver.
Loved by all. Haha

Yep and downvoted too.. even with a 100 comments 😜

I’m not as loved as you think.. and I’m never mentioned in any of those types of posts, so I think that’s all in your head 🙃

I got 12 steem liquid in my wallet. I usually power up everything but ill keep it liquid if youll take the bet..

If you dont have at least 2 entries by the end of competition you get my liquid steem. If theres at least 2 entries about Justine you have to write a post with the title:
"Why butterflies are awesome"

...and you have to take some great butterfly photos doing awesome things.

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Lol, you’re a mess you know that? I’ll take that bet.. but I can’t make a shit post about butterflies (I don’t want to end up on trending and hated even more) .. so you may have to wait for me to actually get some good photos of some (I haven’t seen any lately). 😃

Why am i a mess? Id love to hear that. Havent had a proper psychiatrist evaluation lately. Haha

Youll figure something out. I know youre under pressure to deliver a good post because even if you posted you making monkey noises you would trend. (Modern art)😂
Thats what im counting on.

People post cat photos, dogs, sheep (mostly Scottish folks) but no one gives butterflies the props.😂😂😂

Look at this majestic creature. Haha
Looks like me. Hairy back and all.


and you have to take some great butterfly photos doing awesome things.

Do butterflies ever do anything except for randomly appear and flutter around without a reasonable direction?

Oh and then of course get killed accidentally and drastically change the future for time Travelers

Dont you sass me Acid!😁

Get on that keyboard and help me win this bet. Haha

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I stopped reading halfway through the bet info :p

😂😂 fair enough. Haha

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U downvoted me the other day so this was obvious retaliation.

I figured as much.. you’re such a drama queen you couldn’t handle all the engagement on my posts.. jealousy will eat you up inside though, it’s good to let that rage out in downvotes occasionally. 😜

it happen but have in mind everything happens for the good. you are the best
you know keep moving forward . i love your precious post

Moral of the story, create something valuable! Cool channel, already following you.

Thank you for your post and for the comments !!!
Today is my first day at steemit and I still don't know very well what to look for and being disoriented your post appeared and I realized that it was what I was looking for ...
I am looking for how to understand steemit, how to relate to this network, how to be a part and contribute to a community or several. And also see how I link this with my daily life and the search in which I find myself collectively thinking of alternative life forms to the dominant ones.
I have a lot of distrust towards the hegemonic social networks (facebook, twitter, instagram) the use they make of the data, the manipulation of their algorithms, their addictive and at the same time isolating power and the war of egos in their interactions. I think that in steemit there are people and groups that are looking for it to be different, with those I would like to share.
Thanks again!!!
My English is not good and I am using the translator, sorry for the mistakes.

Gracias por tu post y por los comentarios!!!
Hoy es mi primer día en steemit y todavía no se muy bien que buscar y estando desorientado apareció tu post y me di cuenta que era lo que estaba buscando...
Estoy buscando como comprender steemit, como relacionarme con esta red, como ser parte y aportar a una comunidad o a varias. Y ademas ver como enlazo esto con mi vida cotidiana y la búsqueda en la que me encuentro de pensar colectivamente formas de vida alternativas a las dominantes.
Tengo mucha desconfianza hacia las redes sociales hegemonicas (facebook, twiter, instagram) el uso que hacen de los datos, la manipulación de sus algoritmos, su potencia adictiva y a la vez aislante y la guerra de egos en sus interacciones. Creo que en steemit hay personas y grupos que están buscando que sea diferente, con esos me gustaría compartir.
Gracias otra vez!!!
Mi ingles no es bueno y estoy usando el traductor, disculpen los errores.

Greetings from @bitandi

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our community is what adds the value here, and I realize that the more I go to non Steem conferences - where that same feeling just doesn't exist.

I feel the same when going to a non-bitcoin conference. They have no unified vision I can relate to.

onboard "normies" to crypto...

I don't know about that, Seems like Steem is a trap, distracting people from Bitcoin.

Look at that beautiful community who's creator left for good are are near completely absent.

@dan, @ned and @freedom to some extent

Steem is the only reason I own bitcoin, I don’t think it’s a trap, I think it’s a chance for those who maybe would have never been interested in crypto to get exposed to it.. which leads many to bitcoin.

As far as dan and Ned.. I never really saw them being an active part of the community, so whether they are here or not does not affect that aspect imo.

When are we having wine btw? You owe me a glass.

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