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RE: Strong Water: A Google Journey Through American Culture and Innovation

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Your comments about the wildfires in California remind me of all the flooding that takes place in Houston. The Houston metro area has been overdeveloped for years without regard to the consequences. Areas that used to be forested and full of vegetation were developed and are now covered with concrete. Guess what? When it rains heavily, the water has nowhere to go except into homes and businesses. Some parts of the area were developed despite warnings from the Army Corps of Engineers that they were at high risk of flooding, so people who paid more than $1 million for luxurious homes ended up with several feet of water in their houses as a result of Hurricane Harvey. Man in his arrogance often thinks he can suspend the laws of nature, but too many times that leads to disastrous consequences.


Yes, very true. Fires, storms and floods, tornadoes, earthquakes...we haven't planned that well in many of these regions. We think we've beaten nature back if it's OK for a while, but living in many of these areas is fairly arrogant.

yeah, i think same @gtrplayer ,,,,
and nice post @donkeypong