How Has Steem Impacted My Life Initiative

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How Has Steem Impacted Your Life?

What was the impact of Steem in your life ever since you became part of the Steem family and why you would recommend it over a similar project?

Please write a whole post; with whys, whens, comparisons, etc.

10 posts (shared on Twitter or other social media) will be rewarded with 100% upvotes. The 10 posts will be judged and voted on by me, @mindtrap and @acidyo. - Even if your post isn't in the top 10, upvotes will be given in lesser amounts to active participants.

To be eligible for upvotes, share your Steem post to Twitter. Comment below with both your Twitter link & Steem post link. (Use the tag #SteemImpact + #POSH in your Steem post & use the hashtag #STEEM in your tweet.) The title of your Steem post should be "How has Steem impacted my life" The main Steem tag or one of the first 5 should be #steemimpact

@ocdb will be giving out upvotes as well! @threespeak will be giving out bigger than normal upvotes for 3speak videos based on this initiative!

This is a time-based initiative and expires 1/27/20.


Post Beneficiaries: 100% @sbdpotato


Hiya, Dan

Here's my entry and one more opportunity to give thanks to this community:


Twitter #posh

I hope you enjoy the read :)



How Has Steem Impacted Your Life?
Please write a whole post; with whys, whens, comparisons, etc.

Ha, I would really like to write a totally honest post on this subject. But I have nor the least doubt that if I did, I would instantly become definitely in the heretic Jonah among the whales of the steem blockchain. Therefore, none of their bigger than normal whale upvotes would touch any of my posts not even by mistake ever.

However, I'm gonna nominate "this post" from a good friend for this initiative, in which curiously he has developed his lecture around similar lines of what I honestly would write myself. };)

I appreciate the shoutout @por500bolos, and the supportive words, but I'm not sure that particular set of ramblings is really what Dan is looking for here...

A bit like you, I'm a bit of a heretic, too... in that I am more concerned with what is "behind the curtain" than rah-rah party hype. But I still might add a post to this gig...

I appreciate the shoutout @por500bolos, and the supportive words

Equally well appreciated your reply and comment my dear friend. It's always my pleasure scatter and redeem your valuable posts inside the big casinos as they really deserves. Hahaha

but I'm not sure that particular set of ramblings is really what Dan is looking for here...

Yep, I'm afraid I agree with you. But it always makes me happy to make him, the others and everyone else have the opportunity to see things from other perspectives too. };)

And yeah. We both seem to have already accumulated a big deal of kilometers and a lot of experiences in this long marathon that is life as to have been able to see many whys, whens, comparisons, etc. from also many different perspectives. Then, at these heights in the game, opting to mantain us "behind the curtain" than join the rah-rah party hype as quickly as the youngsters, certainly is now out of question. :)

But I still might add a post to this gig...

Oh! now we are talking mate!! Now eagerly looking forward to read and consume your post on this gig. Hahaha


Hey Dan - thanks for your leadership. Here's my post link: and my POSH on
twitter , LinkedIn and facebook

I resteemed your challenge post.

Steem has changed my life by confusing me.

You upvoted your own comment? Great, now I’m confused. 🤔

This was really fun and overwhelming. Steem has been Amazing, Couldn't trade this platform for any other <3 :)

Steem Link-

Twitter Link-

relocate (1).png

Great initiative Dan, keep up the fabulous work! 👍


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Steem has changed my life significantly in last one year and I will sharing my participation through threespeak soon.. thanks for thos great initiative @theycallmedan
Have a nice weekend

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Hello @theycallmedan. Great initiative!!!
Here's the link to my post ;

Link to my my post shared on Twitter;

Thank you for your kindness!!!

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Hi Dan, I follow you on Twitter, and i like the question about how Steem impacted my life.

So I was using Steem very casually at the start of 2019 and i created the profile just to keep up in the loop and to see how the site works.
Through the next few months, I learned to love it and the community but I haven't earned anything-to be real I also haven't been posting a lot.

I also discovered the app Actifit and I use it to track my daily activity because I work out regularly and the App will be really good after their project gets more people and it unfolds fully.

Then around June I started my Youtube Channel and i made a lot of videos on there in the vlog style. In the meantime, I discovered DTube and found out that it is linked to STeem so I decided to start posting my videos as well. I started with a few there just to test it out, and one of my videos earned me a few bucks so I got really excited. :D

I am finishing a project right now with interviews for a few friends and as soon as that's don't I'm transferring all my videos there.
I have 200 of them right now so that will take me some time, but I look forward tothe whole journey and I will definitely be more active this year and You will see me out there :D

If You want to find me just enter Borna Zuber to any of the social media and you will find me there.
I would love the upvote and of course, subscribe and follow me everywhere because I want to bring useful and helpful content out there to the world

Love you guys, all the best in 2020 and loads of SUCCESS to you!!!

Borna Zuber

Okay! Amazing initiative, Dan. Even more special since I'm Venezuelan and everything I've received at Steem has been fundamental to my daily life (even thanks to Steem I can support with food in my house, lol). I will love participating in this initiative <3

I really would have participated but the Twitter rule obliges me not to. Yes, I do have a Twitter account, but I have hardly any followers and since I never post there I doubt anyone would even read a Tweet from me, so it would be a useless activity.

Hi @theycallmedan, i think a dedicated tag would help trend this #steemtestomials or #steemimpacts.

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I' the second flag war with the vegans...

And!!! Kicked out of the "only cannabis group on steemit"

Also kicked out of the vegan tribe over cowfarts!!! Lol

Got a bunch of friends to sign up? All ghosted the platform.

Held the Portland meetups. No love and even got hammered with flags for promoting it.

So yeah not sure that this is going to have a meaningful impact. Honestly.

Hoped this would provide me and dog with something regular.

Sure has gotten tight and most people left and the rest got pretty petty.

There are some good people left. Some.

But I'm gonna blaze it!!! The vegans can't bully me silent! Crazy how they react with threats and intimidating behavior over nothing but free thought.

However? I've seen some funny Stuff.

Held the Portland meetups. No love and even got hammered with flags for promoting it.

I remember the $0.05 flag. It was glorious. The sole reason to cancel a meetup.

Yep why the fuck would I hold a.meetup anymore if you are going to flag my efforts.

Since then there has been a great fall of Grace across the blockchain. Steemit has definitely gone to the dogs.

Like the snide remark from you. Which cements my decision not to continue holding the longest running meetup.

It never got any support or love. So yeah why should I care about making the effort to engage with others if it's like that?

Not like you ever came or promoted it..

But here's a vote for being you.

Thanks for this initiative @theycallmedan. Am not on @threespeak but I will be doing mine on @dtube. Thanks again 😊👍

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I love these kinds of initiatives, thank you for creating them, and thank you for the passion you have for Steem! Here's my entry!

Hi @theycallmedan,

That one is cool and I will come up with something nice, beery and fun oriented the next days - #challenge accepted!

Excellent contest, here I leave my entry

@theycallmedan, I have make a post with wrong criteria so i write again. Here my entry which with my low knowledge then make mistake when type #steemimpact.I have edit and add the tag
How has Steem impacted my life: Many reasons to thank Steem
My tweet
I hope my post won't hurt you and all the reader.
Thank you for the chance

How Has Steem Impacted My Life?
My Twitter Entry
My Steem Entry

You are such a kind guy

I have been actively sharing on my Twitter from few months avo, the themes (I love steem), #posh, #steem and steemit tag are definitely I input as a form of my support for steem. There are strong things that make me want to show this steem. I will try to make a good post about this and hopefully my intention will make the steem more known. Thank you sir @theycallmedan. Blessing


Great initiative! 👍🏻

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STEEM has impacted me in a really quite positive way over the last couple of years! It is a daily moment of repose and focus for writing... a welcome moment of peace in the day!



Hopefully I'm not to late on this!

Hopefully someone read this and sees the impact STEEM made on my life.

Hi Dan,

My apology for breaking the rules but I don't have Twitter. I felt inclined to write some words though and so here they are. I know I'm not eligible however it was a good initiative and I felt inclined to open up anyway. :)

@glanekp did it—I’m in! Thanks, I felt so left out when I read you have to have a Twatter, Teeter-totter, whatever it’s called account.

Well, I don't think it was a requirement, I mean I don't have Twitter, although I think to attain any additional voting on the post one needed to meet some criteria. I didn't post it for that reason though so it didn't worry me too much.

I got one for you, @theycallmedan. However, I’ve never done twitter, I addressed that in the title but wanted to participate anyway—enjoy!

How Steem impacted My Life - Can You Twit, Tweet, Twat, Whatever it’s called, This Article For Me?

edit My good friend (and second favorite plant) and trainer/chef extraordinaire, @plantstoplanks hurdled my no twitter having obstacle for me.

Thanks for stopping by, Dan!

Thank you great Dan for your fantastic initiative..
Here is my entry.
Thank you..

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Thanks for the above chance, here is my part in building the #STEEM nation:

Twitter post shared
and the original steem post

100% upvote from me on behalf of @eco-alex and our modest little "artemislives" curation trail, which I lead with manual upvoting. I've shared this post to the general chats in both the @ecotrain and @naturalmedicine community discords. And am planning my own post.

I'm in charge of sharing NM steem posts to our NATURAL MEDICINE ON STEEM facebook page ( and have started adding this image and #posh to each post.
FaceBook NM Comment.png

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