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RE: Steem - The Dysfunctional Family I Never Knew I Wanted

in #randomthoughts2 years ago

This crazy bastard is glad to know you and have you around too.

Full disclosure: I can be a crazy bastard in real life too. 😊 But not today.

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Pretty sure we all have a bit of crazy bastard in us lol. 🤗❤️ Can’t wait for you to ship yourself here so we can have a beer.. as there is no way I’m coming near any of those killer spiders and mean kangaroos 😃

I get it...If I wasn't an Aussie I'd think Aussie's were mad! 🇦🇺😉

By the way, legit picture Jus! ✅🍪

Hey thanks ☺️ One of my older favorite shots I took.

I'm always drawn to those darker apocalyptic shots...Ones that show things as old and rundown, overgrown or neglected, forgotten. Not sure why. Maybe because I find most people fake these days and shots like this remind me of reality.

Legit picture.

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I agree. In fact that’s what inspired my whole “hidden beauty” photography posts I used to do. This shot was from this post which was meaningful for a few reasons.

I need to start the hidden beauty posts again, they were good for the soul. Thanks for the reminder ❤️

You should! Anything that has meaning to oneself has value. Looking forward to it. 💙

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