God Can Heal Your Heart

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"He heals the broken-hearted and bandages their wounds." -Psalm 147:3

When we go through a season of loss, pain and suffering, the first thing to do is to release it to God. All negative things that happens to us releases strong emotions- anger, hurt, depression, worries, illness, fear and sometimes guilt. These things we don't like to come but how can we handle these situations when it comes to our life? If we don't know how to deal with it now, it will take us a long time to recover.

Some people don't deal with problems, they just let it. But, is that really the right things to do? Pretending that it never happens and just neglect it? Playing that it doesn't exist? That is why many are struggling in dealing problems because if we just let it, it will become bigger and bigger until we cannot handle it anymore Like a fire, when it just started just a candle size then you just let it burn the others, i seems for us to stop it.

God's principle is different from human's principle.


It's okay to mourn,because we know that it is just temporary. Life is just temporal. Nothing in this world are permanent. But what do we do with our feelings? Don't repress or hold it i your own. We need to release every loads that burdens us. Pour it all to God and He will carry it for you because He loves you.


If you are suffering right now, please remember that we need to release it to God.


My question for you, "Whatsituations in your life have you struggled to deal with? How has it affected you?"