Random Challenge of the Day #26

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🌟 Here is our 26th Random Challenge of the Day! 🌟

Remember, you have until each posts payout to enter each challenge.

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🎝 Share your favourite song and what it means to you 🎝

Either in the comments or your own post, share with us your favourite song and what it means to you.

Easy one today. I'm running behind a little as the kids needed haircuts this morning and then of course, baths. It only took approximately a million years to get them out of the bath. haha!

Happy Monday everyone!

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i love this song cause it feel like describe my self for now, life feel so heavy for now and hope it will be better
Heavy - Linkin Park feat Kiiara


This just happens to be my favorite song right now too. Life will get better friend. It will.


Still positive and thank you 😊

I often listen to this song, this music is so fun, and can explain my feelings to my mother :)
hopefully you like it.. :))


That is awesome! I'd never heard this before, but I love it! 😍


i really like it, and listen the music make me to be fun :)


I would say "Life in Letters by Lucy Schwartz"

What I love most about this song is the part where it says
"words can be strong like the beating drum; like ten thousand voices that call together"
Our thoughts can be powerful, inspiring or life changing; unless we translate them into words that people can hear or read, they won't benefit from them. Cheers!


Her voice is beautiful! ❤

I'll go with

Sometimes there's just a song you can relate to the lyrics in every way. This is one of them... At least it's at the top of the list. Enjoy


Wow. That was just, so beautiful and so sad at the same time. I really like it.

I can't pick just one favorite, but I tried and after thinking a little I chose an Olga Tañon's song. I'm latina and since I was a little kid I've been listening to her, she's one of my dad's faves singers so as mine, and I remember that when we go for a long trip he'll always put an Olga's CD for hours, over and over again. This one, "Cuando tú no estás" is a special one for me because is the first song of her that I learned, and ever since I've always love it. I think I was 7 or 8 years old when the song came out and my dad started to put it on for me because he said that I always asked for that one. Now I'm 21 and I still listen to the song as is the first time.

Looking to the comments I notice that all the songs are in english, I really hope you like this one just in case you don't know it yet. Is one of my faves and has so many memories of my childhood.

Tell me @khackett what you thought about the song? 🙂😘


I didn't understand the words, sadly only had 2 years of Spanish in high school and remember very little. But, the great thing about music is you don't really need to understand the lyrics to appreciate it. I thought olga has a beautiful voice! And her energy is magnetic, i could just watch her sing and dance all day. I loved the beat of the song, It made me dance in my seat! Thank you for sharing. 😀


Thank you a lot! That's the amazing thing of music, you just need to feel it and enjoy it.

well, I am a big fan of grunge and alternative rock, but a song that I always listen to is part of the soundtrack of one of my favorites movie, plus favorite books of all times - The Pixies - Where is my mind, every time I listen to it it's like watching the movie again, You met me at a very strange time in my life @khackett

Another one that I also like to listen to is Gary Jules - Mad World, another soundtrack, isn't coincidence people I like a lot the movies that the music combines perfectly with them, for me make great songs


These are 2 of my very favorite songs as well! ❤

As this is the love month, I would have to steer away from my other favorite songs and give this one my vote.

This is Forevermore from a local band here in the Philippines. I love it so much, I made it the song my wife marched along with during our wedding day.

You were just a dream that I once knew
I never thought I would be right for you.
I just can't compare you with anything in this world
You're all I need to be with forevermore.


this is my favorite song, i really like this song, because i want always be together with my girlfriend, till we get married :))


I love this song too! It's so romantic. 💞


Yeah, thanks for your challenge :))

There's this one song that i can't forget. It's my favorite song. But in a sad way. It's the song "Breathing" by Lifehouse. My favorite part of the song is below.

'Cause I want nothing more
than to sit outside heaven's door
and listen to you breathing
Is where I wanna be
where I wanna be ♪♫

This one's my favorite cause 15 yrs ago, at around 2AM in the morning, i was listening to this song when i heard a noise outside, a loud cry. I went outside and then I saw my mom on the street just outside our house, she was crying , saying my big brother was stabbed by a drunken heartless man. He didn't make it to the hospital. Just one stab but it was pointed directly to the heart. Dead on Arrival. Until now, I can still remember the pain. I still cry.


Oh honey! I'm so sorry for your loss. I love that song too. It's beautiful. 💞


Thanks dear! Yeah, its beautiful and sad. Have a nice day!

I love music in general but this is a song that i have heard since I was young. It's been played at family occasions, weddings and funerals and will always remind me of growing up at home.

Eva Cassidy - Fields of gold

i have friends who always stay beside me and always push me up when i'm down, whenever i feel hurt they will be there to make everything get better.
This song really describe about how i feel about my friends

Army-Ellie Goulding


I love Ellie Goulding. Her voice just sounds so sweet. 😍


I also really like her. He is very beautiful 😍

This is my favorite song Snow on the Sahara by Anggun. This is one of my wedding songs and it is very meaningful to me especially because of the lyrics. This is not only for my husband but for my son and for my future children as well. The lyrics are very meaningful, very artistic, very hopeful and prettily sum up what I would like to say to them. Not to mention, the voice and melody is haunting and timeless.


Wow! That was just beautiful! Thank you for sharing. 💞

Rising Appalachia - Medicine ... god I love this song! It sings about the medicine women and men who hold down the powerful act of healing in so many forms. Get inspired every time I listen to it!!! <3

I couldn't pick a single favorite.. I go thru phases... currently I'm on a Irish music phase.. although one of my all time faves is American Pie because it's a tribute... but this is current favorite..

There are many different songs I really like for different reasons.
But I must say when I hear the german Intro to the first digimon season I am instantly teleported back to my childhood. :)

On the road again. Love to at least think I am out there traveling with Abbi. Love to you


i found this song very motivated me, we always face raise and fall everytime, but the decision you take after you fall will decide what future you will get. hit a wall, rejection, down to the ground, thats all just make the life more interesting. :) ~"i know, cause i've been there before"~ gem.

have you feel broken heart? someone you love gone with another person? listen to this song, it bring all the feeling came out. enjoy....

this song reminds me of my past memories with my girl, I really love to hear this song because it can cause the beautiful feeling that I ever felt before.

I will share soon in my post & participate