Strong Water: A Google Journey Through American Culture and Innovation

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Like many journeys, it began with a title I couldn’t resist. While browsing Outside Magazine’s online site, I came across the headline of an article about a one-armed surfer who was trying to fix wildfires. What? I had to read that. Let’s count the reasons why.

First, this surfer dude must be a character. I gravitate towards stories about unique and unusual people. Second, what do surfing and wildfires have in common, if anything? Each one sounds like an indulgence in a very different element.

And third, how can anyone “fix” wildfires? I can imagine people being more careful about where they build homes. Maybe politicians will decide to invest in active management of forests around the perimeter of human settlement (cleaning up dead wood and that sort of thing). We could address climate change while we’re at it. But “fixing” fires? That’s worth reading about.

Wildfires have become an annual event in arid, drought-stressed parts of the world from Australia to South Africa to the Western United States, where I live. In the U.S., one big cause has been the encroachment of human settlement into dry canyons and hillsides that burn on a regular cycle every decade or two (and now there are houses in those places). In response to an application to build homes on a hillside above Malibu, California, the National Parks Service noted that:

“The placement of homes on a ridgeline documented to have burned at least six times between 1942 and 2010 makes it almost certain the ridgeline will burn again in the near future.”

Fire in Malibu, 2007. Creative Commons via Wikimedia by Ron Reiring.

It’s rather like living alongside a river and being shocked when the river floods; isn’t that why they call it a floodplain or river basin? Yet there’s no doubt that drought and climate change are making wildfires more of a regular occurrence in arid regions. Just a few years ago, wildfires were called forest fires, but now they burn in more places that aren’t forests anymore, so someone decided to rename them. The fire is wild, even if people think they have tamed the place.

Upon opening the Outside Online article, I learned that the one-armed surfer is Jeff Denholm. I’d heard of him. Tough dude. I think he works for Patagonia and does some promotions for them. He lost his arm in an accident on an Alaskan fishing boat in the Bering Sea. Since then, he’s continued to surf, paddleboard, and promote some various environmental causes.

Here’s a video of him challenging the famous big wave spot called Mavericks.

What’s Jeff doing with wildfires? Apparently, he owns a fleet of fire trucks which he rents out to fire departments. He has some experience and connections in that field. And now Jeff has developed a spray-on gel which he says is environmentally friendly and resists fire. The normal practice is to spray water and fire retardant on houses and fire lines at the edge of fires, but that requires a lot of water and it contaminates drinking water supplies with all of the fire retardant chemicals that leech into the ground.

“Strong water” is the nickname of Jeff’s environmentally friendly spray-on gel, which can be mixed by adding water to the dry powder. What’s in it? Jeff won’t say, but it biodegrades in the environment. It’s already been approved for use in the State of California and is used by some fire districts. Why “strong water”? Because this stuff sticks to a structure and it protects a buildings from a fire that’s much hotter than water could protect.

If this magic goo works, saving homes, lives, and the environment, then it’s a great innovation. “Strong water” fire gel would become the latest in a long string of innovative products that have improved peoples’ lives. If there’s one thing that Americans have excelled at in our 200+ year history, it’s inventing useful things and making them better through continued development and innovation.

Surfing the Google Results

I wondered if I could learn more about this gel, so I turned to Google. I made the mistake of performing a search that was too general, but it turned out to be a happy accident. Turn over the keys to Google and you never know what you’ll get.

Down the rabbit hole. Creative Commons via Flickr by Valerie Hinojosa.

I searched for the term “strong water”. And the results were an art form unto themselves. I weeded out a few results, but most of the top ones were pure gold. So I became quite sidetracked and never continued with my fire gel search.

Why do I consider the search results to be an art form? Because look at what came up on the first two pages of results. First, I noticed a band called Strong Water. Second, I noticed a film called StrongWater. And third, I noticed there was a bar (in Columbus, Ohio) and a distillery (in Denver, Colorado) called Strongwater. And fifth, I saw that there is a horse farm called Strongwater Farm.

After delving into each one, I can report that all of them honor deep American traditions, while adding something new and innovative. I don’t remember any Google search that has come up so perfectly with such a variety of different, but similarly themed, results.

Music, Booze, and Horses

Let’s begin with the music. Strong Water (the band) plays folk music in the grand Americana genre that fuses roots bluegrass with Southern rock. The band hails from Harrisonburg, Virginia, which is squarely in the Appalachian region that gave birth to American folk music. These guys and gal might be described as a garage band, releasing their first album after crowdfunding it on Indiegogo. Since I love American roots music (from both the folk/bluegrass and the blues traditions), especially with a raw edge and a light touch, I enjoy this style. I’m rooting for Strong Water and hope they continue to make new music.

Strongwater (the name of the Columbus bar and the Denver distillery) brings us to booze. While I’m not a big drinker, I have a strong respect for the role that good quality craft drinks have played in the history of the United States. From the colonial cider mills to the Kentucky bourbon distilleries to the Prohibition-era moonshine (often called “strongwater” in the Speakeasies) to the rum runners to the wineries out west and the craft beer breweries that have taken over in just about every cool town or neighborhood these days, the path of good American alcohol traces the story of this country.

Strongwater Columbus, (top), and bitters from (bottom).

And so it was no surprise to see that the Strongwater bar sits in a historic building at the heart of Columbus, Ohio’s original settlement location. The current building was built in 1910 as a porcelain manufacturing company. So many craft breweries, bars, and restaurants have transformed old industrial buildings across North America and beyond, turning them into hubs for meetings, music, and social activity. Similarly, it was no surprise to see that the Denver distillery by that same name focuses on creating craft quality bitters, shrubs, and syrups to provide a modern twist on the traditional aromatic flavoring of cocktails.

The Strongwater Horse Farm is in western Massachusetts. But of course, it is no ordinary horse farm. How could it be ordinary and still be on this list?! Strongwater is an equestrian therapy center, where horses are used to help heal, educate, and provide support for children, disabled individuals, and wounded veterans who need an outlet for recreation and therapy. In a nation that has become quite urbanized, giving people the chance to reconnect with animals and countryside is a true form of therapy. It’s great that in our modern world, a good old horse farm can keep itself in business by innovating to fill peoples’ needs.

Strongwater Farm in Massachusetts,

And now to the film called StrongWater, which takes us back to surfing. The traditional, ancient sport of Hawaiian kings was popularized by Duke Kahanamoku, who also won five Olympic swimming medals for the United States from 1912-1924. From Waikiki to Oahu’s North Shore to Jaws in Maui to Huntington Beach to Cape Hatteras to Mavericks, athletes in the United States have pushed the traditional sport of surfing into the arena of adventure sports.

One of the latest innovations in traditional surfing has expanded it inland to rivers. StrongWater follows the course of a group of surfers who took to the river in Missoula, Montana. For someone like me, who grew up surfing on the coast, surfing a single “one foot and under wonder” standing wave in a river looks like deprivation. But by the end of the 10-minute film, which won an award at a mountain film festival, I can appreciate what these guys have done to keep their passion for surfing alive. They carve up this one foot wave in the river and it looks like a fun activity in Montana during parts of the year when these guys are not skiing or snowboarding. If I watched enough of it, I’d start to see shades of The Endless Summer.

In the end, I never found out what Jeff puts in his fire gel. But I did discover that “strong water” was an evocative Google search. I’ve never been very patriotic, but I feel quite connected to some of the traditions and history of the United States. Strangely, this one Google search brought a number of those elements together and showed how today’s innovators are building upon deep cultural roots. These results demonstrated a breadth and common theme that was quite special.

A Brit said it best.

People review movies, books, products, restaurants, and travel destinations. Why can’t I discuss search results? Some surf waves; I surf down rabbit holes and place their information in a proper context, connecting dots and bringing meaning to the madness.

Top photo: Public domain from Pixabay


Ghana! May 25th, 2016. I lost my only brother to a sequalae of wild fire. Then, we lived in a small farm house in the outskirts of the town. I usually went out with my Mother to sell palm produce in the city while my little brother stayed home and took care of the farm especially the animals.

One fateful Saturday evening, we were on our way back back from the market when we observed that people were giving us pitiful looks. My mother quickly noticed but we didn't think much of it until we got close to our farm and noticed that the whole area was black.

It was not uncommon to have those kind of incidences just that it use to be in the dry season. This time around it happened in the rainy season and we could not just place the mechanism. If it was dry season, we would have taken my brother along and he would be alive today

The 7 year old was burnt beyond recognition.

Whenever I read about fire I get emotional all over again. I miss Kanie.

I know that this invention will save lives and families

please thanks for sharing this

So sorry for your loss.

Whenever I read about fire I get emotional all over again

One of my relatives had a very nasty experience with fire, and he developed a very rare pyrophobia (irrational and intense fear of fire).
I hope you overcome this feeling. Be strong

This is life. You do not know when we are going to lose anyone. No one in any moment can die. That's why I do good and help others. Even if we leave, we leave our silence.
Greetings to me everyone respect you all

отличный пост

That is so sad. I am very sorry to hear of your loss. Best wishes to your family.

condolence @yhutie sad to hear that. I know you are strong enough to conquer the pain. I know he or she is in the right place now.

tzoumtrialalo Tzoumtrialalo tweeted @ 12 Mar 2018 - 04:53 UTC


Disclaimer: I am just a bot trying to be helpful.

Too sad an experience, I pray you find peace with his passing.

Sorry to hear that

Your comments about the wildfires in California remind me of all the flooding that takes place in Houston. The Houston metro area has been overdeveloped for years without regard to the consequences. Areas that used to be forested and full of vegetation were developed and are now covered with concrete. Guess what? When it rains heavily, the water has nowhere to go except into homes and businesses. Some parts of the area were developed despite warnings from the Army Corps of Engineers that they were at high risk of flooding, so people who paid more than $1 million for luxurious homes ended up with several feet of water in their houses as a result of Hurricane Harvey. Man in his arrogance often thinks he can suspend the laws of nature, but too many times that leads to disastrous consequences.

Yes, very true. Fires, storms and floods, tornadoes, earthquakes...we haven't planned that well in many of these regions. We think we've beaten nature back if it's OK for a while, but living in many of these areas is fairly arrogant.

yeah, i think same @gtrplayer ,,,,
and nice post @donkeypong

Very interesting service and the fact that all these elements are collected in the search for the Google, speaks about great opportunities and the very theme of surfing is always very urgent! Thank you @donkeypong

Something creative from Jeff Denholm. The spray-on gel could be solution to the massive fire attacks that have hit different areas globally. The government needs to support Jeff with this program which might completely minimise the damage caused by fires.
I have to admit am inspired by Jeff Denholm's story. What's many of us with two arms doing with them. A lot of what Jeff is talented in can't be done by half the people occupying the earth's planet.. like surfing. This is an inspiration to people with two arms to stop giving excuses in not getting things done.

It is inspiring. Some of us take our advantages for granted sometimes and it's important to remember how lucky we are even to have all of our senses and limbs. Sometimes, a disability can encourage a person to go out and prove what they can still accomplish. It's humbling and inspiring.

A good post is something to talk about!Fires, carbon dioxide, it will always be..After all, before the creation of man it was!Yes, not rarely a man is to blame for this, but for that he and man..But there are many beautiful things.. So let's pay attention to fine things and not to sad!;)


In Nigeria, properties worth millions of Naira are destroyed every year secondary to wild fire. It is particularly prevalent in Northen areas of the country where deserts predominate. These fire spread rapidly and have been known to destroy thousands of wildlife yearly. Some extend so far that they eventually reach human settlements and cause a havoc.

Jeff's discovery is what should be applauded. It can go a Long way in saving millions of human life , wildlife and property. However , I think we need favourable government policies to back this up because in a third world country like mine, new innovations like Strong Water are rarely welcome

Thanks for sharing this, dear @donkeypong

I agree, govt needs to stand atleast on issues like these which are in the favourite of whole humanity, make some efforts, use technology, educate people on it, and more importantly put some brakes on big corporates who are in the field of industries which result in emission of poisonous gases, curb their process making and find a way out which is renewable to nature

Yes man u get me in thinking like situation, we have dense forest in our hilly areas but fire haven’t happend yet when i have experienced it in different hilly areas of america south africa and australia, talk about that tough man he is an armed man for many i would say, we find very lesser people in today’s world like him.. he is gonna get rewards for it sooner or later.. strong water is what i am gonna google today, you write about it superbly but i wang to study it in depth.. surfing is what i always have wished for..
Enjoyed your post @donkeypong

I know right, how is surfing and wild fires even connected?
its great that Jeff is able to accomplish what he could with just one hand,but i wonder what his secret ingredients might be?
Only Jeff can Tell.
Nevertheless its a great concept!

The tempt change is so obvious to the world, forest fire recent rise is due to increase in carbon dioxide percentage in atmosphere which inherently gives rise to tempt , thus causing a serious threat to our environment but its sad to see the world turning its eye on this imp phase of our nature , it will have its dire consequences if not Met earlier , though yea google tends to take you in good or bad things, you are lucky enough to have landed with a good thing indeed

Long, but worth reading.
I admire your writing prowess. You make it interesting and easy to read.

Tough dude. I think he works for Patagonia and does some promotions for them. He lost his arm in an accident on an Alaskan fishing boat in the Bering Sea.

I never knew this was how Jeff lost his arm though. Someone made me believe he purposely cut it off.

Damn, I had to dig it out now..
Thanks for this.

I think it was amputated, but due to an accident on that boat he suffered.

People do extraordinary things and av come to understand the role that determination and self confidence can play in some peoples lives.
He might be one armed, yes! But i trust that there must have been some sort possibility self determination that must have given him that drive to want to venture into hard water and wildfire stopping.
But on a second thought, i see wildfire as a natural outbreak that can prove difficult to be controlled, all the same, all the best to him.

For sure that would be some welcomed innovation from Jeff Denholm. Though, we don't have wildfire issues where I live but I have followed up the story of wildfire in many places over the years - and it's an awful sight. I hope it gets to solve the challenge of fast spread wild fire and protects lives and homes. Also, want to urge everyone of us to continually seek ways of bringing innovative products to solve man's many challenges.

I saw this movie with my favorite actor Gerard Butler “Chasing Mavericks“ I loved that movie. Speaking of one armed surfer Jeff Denholm, I’m sure you know about this girl Bethany Meilani Hamilton-Dirks who survived a shark attack in which her left arm was bitten off, she eventually returned to professional surfing, there was this movie called “Soul Surfer”. I guess that’s what surfers can do even with one arm and they can surf pretty good. Coming back to Jeff, this guy has a huge heart, just look at what he has done. By owning a fleet of fire trucks and developing a spray-on gel to put out a fire is telling me this guy must have a passion in not only helping people, but also saving their lives. I have to admit, your search for “Strong Water” meaning was similar to what I usually do when I want to get to the bottom of something that catches my interest. Thanks to your google search for “Strong Water” you created very interesting and educational post. It’s probably too late for you to see my comment, but if you do I want you to know that 99% of the time I comment on any posts with my own words, this is regarding my comment to your previous post before this one. To be honest, I wish you do read my comment, because I want you to know tha I would like to stick around and coment on your future posts, with my own words of course.

Thanks for a great comment. Yes, I enjoyed those movies also. Surf movies are some of my favorites. Next time you conduct an interesting search, why not write a post about it? :)

Owww. I never thought google can't give a closer definition/discussion of that Strong Water gel.

This is amazing though, arriving to some facts which is somewhat related to a context but not closely. I may try this sometimes. Thank you @donkeypong

Strong Water should have a great influence in American culture.

Hi @donkeypong
I know you but you don’t know me.
Just want to say thank you for supporting our thai community. Sometimes some little helps mean a lot for planktons like us.
Thank you so much🙏

The Thai community is wonderful. I look forward to supporting it more in the future. Keep up the great work!

Jeff's determination and drive should be an inspiration. Climate change is a reality that many are turning a deaf ear to but it's hitting hard. The earth is ours, the best we all can do is protect it.

On surfing the net, i can't remember how many times i browse through sites i didn't plan or watching YouTube vidoes about the most emotional moments of Britain's got talent..

Some of that browsing ends up in the same places, such as certain YouTube videos. :)

Look you definitely went down the Rabbit Hole and I would have fallen for the Title as well so no biggie. But, I'm psyched you did this because I walk along the fire road in Bel Air where the big fire was in December that made world news. I thought to myself there should be some type of gel invented to spray onto the ridge the promotes the growth of grass and helps the sand cling together. Something that would ward off fire and prevent the mudslides afterward. I'm glad someone is looking into this and has developed something.

The fires in your area were quite scary this time. I hope the fire gel helps also.

I'm not sure if they will use the new stuff in my area but I hope they at least try it. I ended up losing my business to damage. Its been a struggle to recover so I had to close down. You never think that it could happen in Los Angeles. I always thought the fires would stay out in the brush.

Hello @donkeypong

Well, I almost always forget the initial comment I had in mind whenever I start reading your blogs, for they contain so much information that I try to absorb all of them. Well, I'll see how much I can remember from today's blog.

Strong water” is the nickname of Jeff’s environmentally friendly spray-on gel, which can be mixed by adding water to the dry powder.

From the topic, I was wondering could it be an advancement in science, I guess it seems so.
This is a good development and I'll like to inquire if it's available in other countries, it could be a real life saver in times of need.

And to the second, when I read about the Strong Water connections and heard about Virginia, first thought that came to my mind, was the Country Road song in Kingsman 2.

Country road, take me home, to the place, I belong, West Virginia, Mountain Momma, take me home, Country Road.

This here, depicts the Horse farm for me, and it bringing people closer to the country side.

Thanks for bringing me into the know of the Significance of the term "Strong Water" and its connection to the American history and innovation.

Country Roads might have been a good soundtrack for this post also. :)

Haha, I think so. It definitely would be. 😀😀😀

John Denver did a good job with the song.

If I were more known, perhaps a story I wrote would be there as well, although I'm not a piece of US history lol. I once wrote a story about a man who created a product to stop wildfires, but he caused a wildfire to stop it and got trampled by the angry crowd. In the end the forest burned and nobody knew what the product was, maybe just like yours except he doesn't create wildfires, or does he?

You blog is quite good actually.

Thank you ^^ yours is, too. You're one of my main references when I think of quality. This is a learning process that allows us to express a lot, so I'm glad to be able to take time to blog in here. It's very rewarding.

Wow I don't even remember when the started to call forest fires as wild fires. I think I just went with the flow, without even noticing the transition but changing of name does actually reflect the effect of these fires on the people.
Also the phrase 'strong water' does remind me of heavy water (hydrogen isotopes) but in fact it just might be the reflection of how strongly this treated water subdues the fire (as compared to the untreated water.)

Yes, I didn't even get into chemistry for this post. There was potential here for 2000 words at least. :)

Chemistry or the transition of the name and it's reflection of effect on people.
The chemistry can actually be longer article. Maybe I could take this up and write a bit about it.

While Jeff is a pretty inspirational guy, I'm not sure about this "strong water" gel thing. I mean, I'm not saying anything bad about it. The cause definitely sounds great, you know, to "fix" wildfires, but it does sound a bit fishy when he's not telling what's in inside.
And this is probably the first time I see someone discuss search results! It's funny what you can sometimes find on Google!

Surfing rabbit holes: a new frontier for reviews and stories.

I loved your work, really very interesting, Admirable the work of Jeff Denholm and what he does for contributing to a problem that is global, not only that region of the planet.
the search of google is extraordinary with only putting a letter I could surprise you millions of consideration.
Thank you very much for sharing all this information related to "strong water"
I wish you a good start to the week

In this part of Nigeria where I live, it is not uncommon to see people set forest fires to hunt games. Though there hasn't been much of the wild fire encroaching into residential areas, but I believe that the fire-retardant "strong water" would be an added precaution.

P.S: one of my relatives is pyrophobic. He has an irrational fear for fire.

This was a great post and I enjoyed the read. I live in southern California and of course the "wildfires" are always an ongoing issue out here. You're exactly right about how "forest fires" have evolved to "wildfires" thanks to drought and ever-changing climate change.

It's getting a little scary in some of the drier areas when those winds come.

This was one interesting read! What came to my mind while reading this was this, have you ever heard of a lake catching fire?

I remember when the Cuyahoga River in Cleveland, Ohio, caught fire some decades ago.

Hey there @donkeypong! Another thought provoking article here; thank you for that. The way you wander around Google sounds like me; I can sit and several hours pass before I notice. I compare it to going on a well planned holiday somewhere, map in hand, but then I spot a little something down a side street that catches my eye, then the same thing happens on the next little street. By the end of the day, my map is crinkled but unused, and I've discovered all kinds of cool things ;)

I love how your wanderings all connected though, and then to be able to sum it up with one of Churchill's great quotes was very serendipitous! I read an article the other day only because the title was something about saving the Rain Forests using sensors from thrown away cell phones! Like your piqued interest in a 'one armed man fixing wildfires', I could not resist.

Too bad everyone wouldn't keep their child-like wonderment and curiosity about the world; I think it would be a much better place if they did!

Thank you again. Cheers!

I've been down similar rabbit holes, usually when reading wikipedia articles or watching YouTube videos, the other day I was watching a video about the 2000 American election and ended up watching supreme court rulings for hours.

Lol, I once spent a day trying to see what weird topics I could find by following link chains. It was fun to reach Satanism from a country's article. I also learned a lot about constellations, history and ancient mechanisms.

That's Renaissance stuff there. It makes a person well-rounded.

That's great. It's a wonderful way to learn, provided you don't end up in an insular propaganda or conspiracy circle that doesn't allow for the proper context. Always exercise your own critical thinking skills!

LOL, I like your style! This is a very creative way to learn about new things and dig deeper into abstract, ambiguous and obscure topics that you end up finding very interesting. The best think about the internet is that there is so much knowledge out there that is accessible to us that we don't even know about and that can either help us learn, grow or innovate in our own lives and mindsets.

Well, sometimes it's fun to watch these supreme court rulings. That's what I think.

I thought you've said 2000 Americans erection. I was like why would they watch supreme court with erection??

Hello sir tom, did you got my message on discord?

“You cannot swim for new horizons until you have courage to lose sight of the shore.”
― William Faulkner

For me Innovation is not only creating something new but also improving something that already exists. Innovation is making ideas happen and mostly it includes some failure till you get to the right outcome.

Owk this is a really great piece I must say.

Wild Fire in The United states has been a thing if concern for many years. People no longer helave peace of mind when the dry season or summer is approaching for fear of getting burnt by the inferno. Over years a lot has been done to curb this but can one really battle with nature? All efforts have proven abortive and I think what's left is to combat the wild fires and not try to prevent it.

I am glad , a one armed man like Jeff Denholm came up with a plan the strong water which , from your article. Has worked perfectly well in stoping the fire. We only hope this goes viral and adopted by many in combating wiped Fire. Big ups to him for that.

amazing post dear steemin

What an interesting post, a few topics joined in one. I liked the video with surfing. Who is doing this brave guys. Thanks for sharing it @donkeypong

It's always good to continue to acquire knowledge. Ones you come across a strong word or something confusing,it good to always do some search

@donkeypong, You always provided us amazing and pretty educative blog posts. This is a brilliant study one. I read whole article take a long time and interesting to read. Yep it's so inspiring to me. Jeff Denholm's creative person and he given global solution against fire attacks. Definitely he doing massive task for less due damages from wild fire. Most of wild fires attack to Australia. If Jeff promoted with huge advertising and assistance sure..probably future less damages every states.
We have found only few talented persons. But some desolate country's have most talented persons unfortunately they haven't facilities or promoting level for introduce best things to world protect our earth. We need to gives best thanks giving to Jeff.
And especially highly recommend and huge salute you for introducing massive character from your blog. Will see later.

Well Jef is indeed an inspiration....
And yeah I googled "Strong Water" myself and the results were a surprize....
An amalgamation...

Extremely fascinating administration and the way that every one of these components are gathered in the scan for the Google, talks about incredible openings and the very topic of surfing is constantly exceptionally earnest! Much thanks to you @donkeypong

Getting sidetracked can be useful it seems :) you just went with the flow and dug up interesting stuff, pretty cool idea to be honest.

Your battle with water was very good. This video will be of great benefit to those who love to travel. There is a subject in the teaching. It's very nice to mix everything. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful experience. If I ever go, I will give many things to these experiences

i really like your work. you work very hard. write a great article on the major issue. in the US, one of the major reasons is the immovable property of human settlements in the dry valley and hills. We can change the climate, but all of us need to be organized. One thing you do not know is noticed, but most countries do not come forward for climate change. And it is difficult to understand how much work everybody is doing in Australia, America, South Africa, United States of America. Whatever the way you think, I express his saint. You have mastered things in many ways. carbon di oxied will be upgradet but our nature will be down day by day. it was very harmful for every country. so every one should be careful on this.

you are right. agree with you. everybody take step for soluation.

thank you.

'Strong water' could be an innovative idea towards combating Wildfire.

“Strong water” is the nickname of Jeff’s environmentally friendly spray-on gel, which can be mixed by adding water to the dry powder. What’s in it? Jeff won’t say, but it biodegrades in the environment.

Maybe Jeff might need to say something about 'Strong water' maybe he could be saving the world with his idea.
Climate change damaging impact is becoming real by the day. Perhaps, a proactive approach could see humanity through.
Seems 'Strong Water' is a combination of Carbon IV Oxide and gelly substance

Awesome looking rabbitholes, i appreciate this culture.
i wait still your next post, keep it up. upvote and resteemit

Very thrilling service and the reality that each one those elements are accrued within the look for the Google, speaks about excellent opportunities and the very subject matter of surfing is constantly very urgent! thank you @donkeypong

Verey long but verey good 👍👍

Look you unquestionably went down the Rabbit Hole and I would have fallen for the Title too so no biggie. However, I'm psyched you did this since I stroll along the fire street in Bel Air where the enormous fire was in December that made world news. I pondered internally there ought to be some kind of gel created to shower onto the edge the advances the development of grass and enables the sand to stick together. Something that would avoid fire and keep the mudslides a short time later.

Since its inception, the United States has defined itself as an innovative nation, and the National Museum of American History has documented this creative spirit in its many forms. From science and technology to the arts, a dynamic interaction of ideas, traditions, and talents has fueled new achievements and influenced the national experience. Innovation has been inspired by complex and varied motivations—and has also come with unintended consequences.

Plagiarized. Please use your own words and cite any sources used.

I am really sorry about that. I joined steemit only 26 days ago. I am new here. I don't know all the rules & regulation. I am learning . Please don't downvote me, give me chance to learn from my mistake.

Kindly read the Steem White Paper to avoid future recurrences. Contact me and we'll discuss how I can send the off copy to you


OK. I removed the downvote. Good luck.

Thank you so much @donkeypong

Floral and amores would be my 2 favourite actually

very interested stories and experiences . Many benefits ,,,,
hopefully I can also benefit from this. thank you for sharing.
Keep strong,,, :) for all
So long time for waiting your post my friend,,,

I have a feeling that this gel has a terrible effect on the environment.
And probably a couple of monkeys, King Kong and horses will die because of this.

One arm surfer and to add to it fixing wildfires. He really must some character. The world is filled up with a lot of surprises. Your story is quite an interesting read.

Wonderful rabbitholes, i appreciate this culture.
keep it up dear friend..... upvote and resteemit

I hope to be able to write such a good post one day, still trying 😅✌️

Amazing post! Knowledgeable too... thank you for sharing.

Whilst reading articles I usually google what I read, so I googled "Strong water" before I even got to your paragraph about googling it yourself xD.

However, I went down a different rabbit hole, I now know all the strongest water type pokemon!

Jeff's "Strong Water" definitely seems like an amazing thing. I really hope it is an actual working product that can be mass adopted. It can save many lifes.

I'm just wondering why he won't provide further details. Could he be scared that someone else would steal his idea?

wow so grate looking rabbitholes, i like this post.
I wait for your next post.upvote and resteemit done

Cool photo. I remember a childhood

Good one from you always

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thanks, very good post !!!!

“You cannot swim for new horizons until you have courage to lose sight of the shore.”

This is a captivating and nice research.keep it up

it's funny that so many things are named strong water. I saw a show about a guy who prevented his house from burning in a wildfire with cases of soda, for some reason he had an absurd amount of soda, maybe that's what's in the strong water. Can you help me help some people become steemians?

me gusta tus publicaciones..sigueme y t seguire..apoyame en votar por mi y vorare por ti

The fact that he has one arm and doing good work is awesome!

interesting stories and new knowledge, I enjoy every sentence of his.
honestly when I saw vidio I really want to feel such experience, in my country have a different culture and I want to feel the various cultures in other countries

No one would had skipped reading the article after such an epic topic. Anyways wildfire are quite a destructive. The most effected because of it are wild animals since they have no place to go they end up visiting towns villages which is quite harmful for humans and animals also... Anyways nice blog to mention such a person.

Thanks for the good read my friend. This is a fine post to read before I go to bed :)

good post friend continues like this

A very good post

A one-handed surfer
And he's helping his community so much.
This guy is inspiring.

In my country too often forest fires, especially during the current dry season, forest fires occur because humans open new plantations in my country. Even as a result of fire, there could be pollution that harms the public. This post is very good for as an effort to stop forest fires. Thank you @donkeypong who has supported me all this time, Thank you for appreciating my hard work. Greetings Success for you.

I was impressed at your articles friend @donkeypong!! I reestem & upvote, thank you!!

Thanks for this post @donkeypong. It is very timely because in our country March is our fire awareness month.

Tradition is the illusion of permanence. The modernity of yesterday is the tradition of today, and the modernity of today will be tradition tomorrow.
A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots.A good insight through this post.
A valuable one i see

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Nice writing brother. A lot of information with ni e story. Love your post.
Happy steeming.

Hai @donkeypong i love your story and i hope so, i can share a moment with you. Nice to see you on this post. Thank you!

there is a forest fire because it is usually the dry season.

i must tell ..... This particular universe has gotten so utterly batshit crazy, you guys.

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your post is very good my friends

I hardly know where to begin... the surfer with his fleet of fire trucks and his strong water sounds like a genius idea. The trouble with google is a whole different ball game. As you say it’s like going down a rabbit hole. 🐓🐓

it's interesting post, i'm get many information in your post brother @donkeypong good job! regards from Indonesia

The article is clear and like to much.
The creative writing hope you sharing information like this every time @donkeypong i love your writing style.

I just joined steemit, I see your post is very interesting and also an inspiration for me in writing.
I just posted for the first time. please see and check

Hi @donkeypong thanks for this post, indeed you are an inspiration to me.

In fact I cited you in my post here, thanks for indirect encouragement

Wildfires rarely if ever happens in my country Nigeria. I've never seen one, only read about them. The strong water gel must be some thing, though I find it more of a fantasy than something real.
Honestly? I look forward to all your articles, practically pant after them, but nit this one.
Thanks for sharing.

Wow! This is awesome @donkeypong

So much astonished to see the post. Keep it up. Stay blessed and be happy always. i love this post. So I resteem this post. I followed you for your next post.
Best of luck @donkeypong :)

Strong Water has many meanings indeed. It is ironic that all of the wildfires took place so close to the mighty Pacific Ocean.

American culture is encompasses religion, food, what we wear, how we wear it, our language, marriage, music, what we believe is right or wrong, how we sit at the table, how we greet visitors, how we behave with loved ones, and a million other things.@donkeypong

American’s aren’t scared of failure and that is an important factor when it comes to innovation. It’s all about continuous improvement and sometimes failure on the way.American culture of innovation goes way back. Here is a good link with some old innovations and also a good explanation of what drives American innovation!

your post is very good and I like it, I'm very glad when you stop in my post, if you do not want anything too because I'm quite happy if we become a better friend thanks

Oh damn!
You can read 100 words per second!
Have you contacted Guinness Book of Records yet?

Lol. The guy must be really good cos I'm still reading now sef

With all the "no spamming campaigns launched, guys are still doing this thing. He should go and try this nonsense on @cryptoctopus blog

I can flag also.

I know! I also know that you are very kind. You might look at his reputation and decide to pardon him since he appears to be a newbie. Some people do not consider that. Have a reputation of -2, and they'll still flag you.

I only used a 1%, which won't hurt him much if he figures it out and decides to stick around.

I hope he discovers this and get's to know why he was flagged so that he might learn, that is if he's open to new lessons.

I will try to get across to him on discord and see whether I can impact on his Steemit life. This is the whole essence of life-to improve other people's lives,to add to the world which we find ourselves

Moreover, they say that if a father beats a child with one hand, he uses the other hand to drag him to himself. The whole essence of the flagging will be defeated if he does not get to know that he was flagged and why. So I will help you school him on that.

Blessings to you @donkeypong

Thank you for being so considerate. If you reach him in the next few days and he can edit the comment, I'll be glad to remove my flag.

LOL! That's why that kind of people are so harmful on Steemit.

he saw from the title ,,, I think he does not need to be in the blame is not it?
hopefully we do not become stupid just because of trivial things. :)