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I read about @qurator when I just joined Steemit through one of their daily post update, I thought it was a great place to join but at that time I didn’t have 4 Steem to register with them. The best I could do based on my situation then was to just follow them. But as time went by I seemed to have forgotten about them until I bumped into a post by @fitinfun sometime in in December when @qurator was offering their promo for registration fees at just 2 Steem. I must say, her post was very detailed and highlighted some of the things I didn’t understand when I first read about them.

How I Joined Qurator

With the eagerness in me I quickly registered to @qurator for just a 2 Steem one time registration fee because I wanted to take advantage of the opportunity the December registration discount offered. The regular one time registration fee is 4 Steem. I wasn’t done yet I delegated 101 Steem Power to @qurator the same day and also voted them as a witness. Finally, I included them on my auto upvoting list which ensures I get the most from them. The process of subscription, delegation, voting as a witness and including them on my auto upvoting list must have taken me less than 30 minutes to do because it was something I knew in my heart that they had something for me and that it will be a profitable group for me to be in. After two days of paying the registration fees, my account was approved and to cap that within two days of getting approval, one of my blog posts was featured in their daily post update.

My Experience with @Qurator

It has been a jolly ride for me since I registered with @qurator, I’ve had no issues with them as they continue to upvote my post when I tag them on it. I can say my experience with them has made me produce more quality post because I am very cautious of what I am writing and how I present my topics. The good part of it is that I post with different DApps and platforms like, @actifit, @dclick and others and as long and my word counts are over 250 and I tag qurator to the post, I get their upvote. Another interesting thing I’ve noticed is that I continue to get upvotes from some big account holders who like upvoting good quality content post. Qurator also offers so many ways to get extra upvotes to your post, with competitions that will also give you the extra push. So all in all it has been a positive experience with @qurator.

How to become a member of Qurator?

Becoming a member of the Qurator community should be a very easy thing to do and getting your blog approved also shouldn’t be a problem if your blog is up to 2 weeks, made 10 good quality original good content post and have paid the registration fees of 4 Steem. Qurator has a referral program running and I would like you to join using me as your referral. It is very easy, when making payment for the registration fees of 4 Steem, on the memo section enter referred by @ketcom and that is it. Including referred by @ketcom on your memo means that I get a reward of 1SBD when your registration is approved. It doesn’t stop there you too can start referring others when your registration is approved and start getting rewarded for your referrals registration. That is not it yet, you can also sponsor the registration of high quality content writers.

In summary, to register with qurator, send 4 Steem to @qurator and remember to put referred by @ketcom in the memo section. That is it, you then wait for 24 to 72 hours to get a reply.

It is very important to note that your registration ones and they will support their members with as much as they can for as long as the member shows some support to the project.

After Registration What Next?

After they receive your payment, you will be on a queue which can take anywhere from 24 to 72 hours for their team of moderators to review your contents and unanimously take a decision to approve or deny your account. And if your account is approved they’ll send you a wallet message, but if it is your approval is denied your Steem will be refunded to your wallet. So you see you have nothing to lose or worry about. You can always engage with them on their discord channel if your registration is denied and that is not all, you can reapply after 2 weeks and at least 10 post.

Qurator Competitions

If you are used to posting original high content post and have successfully registered with Qurator then I all you need to do is note the days of the competitions and post as regards the topics on the days it best suits to enter and have the chance to win in the competitions. Qurator runs 3 major competitions:

  • Tasty Tuesday

  • Toss up Thursday

  • Photo Friday

Even when posting about a photo content, make sure you have text content in it that describes what the photo is all about.

Qurator Monthly Subscription

Are you interested in additional upvotes to add to what you are already getting? Then consider subscribing to their monthly upvote package. The good news is that, they used to have 2 levels of subscription but have added 3 more levels to make it 5 levels altogether which should have more upvote options for people to choose from.

The subscription levels are:

SUB1 = 0.8 Steem for an upvote from 750 SP
SUB2 = 1.6 Steem for an upvote from 1500 SP
SUB3 = 2.4 Steem for an upvote from 2250 SP
SUB4 = 3.2 Steem for an upvote from 3000 SP
SUB5 = 4 Steem for an upvote from 4000 SP (250 SP Bonus!)

If you subscribe to say level 3, all you need to do is send 2.4 Steem with the memo sub Feb then you will get an upvote from @qurator similar to a 2250 SP account.


Qurator Members Has another Upvote Option

If you are like me and you always want more upvotes, Qurator members has another upvote option called Qustodian. It is a small bot that returns 2.35 times the amount of SBD you send.
If you are interested in investing in @qustodian you can delegate Steem Power to them and they pay 90% of all the SBD sent to their account. 50 SP is the minimum SP to delegate to Qustodian as investment and receive daily payouts in SBD.

Qurator ICO

Yes, they have an ICO currently on going and you can read more about that and how to take advantage of it here!.

Delegating To Qurator

Qurator has great rewards in upvote for members who delegate SP to them. They are currently using a multiplier type method to upvote your post for SP delegated to them. Let’s say you delegate 1000 SP to them, your upvote will be worth 9 times what you delegated to the (Mx9) which should give you an upvote worth 9,000 SP. That is supper cool. You can read more about that here!.

They Even Have Their Own Hall Of Fame - The Shooting Star Wall of Fame

The Qurator project is not letting anything out of its sight. The feature a Shooting Star every week based on authors that are considered to be great. It is not an easy title to achieve I can tell you that, these Shooting Stars are Wall of Fame so that new author can learn from them and how they write those awesome post. If you are lucky to be made a Shooting Star, you can use your badge in you posts, this I find to be also very great.

Personal Hints To Get More Out Of Qurator

I am going to do this in a listing method so that it is easy for everyone reading to understand it and see easily what works for them and what they can do better.

  • Register ones to start receiving upvote as long as you keep to the rules! It is no joke and that is the starting point. Remember to indicate referred by @ketcom in the memo area when you are making the payment for registration, it indicates that I referred you to the project.

  • Place @qurator on your autovoter list, this gives you better upvotes, curation and to top that you are supporting the project to succeed in your own little way.

  • Delegate Steem Power to @qurator as this will increase the value of your upvote daily.

  • Subscribe to the monthly upvote subscription, I subscribed to the SUB5 = 4 Steem for an upvote from 4000 SP (250 SP Bonus!) some hours after seeing the daily Quator post. This is definitely going to give my post higher upvotes this February.

Feb. Monthly Subscription.jpg

  • If you are a small beginner or old timer looking for those upvotes to help your post get some visibility I suggest you send a little SBD to @qustodian a Qurator voting bot and you’ll be sure to get more than twice plus more what you sent. Remember to send just a little and if that is too much they’ll usually return the balance. I’ve tested it and it works.

  • Enter the various Qurator competitions you are qualified for and who knows you might be a winner someday.

  • Write a post like this one when you have spent some time as a member of @qurator and it could earn you something mighty good.

  • Get referrals to join Qurator so that you earn the referral reward of 1 SBD. If you have many followers, I bet it will be a big earner for you.

  • Qurator accepts members writing in not only English but other languages too so everyone is welcomed to join as language is not a barrier to join Qurator.

  • I saved the best for the last and that is, make sure you write very good high quality original content that has at least 250 to 300 word counts. I like using 300 word counts as my base on blog postings but for Actifit 250 word count works too. By original I mean everything including pictures and images, learn to use source if you are not the original owner of the image or picture. If your writing is great, you might get featured in their daily picks and may also have your post resteemed.


If you are a good writer with high quality original content post then you definitely need to join Qurator to get better upvotes for your post and take advantages of other opportunities that will help grow your account. Remember to indicate referred by @ketcom in the memo area when you are making the payment for registration, it indicates that I referred you to the project. Thanks in anticipation that you do register. I believe you will love it at Qurator as I am enjoying it and I will never regret joining this great community called Qurator.

If there is anything you want clarification on or would like to learn more about them then I suggest you join the @qurator on their discord Channel


Thank you for the shout-out, @ketcom. I was on travel and now am just getting back to my notifications.

I was so glad to meet you in December when I wrote my post and very happy to see you take the steps to join @qurator. You have wonderful and interesting posts that deserve the boost.

Here is something you did not cover. You can send a larger amount to @qustodian with the word "credit" as a memo and they they upvote a post a day as they are able. I held off doing it that way for over a year, but I realized I have been missing votes by that method. So now I only have to fund @qustodian bot every so often. That was a little tiny job of stress now removed from my life.

Great job on this post. I will tweet it out and hopefully others will join. I have a lot of new steeming connections on twitter now and I am sure many of them are not aware that can join @qurator too.

And thank you again for your support on my posts. I am so glad to be connected to you :)

@fitinfun, Thank you so much for the information, I truly appreciate your contribution and enlightenment. I think @qurator is a great project to be part of and the more I get into them the more benefits I keep getting. You can always count on my continuous support too. Thanks for the tweet and I do hope you enjoyed you travel.

I did! It was my second time in Singapore and now I will go back in another 90 days. I will be recovered from travel in a day or two and back on track :)

Woah! This is one awesome post! You got all the details down about Qurator and deserves an extra upvote! Thank you so much for joining us. There is normally a few members who stand out as soon as they join and you have been one of them!

Understanding the system and getting the most out of Qurator. Loving it!

Just a quick observation:
- The Mutliplier is currently set to 9
- We no longer do lifetime upvotes, but we do support our members with as much as we can for as long as they show some support to the project.

Wow! Thanks a lot for the feedback, I appreciate it a lot, I appreciate the upvote too. You guys are just making love @qurator the more.

I have updated the observations you mentioned, thanks for that. I do hope the post brings more members so they see for themselves what I am talking about. You guys are doing a great job and this was my own way of appreciating your work. Kudos.

Thanks for the incitement, mate!



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Thanks man, I am pretty sure your registration will be approved because you have very good content. Thanks.

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I'm in, mate: approved today! :)

Wow! That is so great, I somehow knew you'll get in because you usually have great contents. Congratulations. Now you can explore and take advantage of all what a member can gain from the project. Cheers mate.

Nicely done! One of the best posts about Qurator so far!

Thanks a lot for the compliment. I do appreciate it and it is encouraging.

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Indeed, it's a great project, one of my absolutely favourite on the Steem platform. And you have written a wonderful and holistic overview of it, @ketcom. Well done!

Thanks a lot, coming from you it feels really great. I truly appreciate it.

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This is really an awesome post with so much of details about the project. I also had a similar experience when I initially came to know about @qurator. And till today the project has been really very supportive. I think every member of qurator community will agree to whatever to have said.

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Great to hear your testimony, they are really doing great to help members of the community.

Everything is written and understood in detail. Thank you for the information.

That is nice to know.

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Thanks for the audio.

Thank you friend. Useful knowledge. I'll try to use it.


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