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RE: Join Qurator To Get Daily Upvotes For Life

in #qurator2 years ago

Thank you for the shout-out, @ketcom. I was on travel and now am just getting back to my notifications.

I was so glad to meet you in December when I wrote my post and very happy to see you take the steps to join @qurator. You have wonderful and interesting posts that deserve the boost.

Here is something you did not cover. You can send a larger amount to @qustodian with the word "credit" as a memo and they they upvote a post a day as they are able. I held off doing it that way for over a year, but I realized I have been missing votes by that method. So now I only have to fund @qustodian bot every so often. That was a little tiny job of stress now removed from my life.

Great job on this post. I will tweet it out and hopefully others will join. I have a lot of new steeming connections on twitter now and I am sure many of them are not aware that can join @qurator too.

And thank you again for your support on my posts. I am so glad to be connected to you :)


@fitinfun, Thank you so much for the information, I truly appreciate your contribution and enlightenment. I think @qurator is a great project to be part of and the more I get into them the more benefits I keep getting. You can always count on my continuous support too. Thanks for the tweet and I do hope you enjoyed you travel.

I did! It was my second time in Singapore and now I will go back in another 90 days. I will be recovered from travel in a day or two and back on track :)

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