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Cover art by - @aaronleang

All Qurites please update your banners with the latest links that can be found at the end of this page.

Welcome to the 198th Daily Edition of the Daily Qurator. Below you will find some awesome members of @qurator that worked hard to post some good quality content for all you awesome Steemians to enjoy!

The @qurator project was created to help give Steemians some extra exposure and awesome upvotes currently worth around $0.03 - $5.79!

Note: some of you have been curated twice since the start of the daily qurator and some have been curated only once. As the Daily Qurator is gaining fame with every passing day, many new steemians are asking/will ask to join us. So, expect to see posts from new users for now. When the opportunity arises, posts from older users will be curated once again

Your Quality Curator ~( @goldendawne )~ Presents:


The Greatest Night Of My Life

This was one of the greatest nights of my life. After a long winter of bad luck and cloudy skies, this night couldn't have happened any better. @dimitri0610 and I witnessed some of the strongest auroral activity we had ever seen

Have you seen the Northern Lights? No? Well head over to @chaseburnett's post to see some amazing images of the Aurora Borealis.


Learn More About Me- Love It Shove It

How was your weekend? Mine was nothing special, just spending time with my family and doing some shopping.Time flies so fast! And right now, I made myself some time to respond to this challenge

Here's another chance to get to know a new Qurite! Head over to @missdeli's page and check out this post. Learn what her favorite things are; and her not-so favorite things. Stop in and welcome her to Qurator!


Questions About Writing? I've Got Answers! Notes For Session 1 Writing Class On Dynamic Steemians Discord

Recently @dynamicrypto invited me to talk about writing on the Dynamic Steemians Discord channel. Last night, I answered some questions for a couple hours on the writing-classes channel.
This post is a summary of what people wanted to know, edited for clarity and content (added things I didn’t think of in class)

Do you run out of things to write about in steemit? Well @ntowl is having a class in this post offering up some advice and ideas to help you get through that writers' block.


Water Art Number 3- Want To Know More About Papers?

Today I will continue talk about papers, topic that has been started in @jnart post where he gave you really good explanation what you need to know about fixing paper and some other interesting details... @marty-arts continued tale about papers giving great information and descriptions about differences between several brands and kinds of papers source... Since we are talking about basics still and sharing with you tools we work with, I will continue with a story about papers I use the most

There are four types of paper you need to know about before venturing into the art of water color. @jungwatercolor is here to help you decipher which to use for which project.


Vorontsov Palace- Crimea, Alupka

Vorontsov Palace is rightfully considered one of the main attractions of the Crimea. And a rare tourist is left indifferent by its sharp battlements, stone towers, marble white lions and a wonderful park. In the palace I was several times, but every visit caused me a lot of impressions. I want to share them!

Let's take a trip to a palace! And not just any palace! A beautiful one with exotic plants, a waterfall and a lake where swans can swim are all on the property. Come along for a fun day as @stranniksenya takes us on a tour.

@qurator does not explicitly or implicitly endorse third parties opinions or statements in the Daily Qurator. Any statements made in these posts are the author's and curator's own opinion.


Steemit Node Problems

Yesterday we saw some massive delays in the nodes we use. Our upvotes went out slow and the bot got pretty congested. We worked on it and even set up 2 extra bots as backups to help out with the delays. All upvotes will be going out but might be a bit delayed.

Please be patient as we can not control the steemit nodes, we are only as fast as they are. Guess steemit is busy with some updates and we have to hang tight till they are done.

ELITE MEMBERS: We set up a bot specifically for all of you. There should be minimal delays in your upvotes.

Qurator is finally a witness!

For more details go check out our witness page and consider voting for us. We will always strive and do our best to benefit the community and our members. . =)

Qurator 3.0

Qurator 3.0 is finally here! There has been quite a few changes. Go and check it out. It is quite a long read but well worth it if you are an avid Qurite. =)

Steemit Challenges on Discord

We all know that there are some awesome Steemians that created great challenges with cool prizes here on steemit. @stresskiller took it upon himself to make a really neat Steemit challenges calendar that he synced and integrated into Qurator's Discord Channel. If you are a member of Qurator feel free to check out the Discord Channel and visit the steemit-challenges tab. There you will find an updated list of all the daily/weekly challenges. massive shout-out and thanks to @stresskiller!

Stresskiller Discord - Steemit challenges.png


We host weekly Photo and Food competitions. Click on the images below to view the posts and cast your votes to the nominated Qurites. You can also comment #nominatein either of the posts to stand a chance to be featured in the competitions.

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With all the flag wars and drama on Steemit, we decided to go the opposite route. Make love, not war! We don't take part in flag wars, instead we have upvote wars! We highly suggest checking out our latest competition and think of your ideal strategy to win that awesome Tier 5 prize. =)

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Send around 0.5SBD and your link to receive upvotes.

Any extra SBD will be refunded!

Upvotes limited to one every 24 hours.

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Qurator Tiers
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Qurator's Discord Channel that all Steemians can join -

Steemauto Curation Trail

RIP Streemian and hello Steemauto! The new curation trail is active and running! If you would like to support your fellow Qurites or just earn some extra curation feel free to join our curation trail that is active on Steemauto.

We suggest not following the trail with 100%, steemauto has 2 ways of following a trail, static or scaled. We suggest using SCALED instead of static since static votes can add up quickly and drain VP very fast. We suggest using scaled and then maybe around 25%.

Steemauto can show us who is currently on the trail and at what percentage. Looking forward to see more Qurites joining the trail in the near future! We also reward the team players and there might be a nice surprize for a lucky trailer. =P

Steemauto guide and registration info

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Copper (T5 x 2)9.2%$0.98
Silver (T5 x 3)13.8%$1.47
Gold (T5 x 4)18.4%$1.95
Platinum (T5 x 5)23%$2.44
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Great analysis on curation on steemit.

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So glad I found this. What a great idea! I sent 4 steem. Lets go to the moon.

Awesome! Saw your transaction and your account is in for review. =) Will get back to you soon!

Great job, to promote steemit. I am newbie hope you also help me but now i don't have enough SBDs to delegate....

All in good time, Steemit is a journey not a race. No need to delegate to register, just the registration fee and you are good to go.

Ohh, thanks so much! ♡ ♡

You are most welcome!

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