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RE: Steem - The Dysfunctional Family I Never Knew I Wanted

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We win this thing city by city. I've been holding the monthly Adelaide meetups here in South Australia, for almost 2 years now; and there's nothing like it.
Coming out of Winter, last Thursday was out in the beer garden. Three hours felt like 1.Twelve people all wanting to talk to everyone else at once.
Easiest way to buy STEEM? Bring cash to the meetup and ask around.
Easiest way to sell STEEM? Bring your device to the meetup and ask around.
Confused about something? Ask around.
Trying to onboard a friend and get them some early support? Ask around.
We win this thing city by city.


We need one in Geelong lol.

@metametheus lets do a Melbourne one soon. I cant think of anyone else bar @bobaphet and @trevorpetrie that lives anywhere near? Radelaide has such a good group of Radsteemaussies.

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The trick is consistency. Lock in a recurring time and place, so people can go mark a full year on the calendar. Nobody can make it to every one, but once people know others will definitely be there, it just grows on itself. People thrive on certainty. Totally different Steem experience when you have a monthly meetup to look forward to.
I compare it to skimming a stone. The stone is in the air most of the time, but just touching the water briefly every now and again, keeps its momentum going.

Love the metaphor. Xx And sooo gonna land my stone in the Adelaide pool one day!

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Last Thursday of the month, from 6pm at The Jade. We'll be there :)

Melbournians are too much hipster to stick with a date.... 🤣

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We had 4 or 5 well attended (15-20 members) Melbourne steemit meetups last year but as the price dropped so did attendance.

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I didn't know you guys were pulling in those kinds of numbers at meetups; that's actually fantastic.

Thats a shame!!!!

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I totally agree with this and love that you are doing it consistently. I’ve heard of the Adelaide meetups quite a bit and am always a bit jealous of the bond you have built there 😜

I need to move closer to people.

I think our community could onboard many, as who doesn’t want to join a crazy family like ours!?

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