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A Post Based On A Thought Dust Bunny Wrapped In A Ludicrous Intent Cookie

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Yesterday, as I organized and processed the holds that came in the courier for our library's patrons, I happened across a digital book that sent my imagination on a bit of runaway bender. These days I feel like the neural pathways that were once so alight and sparking in the creative avenues of my mind have become a touch fossilized and are suffering from a serious case of no imaginative thought entrophy. Then I came across this digital book and the myelin coated, dormant axon engines of that part of my brain started firing again:

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"Learn ANYWHERE!" I suddenly erupted, "I wonder if you could learn German whilst astride a rambunctious steer clad in a purple polyester leisure suit."

My manager, a saint of woman who is used to my moments of imagination fancy started giggling, and like any member of my family, it only takes a bit of bemusement from others to set us off.

"I wonder if that means you could learn German while scraping the plaque off of a Beluga whale's teeth, while clad in an orange jumpsuit and lime green moon boots and eating a watercress and cream cheese tea sandwich." I mused.

Honestly, part of the reason for my mirth had to stem from the fact that just outside the window the after school kids were making snow volcanoes and our library's front yard looked like a scene from CSI-The Warner Brother's Studio Edition. It looked like those kids had murdered a leprechaun and Smurfette on the front lawn, I guess the sight of multi-color snow and the fact that I am pretty sure that I am losing my mind due to an unholy amount of sustained stress sent me careening off into Ridiculous Town on the Weird Quip Train.

It was then I found my musings regarding all the wondrous places you could learn German, if you truly could learn it anywhere, derailed. Instead of spending a few more glorious minutes pondering all of preposterous settings in which I could learn a pretty smashing language, I had to get back to work, for hours, and hours, and hours. There were holds to be processed, books to be checked in and shelved, kids to be picked up from basketball, dinner to attend, 4H meetings to conduct, and so on and so forth. So often the business of being an adult can be spirit down dragging and redundant, a creativity sucking endeavor in the inane. Sure there are good things about being a responsible grown up, but sometimes I'm gonna be honest, I'd rather be riding a steer, clad in purple polyester, and learning GERMAN!

Wacky Request Of Wackiness Time: Where is most creative and/or incredible place you can think of to learn German, anywhere?

And as most of the time, all of the images in this post were taken on the author's probably can learn anything, anywhere iPhone.


Having studied the German language for six years, I can assure you that I did learn it in some rather peculiar places; I needn't make one up. On lovely autumn days when I wished I didn't need to be indoors all day at school and wasn't about to stay in the house when I finally escaped school's clutches and got home, I would go out and sit on the seat of my dad's antique John Deere tractor and practice my German lessons from that pleasant perch.

Okay, you win the award for the most excellent visual of learning German anywhere, that is awesome! My papa restored antique John Deere tractors so the only language I learned while sitting in the seat of one was foul and probably not to be uttered in polite company!!

Ha ha! I don't recall hearing my dad swear at his tractors, but maybe I just wasn't in the right place at the right time. He had a model A and model B. He was happiest while putting around the farm on one of them.

However, in the interest of playing the game, I will suggest that one could learn German while floating in a hot air balloon over the Grand Canyon, sipping iced tea and humming "Zwei Herzen in Dreiverteltakt" between sessions of listing nominative, accusative and dative case forms of German articles.

Ahh...that music made me want to run through a wheat field with a brochen in one hand and my other waving at a lady sipping ice tea in a hot air balloon. Excellent!

Well, learning German 20,000 leagues under the sea battling a great sea monster on breaks from said language learning is a smashing good time to me.

Wow. WOW! I want to see you in learning mode, fully as you've so vividly described... :D

I'm still laughing...

I want to learn German, but less imaginatively... I want to learn it by spending months hiking in the alpen foothills in my lederhosen by day, and surrounded by and singing with buxom Fräuleins and other assorted serving wenches in the biergartens at night, consuming pitchers of local beer dark and strong enough to chew...

Now, where was I? Oh, yeah... not very imaginative... My version for learning Spanish involves months in España and Catalonia, and involves assorted local wines and also studying the tango... However, picturing a bullfighter's getup starts to make me feel claustrophobic and entirely too tight in certain key places...



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