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RE: Join Qurator To Get Daily Upvotes For Life

in #qurator2 years ago

Woah! This is one awesome post! You got all the details down about Qurator and deserves an extra upvote! Thank you so much for joining us. There is normally a few members who stand out as soon as they join and you have been one of them!

Understanding the system and getting the most out of Qurator. Loving it!

Just a quick observation:
- The Mutliplier is currently set to 9
- We no longer do lifetime upvotes, but we do support our members with as much as we can for as long as they show some support to the project.


Wow! Thanks a lot for the feedback, I appreciate it a lot, I appreciate the upvote too. You guys are just making love @qurator the more.

I have updated the observations you mentioned, thanks for that. I do hope the post brings more members so they see for themselves what I am talking about. You guys are doing a great job and this was my own way of appreciating your work. Kudos.