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RE: Qurator's Tasty Tuesday #44 - Food Photography Competition!

in #qurator6 years ago

WOW - I'm really more than pleasantly surprised! Thank you very much for this nomination!
And a special thanks to the curator ( @goldendawne ) who picked my post.

I don't want to be ungrateful as I'm really thankful for all the visibility this nomination is going to bring to my post and blog, but as I already have Tier 5 membership, I'm not going to paste the link of my food photo in this comment, to leave the space to other competitors nominated for this valuable prize and whose shots, BTW I find way better than mine!


You can always win another T5 and this way reach T6 ;)
The contest prizes also stack up with your current Tier.

Looks delicious!

Thank you! 😊

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