Qurator's Tasty Tuesday #44 - Food Photography Competition!

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Welcome to the 44th Edition of Qurator's Tasty Tuesday!

Below you will find some awesome food images taken by some your fellow Qurites that captured some of their appetizing culinary moments! Come along and let's enjoy these delectable pictures and make sure to vote for your favorite!

Note: some of you have been curated twice since the start of the daily qurator and some have been curated only once. As the Daily Qurator is gaining fame with every passing day, many new steemians are asking/will ask to join us. So, expect to see posts from new users for now. When the opportunity arises, posts from older users will be curated once again.

When this post reaches payout the participant with the most upvotes on their comment will win a Tier 5 membership for 30 days! Awesome right!?Only upvote from Qurator members will count.

We made it easy for all participants by providing the links that they can just copy and paste into the comment section of this post to officially enter the competition!







Let the competition and upvotes begin! Best of luck to all the Qurites participating!

Note: Any upvotes from pay4vote bots will not be counted.

Spamming messages and asking for upvotes on your comment is frowned upon and could lead to being disqualified. Stick to friends and people you know!

Your Quality Curator ~( @goldendawne )~ Presents:


Family Dinner In The Countryside

Yesterday Sunday family gathering was a bigger one. Some family members that otherwise live abroad (Australia and New Zeland) arrived in Zagreb (Croatia) - their old hometown and my husband and I organized this family gathering with the rest of us (domestic ones), still living here.
This time we decided to take them out of the city, to the countryside for a meal from good old homemade cuisine

From hot beef soup to baked potatoes and fried steaks... @ana-maria and her family had one of the most filling meals I have seen in a long time. Would you look at all that food on the platter!


Vietnam Food 8: Vietnamese Fried Spring Rolls- Recipe - Video

There are many changes between Vietnamese Fried Spring Rolls which is made by Hanoian today and the initial one created by old Saigonese people. At first, there was only meat involved in this kind of meal in Saigon. This is the reason why tasters always felt dry, which mainly caused being uncomfortable for Hanoian to taste. Therefore, in the early twenties, a French lady took this meal from Saigon to Hanoi for the purpose of making money, and she found a way to re-make its ingredient in order to make it become more proper and easier for Hanoian taste. So, this meal changes into it is today

Never has minced pork looked so good! And it's all wrapped up in spring rolls... now what could possibly be better than this! Oh wait, the fish sauce to dip them in!


Autumn Biscuit

This is the cake turned out! Tasty)
I've never had a biscuit before. But I have learned the secret - it is not necessary to mix the flour with a mixer. You need to do it with a spatula
And all the cake has risen and turned out great!

Ohhhh maybe @notannov will share this recipe with us! Look at that outer layer! I wonder what it is?
Coconut? Graham crackers? Whatever could it be!


FoodModel- Week 5 Contest

This is the name of a small Italian restaurant. Actually I ain't so sure what it meant. Googled it up and soluto (in Spanish) means 'solute'. Perhaps it just means their food 'solutes' (suits) well in your tummy? Just a guess...

Who's ready for some Salted Egg Chicken Chop Pasta? @denion shares a good priced meal you can get in the restaurant, or from a food truck. C'mon over and let's see how good this meal was!


Dtube Vlog 13: Rice On Banana Leaf- Indian Cuisine

I've been posting up in the recent months on my addiction of Indian cuisine, my all-time favorite cuisine to eat. I'm Chinese on the outside but being a Malaysian, we're very integrated in each other's culture especially when it comes to food!
Here's me and my family having some 'Rice on Banana Leaf' where we get as much rice, curry and vegetable side dishes as we want

Looks as if @danielwong has found a new weekly favorite place to visit... it's called Muniz and according to him, they serve some of the best Indian and curry flavored food. This is now his go-to default place.


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The winner of Tasty Tuesday #43: @offoodandart

Congratulations to @offoodandart who won a Tier 5 membership for 30 days!


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Еще б один этаж и мог получится снеговик))


очень симпатичное пирожное, верю, что еще и вкусное!

красивый тортик) люблю такие бисквитные )

спасибо) клевый бисквит, первый раз такой получился)

Действительно осенний. Очень красиво выглядит!


Красивый, наверное и вкусный?

мой ЗОЖ не помешал его откушать)

Отличный пышный бисквит получился! Очень аппетитно!

Двухэтажный, шикарный

Спасибо) Он малыш)

Очень красиво и вкусно! Удачи!


Аппетитно)! Тоже приготовлю такого рода тортик)!!!

Congratulations to @offoodandart for winning!


(Rice on banana leaf with curry and 3 vegetable sides)

Whoa! Thank you! :)

Nice spread above!

It was delicious! Probably going back again this week :D

What a treat!

A lovely, well-balanced meal :) You have my vote :)

Thanks for the vote @deemarshall. Really appreciate it! :D

CONGRATULATIONS @offoodandart!!!

Thanks for this opportunity! My first time and am really grateful!

WOW - I'm really more than pleasantly surprised! Thank you very much for this nomination!
And a special thanks to the curator ( @goldendawne ) who picked my post.

I don't want to be ungrateful as I'm really thankful for all the visibility this nomination is going to bring to my post and blog, but as I already have Tier 5 membership, I'm not going to paste the link of my food photo in this comment, to leave the space to other competitors nominated for this valuable prize and whose shots, BTW I find way better than mine!

You can always win another T5 and this way reach T6 ;)
The contest prizes also stack up with your current Tier.

Looks delicious!

Thank you! 😊

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Well deserved win @offoodandart, that looked so stylish and absolutely gorgeous!

Thanks so much @lizelle! Yours looked wonderful as well and as always!

Congratulations to @offoodandart for winning!
This is my dish!(Vietnamese Fried Spring Rolls)
Thanks so much!!!

My favorite food ! Mỗi tội làm mất time quá :(

mỗi lần chỉ làm là ăn cho nguyên tuần luôn ý, chứ làm từng bữa chắc chết :)

Congratulations @offoodandart for winning the round!

Here's my tasty Salted Egg Spaghetti for y'all


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Thanks @qurator for this contest! It’s my first time to be part of it and am thrilled and grateful!

Wow so awesome you managed to win the first time :D
Congrats again and enjoy the extra Tier :)

=D Thanks so much!!!

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