Change Your Mind, Change Your Life Series: Brain/Body Basics

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By forgetting about our minds, and focusing entirely on our bodies.


It will make perfect sense after you finish reading this article...

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Luckily for us, our bodies and minds have a strong connection. If something happens to our body, our mind has a similar reaction. Knowing this, we can learn to change our mind by controlling what is happening in our bodies.

Body, Body, Body Language

Our first example is **power poses. Power poses are different postures you can adopt to cause a change in your physiological and mental state. Studies have shown that power posing can

  • increase confidence
  • decrease stress levels
  • release a variety of “feel good” hormones source

Try It For Yourself!

Assume your favorite Power Position and see how you feel after 60 seconds.
You may be surprised. I use these on a regular basis when I want a boost of confidence, optimism or just want to feel good. All it takes is 30 seconds or so and afterwards my whole perspective has changed.

Need A Bigger Change?

Sometimes a power pose isn’t enough. You got out of bed on the wrong side and your mood is in the gutter. Enter intense physical sensations. When we need to create a big shift in our mood, it requires a big input from the body. An ice cold shower is great example. The shock of the cold water will force your mind to focus on the present (try focusing on anything else when you are being drenched with ice cold water) as well as offering a host of health benefits such as:

  • Improved circulation (important for cardiovascular health)
  • Improved ability to handle stress
  • Improved muscle recovery Source

If you are feeling down, frustrated, or anxious, hopping into an icy cold shower is an excellent way to reset your mental state and start your day anew. If you can’t handle the frigid water, you can also try intense physical exercise or a quick steam or sauna (heat offers similar benefits).

Nutrition Is Key Folks

A healthy diet is key to having a healthy mind. Science has shown us that there is a strong connection between our guts and our minds. Our guts are produce the majority of our bodies serotonin, a molecule that helps balance our mood. A healthy diet allows our bodies to more easily respond to stress. In addition to a healthy diet, there are many vitamins and supplements that can improve our well-being. One great example is vitamin D. A recent study found that over 40% of US adults were deficient in Vitamin D Source. Adding Vitamin D to your diet has key benefits such as:

  • Stronger bones
  • Decreased risk of Flu and Diabetes and Cancer
  • Decrease in Anxiety
  • Increase in Mood and Energy Levels Source

You now know how to use your body to change your mind. I hope this article has been helpful and informative. The next time you are feeling down, frustrated or stressed, try one of these techniques. The more you practice, the more effective they will become. We control how we feel and perceive the world around us. When we assume responsibility for our minds, we become the masters of our own destiny.


Take control of your mind, and you will truly control your life.

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This is the first time I heard this technique. Having a good posture to attain optism is such a good idea in my opinion. Good posture is really necessary in war in parallel on it, we are on war every single day and having a good posture can bring us into something positive.


glad you liked it @hiroyamagishi. The next post will be about the mind. Stay tuned!


Thanks, followed you

The mind truly is very powerful, a supercomputer capable of some many things. It really is controlling the mind, learning how to program it and the body will certainly follow. Takes practice and commitment.

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Enjoyed reading this article.

Wow i have learnt alot from this article

Love the post!! When is the next one coming out?

Hi @metama, I agree with taking an ice cold shower with good nutritional food to go with will boost your mind state.


Steemith #coldshower challenge?? Record taking cold showers for 30 days, whoever has highest count by the end of the month wins the prize pool.


Really a good article. Thanks to share this post. Waiting for your next... Happy steeming.

The mind-body connection cannot be overstated, and it is foolish that we ever allow ourselves to think of them as two separate systems.

My old doctor used to tell me that at least 80% of the cases coming through his office were attributable to stress in one way or another. More recently, I've heard the expression "stress is the body's way of saying 'no'."

And sure enough, I went through a time of serious upheaval a few years ago, and found myself coming down with one ailment after another. Once things improved, I went back to a more consistent state of health.


So valid especially with the amount of stress most people are experiencing in todays world.


What are some ways that I can decrease my stress levels?

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This was a very valuable read, thanks for sharing Metama!


you are welcome @subashlimbu

La mente: no somos la mente... Somos el vigilante, la mente lo vigilado. Somos el observador, la mente es lo observado. Somos el sujeto, la mente es el objeto: no son uno. Tu estás detrás de la mente, la mente es lo que se nos presenta en frente.

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Hope you at least resteemed ...

Thank you very much for sharing these contributions, very well documented and structured content

Great post!

Joe Rogan has had a few scientist on his podcast that stress the health of our gut microbiome. Prior to listening to them discuss it's importance I had never even been told that the bacteria in our gut can have a major impact on our overall health. I would encourage people to read into it further as they will most likely gain some valuable insight along the way.

Great post, I'm going to try power poses more often.

Nothing in this world more powerful than a focused mind. Great read, I really enjoyed it!

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What we think, we become!

Very interesting post friend great job greetings and success

Our body and mind should be one.Then we make the success easily

I'm a new user of steemit. I posted a health. You would like to see this post a little better if you like it and you will be benefited after you post my vote and upvote

Wow @metama this is really awesome I think I will give it a try.

Very enlightening Sir, i actually didn't know that a change in our bodily routine can cause a change in our minds. Powerful thanks for this


you are welcome @josefpius

That's true. Nutrition change mind and body state a lot, specially vegetarian, raw diet, fasting

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That's really good post for all who have stress and lose their confident. For every motivational speaker its need donot think what other think only focus on your work.

Thanks for sharing this article!


good post