A good day spent promoting steemit at Bristol University

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I spent two days with @starkerz promoting steemit.com to students in Cardiff on Thursday, and on Friday we hit Bristol. They were very open to the idea, I hope to see some of them here. We spent nearly two hours talking to physic students about quantum computers and cryptos, but it was an interesting one for sure.
@starkerz acted like a natural promoter, so I was promoted to be his professional photographer. After making so many pictures I realized how bad I look in that cap, but anyway, it happened, can't deny. It was a great day on Bristol Uni and hope to meet more steemers in Bristol.



Good Stuff Zoltan! Keep it up :)

I have been to Bristol a couple of times! Great city and great memories. Hannover, my home town, is the partner city of Bristol. Maybe there will be a "Hannover-Bristol-Crypto" event one day 😜
Thanks for spreading the word for Steemit !

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Thanks for upvoting my last post. I have upvoted yours too. Keep in touch! :)

Its was amazing time.

1499413078503.jpg have a nice day and remember to vote

Fantastic. Great job guys. I loved doing Steem Promo Roadshow with @starkerz, @ashleypeat and @tomasgeorge in Leeds and Hudds last month. The cap's ace too! And as usual @starkerz surrounded by loads of women. Hmmm. Do I see a pattern emerging here?

He just enjoys promoting! :)

Thank you for all your efforts in getting the word out about steemit.

This is such an amazing platform, we just need people who sign up and contribute. The Network Effect of this can be huge if people just are willing to put in some effort.

Sadly, most come on here and just put their feet up while doing very little. That does not help the site.

I used to have friends in Bristol many years ago. Montpellier and St Paul's way
Happy days - nice to see steemit has hit the uni there .

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