Website Launch (Beta) Promo-Steem We Want Your Input & Comments

Its finally here! We hereby launch the #promo-steem Website. It is currently in Beta phase, with many features still under development, but we felt we had enough valuable info on the site to be of use to steemit promoters around the world.
website launch.png

During the next 2 weeks we would like your comments and ideas so that we can improve the design, with a goal to have it fully functional over the next 10 weeks.

Please see a short over view video for the site in the video below!

We look forward to your comments!

The website address is



Congratulations! looks awesome... wish you all the success with this great marketing initiative.

Thank you. Glad you like it. Hope you will get involved

Definitely... i am planning to promote in Dubai...

I am sorry for the intervention. I liked your great effort to help me advance the society of steemit ahead of us by working and giving to become better than Facebook in the near future.
Greetings to all of you

Yes I would really want to get involve in this development

congrats for the launch :) looking forward to

Thank you and thanks for your continued and overwhelming support for the #Promo-Steem Initiative. I really appreciate it. Stephen

Finally its here guys! been looking forward to this unique App as most of my posts as a new steemian is tagged promo-steem. I'm excited as this will sure help.

Thank you @ndianasimon. We hope it will be well used and bring value to the platform and the people by sharing all of our knowledge.

It looks great

It does.

looking forward for more.... lol

You nailed it once again @promo-steem.. You never fail to deliver! Will be supporting you all the way!

to this it, another opportunity for the existing and new steemians its a major help appreciate it

I also like it a lot.

Hi @hms818 I live in Dubai too and as I watching that video I was thinking of promoting steemit in Dubai too. Glad to have seen your comment here. I'd like to work with you on this project.

Nice web site to promo steem! As steem price is cheap now! let's buy more!

Finally the great news coincides with the purchase of my new smart phone,now massive Steemit promotion.
I just reveiwed the steemambassadors page and am very happy i already qualify hehehe.

I just need to write the application which will come as soon as you start accepting applications.

I am reviewing the whole website and i can write a very long comment,but let me stop here.

Thanks for the great work legends @starkerz @stephenkendal @anarcotech.

No you are by far the legend @jaraumoses! Brilliant timing on your phone purchase. We look forward to receiving your feedback on the website. All your comments are greatly appreciated. Thank you!

May I once again take this opportunity and thank everyone for their tremendous and overwhelming support for the launch of the new Website.

A great deal of work and effort has been put into this website and I would like to personally thank Matt @Starkerz and Dylan @Anarcotech for their commitment and tireless determination in putting this site together.

There has been a great deal of positive comments which I am grateful for, however, some are left confused as to the purpose of the website.

Despite certain concerns, I can assure you that will NEVER ask for a subscription.

It has been and will continue to be set up as a free to use portal to assist in the Global Marketing and Promotional Initiative as an extension of the #promo-steem tag.

Currently there has been over 1,000 #Steemit Bloggers that have published blogs under the #promo-steem tag and over 500 of them having repeatedly used the tag to share with us their #Steemit Promotions and #Steemit Promoting Campaigns.

The purpose of is simply to pool this work in one location and identifying those #Steemit Users that go the extra mile in promoting #Steemit and the #Steem Blockchain.


@stephenkendal yourself, @starkerz , and @anarcotech have done a huge effort on creating this website, and planning the start and development, as well as actions for #promo-steem . Congratulations for the achievement! I am sure this will serve huge for the growth of the steemit community and to make it a better place everyday!

I checked the website and it looks great. It is just the first release, and communicates your vision with promo-steem, as well as shows each aspect you are covering with the project. Congratulations!

Regards, @gold84

I have lots of database development, online marketing and analytics experience, so if there's anything I can do to help out, feel free to hit me up and I'll do what I can. I don't have a ton of free time, but I can definitely help out a couple hours a week with optimizing the site for user flows, SEO optimization, setting up/running paid marketing campaigns, etc...

Thanks @therockman. Really appreciate your offer of support. I think over the next few days we will be figuring out who has the time to help us, and what we need, and then we will be contacting folks. Cheers.

Wow, the website is looking very nice, I love the use of color and the details on the front page, I just registered on the site. This is an amazing work @starkerz @stephenkendal @anarcotech thank you very much for this initiative. Keep it up

Regards @ofishea

i want to need yours?help ? can you help me

please help me sir how can I get this support

So far so good. It's fairly easy to navigate and can't wait for the rest of the functions to work. It kept kicking me out but could just be early glitches. Keep up the good work looking forward to what you have in store for the future!

i want to ned yours help

Maybe I am confused but I don't understand how this will help the steem community?

"Wow it finally here" - what does that mean? who was waiting for it and what for?

Upvote for you @steem-ambassador.

I have checked out the website for good solid 20 minutes and I can say, it's very good so far! Not a lot of functions yet, as they are coming in the future, but I like the whole navigation panel and the upcoming content sounds really great. I've tested it on PC and Smartphone as well. I registered an account to check out how it works. When I log in with my phone, it takes me back to the registration page, I don't know why that happens. But when I kept browsing the site, I noticed that I'm actually logged in. I tried adding profile photo and cover, I didn't run in to any problems while doing that.
When I tried logging in on PC, it didn't redirect me to the register page, so I guess it has something to do with phones.
Also, when I try to enter the chat, I'm no longer logged in and whenever I try to log in, nothing seems to happen. I also try to choose the discord method but nothing happens either.
But overall, I'm excited to see all the content that is there already and I can't wait to see all the features added in the future!

Thanks for that @trendo. Really helpful for bugfixing. It is purely in the whitepaper pre-launch phase for now. Functionality is limited, but coming. And we wanted to know we were heading in the right direction before getting down and doing shit loads of work on it, only to find out the community didnt want it. So this phase is really important to us.

Yeah, definitely heading in the right direction! I know functionality is limited but I wanted to test out everything that's already there :D

and its well appreciated mate. Thanks for doing that.

The idea of providing a beta version of the steemit website is indeed a great one because as seen in the video above by @steem-ambassador the new look comes in handy and has lots of new and helpful features which will play a great role in helping us enjoy our steem experience. Kudos and congratulations fellow steemians

We knew when we started this that we wanted this to be very ambitious. We wanted to phase the rollout so the community could see where we were up to, and get a bit of a team together before we launch the big guns. It's been a bit of a monster project so far, and there's lots to do to get it to where we want it to be, but now we can get the community involved too.

That's great. Totally agreed with you. Monster project, LOL

there was a strong whirlwind

Awesome guys very interesting stuff. I signed up to the site. I am from the UK. I have not been here that long I think I am about 12 days old and I have been creating some promo banners on twitter and sharing a few social media tips actually working on putting together a social media team creating capture pages and email campaigns because what we have here is just simply amazing and I am loving the genuine interaction that we get here super cool and real. I am looking to make this a part of my business to business service targeting restaurants anything artistic and visual in the area of Stoke-on-trent. Could turn into a more entertaining version of online yellow pages but yeah as I get more used to things I would love to see where Ii can get involved. I am also a saxophone player I play alongside DJs freestyle and at wedding so I am going have to promote steemit on my cards in the future so yeah can't wait for the updates. massive job guys well done it helps the whole community in the end so lets get some steemian troopers trained up which I am will be referring to in my next blog shortly. Awesome stuff :)

Wow @clivemartin. What great stuff you are doing for the steem it community already! Have a look at @starkerz blog post with @dan-atstarlite about the steemit @openmic tour. Might be a valuable opportunity for you to get involved?

Yeah I have been looking at the @openmic so I got some extra recording stuff coming to me so I can join in there do a few saxophone jams probably get the keyboard and have a sing. Some very talented people I have spotted. We could create our own x factor version maybe but will be taking the opportunity to meet some fellow musicians. Early days still learning the ropes but exploding with ideas so looking to expose this platform to a ton of people. 2018 is gonna rock big time.!!

Great to meet you @clivemartin. Im here in Huddersfield (centre o't'universe). Starkerz is a brummie and Stephen is a manc...(its not his fault). We are the promo-steem core team, and we are very pleased to have new brits joining our Steem family.

Thank you very much guys. I am really excited about bringing some creativity to the table and you guys are doing such a good job i never realised how huge this was behind the scenes so looking forward to contributing what I can. The potential is massive and the general vibe is quite fun here. Never really saw myself as a blogger but working on it. Not been to huddersfield I believe its a big university city. Im right slap bang in the middle of Birmingham and Manchester. Have to admit got a soft spot for manchester lived across from the palace theatre and oxford train station for a few years so could be linking up with stephen some time soon :)

I think it's brilliant and I'm really impressed, great work Dylan, and kudos to Matt @Starkerz for project managing the @anarcotech . Clearly a significant investment of time and intellect by the two of you and @stephenkendal . First impressions are great and will spend more time on there tomorrow eve too. Novice questions: 1) @Anarcotech looks too angelic in white t-shirt can he be supplied with black t shirt? ...2) More seriously, is there a scientific method of rewarding conversion (like new account creation/ content creation by new users) as a direct result of the specific promotional activity rather than just outbound promotional activity itself?

Thanks @cryptocurator! I certainly agree with the darker tshirt! He just won’t be told! Regards to rewarding performance, we will have a section on the onboarding page called ‘I was signed up by’. The plan is then to reward the best performing promoters each month from the @steem-ambassador curation rewards

Thats one of the things we are hoping to build in. We have to have some way of recording it, and for me that means having a place to onboard directly. An ongoing conversation which I'm certain we will be having more of soon, especially given how well received this has been so far.

It looks great guys! Thank you so much for all of this, lots of really useful info in the resources section as it is now.

Drinks on me whenever I see you all next!

Thanks my friend. Hope to see you soon then and hope everything is well with you.

Thanks @redrica. Look forward to seeing you in London probably again soon. We also want people to bring new content to us too. Let us share brilliant work with the community for all their promo events.

There really should be some sort of website launch party/meet up :)

Great idea. Every promo-steemer could get pissed with their clan on every continent simultaneously....maybe we will see you real soon at some london event.

Alright, one second while I give it a look!

Okay, I'm watching the video right now. That really... looks like Prossso to me, even though I know it's because that's the steem logo. Have you thought about having it be a regular "m" and putting the steemit logo as one of the o's?

I see this on the whitepaper page

Site to be hosted outside of EU to avoid GDPR legislation (due to come into effect in May 2018)

Does that mean it will neither be hosted in the EU nor the US to also avoid impending legislation in their spheres of influence? Might want to include a link or further explanation on that so it doesn't look like it's just an attempt to skirt around laws designed to protect consumers or investors.

I see a coming soon on some of the pages and a lack of discrete numbers on payouts. I assume this is because the numbers are still being worked out? I think potential adopters would be greatly relieved to be able to immediately see transparent numbers and math that works out to everyone's benefit based on their efforts.

There definitely needs to be more cautionary wording on the microloans page imo. Borrowers need to be made aware of the risks of loans, and lenders need to know how their funds will be protected. Is the interest-free going to remain forever, or is it a limited time offer in an effort to draw users to the platform? I'm not sure showing them the terms of the loan after the pitch is accepted is such a great idea. This does not foster transparency on any end, and potentially traps borrowers into feeling they must accept the loan, not knowing what terms other users have gotten.

Considering what the valuation of steem and sbd is now and market volatility I foresee issues with naive borrowers getting trapped in debt problems if they mistime their entry into a borrowing agreement, and similarly lenders can also see the value of their loans drop as repayment becomes cheaper. What are the loans priced in?

Well, it all seems interesting, and I await future iterations of the website. Good luck!

Thanks for looking so deeply into it. To generalise in answering these questions, it's mostly because we are in beta at the moment. We don't know what the numbers will be like, that will be to do with adoption. The more that whales support our efforts (and it's in their interests to do so), the more we will be able to support the promoters. Everything will be transparent, and there will be multi-proof-of-brain built in to the guild system.

In terms of hosting outside of the EU, this is because there is a particularly pernicious bit of legislation coming into force in the next few months. Of course, the powers that be always want to regulate everything, but we are a voluntaryist set. We want the community to run itself, not have to fuck about dealing with compliance with draconian legislation. If the community as a whole decides it wants the webserver hosting in the EU, then that's what we will do. But until we have community involvement (Which is the point of launching now, so we can get it) we have to do what we think is best.
The microloans...I agree, and we are talking about micro.....and we are talking about interest free, repaid by the promoters getting their promotional activities upvoted by the community (that we are supporting). The lenders are all fully aware of the risk, and they are private steemians. It's interest free for the life of the loan. People who fuck off with the loan (a) won't get another one and (b) will get called out to the community, which is probably the worst thing that can happen. Everything will be on the blockchain and transparent, so everyone will be able to verify everything. Essentially it's P2P lending purely for promotional activities, and small amounts.
I hope that clarifies some of the points for you, and once again, thanks so much for taking the time to read so thoroughly.

Can you share who you will be using for your web hosting, or if you haven’t decided yet, which companies you are looking at?
Looks good from what I’ve seen so far. I didn’t see any pop up window of a $9.99/ monthly fee to access the info on the site : )
Best of luck on this endeavor.
PS Did you intentionally use hashtag eutopian instead of utopian-io as a hashtag.


So far so good, the interface is for steemit itself, the black and blue accent on white was a good choice of colors. Looks like most things are included in sections. Wish there were multiple languages options.

It is something I'm going to incorporate into the next phase, all being well. We may need some translators to help us too!

We shall help in translations as well, We shall be able to make the kiswahili translations for some people in Africa too. I love these guys atleast they will know what steemit is all about. Time to promote our own to all parts of the world. Steemit.

This is just the start. We are taking on board all of your comments and hoping to be able to incorporate them as we go forward

We are looking forward to contributing to this cause.Good enough your start is so good so far.

love it

I propose you make the login and register buttons much bigger,especially the register,if possible provide field just like faceboo and twitter.The it will attract users

It is something I'm going to do. We wanted to basically get the main idea out to begin with, then start to build the functionality and pretty it up a bit more later. It will evolve. Thanks for your input.

Thank you for your feed back. We will look into this.

I would like to say a MASSIVE #Steemit Shout to Matt @Starkerz and Dylan @Anarcotech for their overwhelming commitment to delivering the new Website. These guys have worked tirelessly over the last 6 weeks and I am very proud of the results. Looking forward to seeing and hearing what you guys in the Community think. Stephen

It's been a pleasure. Although that @starkerz, he's worse than my old boss.... fucking deadlines this.... Bloody project managers! Just let the techies do what they want and take as long as they want about it I say.

No seriously, working with @stephenkendal and @starkerz is an absolute PLEASURE. Great guys, and I'm so proud to have been a part of it.

Well it would be a lot easier if projects were miraculously completed in 2 weeks with just one developer! I mean how hard can it be? ;))

Maybe this is a dumb question but does your idea/site create a new crypto currency?

We been waiting all long and now its finally here. I'm off to see for myself. @starkerz @dylan @anarcotech and @stephenkendal I must confess once again that this is a brilliant initiative

It's been lots of hard work from all of the team. Hope you'll like what you find and be inspired to get involve.

Thank you. I appreciate it. I want to make sure that Dylan @Anarcotech gets a mention here. Stephen

Thank you for your comment, and look forward to discussing with you.

That would mean some progress. Will also like to discuss more on the steem-ambassador project @anarcotech

Its a huge winner!!!

This is great news, I have waited for this day and finally its here, #promo-steem website gonna rock.
Thanks to #promo-steem team for these initiative.

You've done a wonderful job of promoting steemit @samiwhyte. Hope the website will enable you to on-board more users.

Yeah @steem-ambassador
I believe when fully up it will aid my promotions and getting more newbies who will remain active on the platform.

You are welcome. THere's lots to do now. We need people like you Sami applying for ambassador status.

Yea you are right @anarcotech
I'm definitely gonna apply for ambassador status.


Congratulations to you all.

Thanks a lot bro and same to you as well.

with there @ steem-ambrossador it will be easy to promo-steem and we will always help to mempromo-steem success always friends

Is this legit?

I can confirm that this is the official #Promo-Steem Website and incorporates many features including the much anticipated @Steem-Ambassador Programme. The Website is still under construction however we wanted to release it to the Community in a consultation period to get as much feedback and comments as we could. Stephen

Im very curious and i am looking forward to.. @stephenkendal

I hope it will be completed soon. I can not wait to use @stephenkendal

Yes. As you can see we are now up and running. STEEM ON

Congratulations and good luck with the project.

Thank you @damianpellejero for the support

nice and beneficial website

Thank you

Wow it’s great news for steem users...

Thank for sharing this information about this promo...

I would loved to try this @steem-ambassador....

Hi @arbazalam. Hope you find the website an interesting addition to the platform. This is a completely new opportunity and we are really excited to receive all the applications to be a @steem-ambassador. Have a read and see if you meet the criteria.

Thanks for your support @steem-ambassadotr
I would love check out all the website....

This is exciting!

okay this is really going to be big; nice work guys.

We hope so and wish for the Steemit community to get involved as well

many many congratulations for this complete this step and really the good features provide you in web and the web is looking attractive i appriciate all of you for this great work aslo the chat option is brilliant i see i like it very much and will try to register now, look forward to your next step for this
wish you all more good and success after its launching

Thank you for your kind comments

this is awesome God bless you for this new development

Thank you. Exciting times ahead.

Great video!

The page looks amazing. I suggest that you include a selector of languages, so the page can reach more places. Keep going, you are doing great. Send you my full support.

Definitely want to support a worldwide audience. Would be great if anyone can translate for us. Thanks @miguepersa.

Thank you. Yes, it is something we want to do. We are already talking to translators.

I think there should be a summary of what the site does at the top page!

For the logging, I would like to know if this will be a part of the Steemit Blockchain.

what I'm trying to day it that, will it be a site on its own or a project on steemit that a steemian can login using his/her steemit details through the steem connect! I would love it be a part of the Steemit Blockchain!

Thanks for putting this up, this will encourage promoters like myself to do more and bring in more people to the platform!

Great advice. Thank you for your comments. Have a look at the video at the top of the website for a quick overview.

The answer is yes. We want to make it all incorporated into the blockchain. We may have to phase this out in stages. But absolutely yes.

Owkay great! This is a great innovation

Congratulations! looks awesome... wish you all the success with this great marketing initiative.

Thanks @kwesijunior. Hope you get involved with us on our journey in promoting steem.

OK - here's some feedback:

We reward and support the worldwide network of voluntaryists who are actively promoting and growing Steem and the Steemit platform.

I was hoping for a nice summary at the top of what the site really does. I was boggled by the word "voluntaryists". :-D Is the word you are looking for "volunteers"? In any case, this intro sentence is your most important one, and it didn't make much sense to me.

What is it, really? My guess is:

"Low-cost event promotion, by leveraging the power of the Steem network"

If that is what it is, I am very interested! That's a powerful thing, which will pull people into the Steem network. I think you want to use as "non-jargon" as possible. I don't think you want to talk about "Whales" and such, because that will drive some of your potential users away. Why?
I do not thing your average promoter cares about such things! Save that for "Advanced Steem-Promo Features" -- in other words, tell them about it later after they are signed up.

Just my advice. Best of luck in your endeavors.

I do understand what you mean.... by voluntaryists, we mean people who realise that they have taken it upon themselves to be promoters. They aren't paid, told what to do, contracted or otherwise. They are people who see the value in promoting, for themselves, and their communities. Of course, this initiative will bring together many people who can be mobilised en masse. But for now, I think we do mean voluntaryists. I hope that makes sense. And thank you so much for your thoughts. We do need to be able to address them all, and ensure it makes sense to everyone who's involved.

You are welcome to steemit bro

First of all i will say a very big thank you for the launching, hopefuly this #promo-steem will help a lot of steemians

Thank you. As it starts to evolve, I suspect it will help a lot of people....from those who are already here, to those who have as yet never even heard of Steem.

Amazing work guys #Promo-Steem

Congratulations! good luck

@holoz0r this sounds like something the Adelaide crew might be interested in.

That will be great support. Look on the map. There may be other groups in your area getting involved

I just checked the website and it looks neat and organized. It's very simple to understand and there's ample amount of information on it. Looking forward to the main launch! Keep up the good work!

Thank you. We have tried to keep it straight forward and user friendly. We will hopefully have the main launch in approx 10 weeks.

I don't mind having to wait for longer as long as everything is smooth and functional. :D

Congratulations @starkerz and @stephenkendal. Thanks for all your hard work which is paying off now

Thank you @edenmichelle

It will be one of the greatest community, I have already made my Steem Ambassador Application, Waiting to hear back from the Promo-Steem team.

Congratulations! Woohh this looks very interesting. I hope this will be successful because this is a great idea.

The new site looks very clean from a UI perspective and has concise content on each of the pages I viewed. I'm not sure why other people are saying that it looks like a SPAM site, as the site design looks very professional and the text is clear and to the point.

The only thing that I think that could use a bit more work is to have clearer calls to action for visitors to the site. You should identify what actions you would like for your users to take (i.e. what is the desired outcome / conversion action... Ambassador signups, getting more followers, etc...), and then tailor some of the pages to be more focused on driving users towards those conversion actions. I'd suggest also adding an FAQ section that addresses common questions that your visitors may have regarding the services that you're promoting.

Overall though, I think you guys did a great job, and I work in online marketing and analytics, so I regularly do website & conversion path optimization analysis and have personally evaluated hundreds of websites over the years. Great job guys!

This is a terrific project i must say,looking forward to it.

First off all mamy many congratulations for another success,my is with you.And you ask about website that how is looking? It's looking great. ..for now...

thanks for your support and comment!

your welcome <3 my support is always with you brother

Thanks for sharing this information with us! All the best going forward!

Super! Just went through the website and signed up!
Thanks for all the logos! Will be creating a Standee for my event on 14th and maybe more stuff like flyers for the 21st event in Mumbai (all depends on the printing time).

The resources section helped a lot. Especially tips on How to Promote Steemit 👌🏽
A suggestion would be to add more stuff like Dtube, Dsound, Dmania, etc to the Useful Steem Apps section. The Dtube and Dsound will definitely catch the attention of musicians and content creators like me.

I would love to list my events in the section.
Here are my posts and updates about the event (One more coming today):

  1. Announcement Post - The Blockchain Musician
  2. Bringing in New Musicians & Creators to Steemit

Thank you for looking at our sight and using the resources section. This is the aim for every person to have equal access. Good luck with your ventures.

This will be a great help to me, as I am trying to spread the words in Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India. So far I have been able to bring few people on board, but this will help me accelerate lunching public events and bring more attention.

Wow you did very good

Grea idea. If you guys need an Android app, I can help [email protected]

unclechef, that would be awesome. how about coming to find me in the discord?

I think I'm the first applicant, yay ;)

Home page feedback:
Seeing the logo three times at once is a bit overkill ;) I would like it better if the video was in the middle, and everything around it were "less busy".

Also, if you want someone to subscribe to your mailing list, the opt-in form should be above the fold and have a call to action or some very precise message as to what I'm gonna get if I subscribe.

Right now it's not clear who you are actually addressing. Do you want to attract ambassadors to this site, or new Steemians? Two very different target groups.

I would guess you want to attract and onboard new Steemians, because the ambassadors and whales would know this site and log in straight to the backend. They have been recruited from within the community. So everything on the website should be geared towards newcomers only.

The rest, below the fold - I really like that. I like the floating thingies, and the structure.

The purple flow chart under Guild mechanism puzzles me a bit - what is the difference between an ambassador and a promoter? I just applied as an ambassador, but maybe I'm a promoter? Can you be both?

Wow what brilliant feedback. Thanks for taking the time to do this @connecteconomy. You can of course be both! Good luck!

Brilliant feedback. thank you so much for that. We are, right now, doing the following:

  1. Getting feedback on the direction of what we are doing, and asking the question, is the message clear enough?

  2. Making sure that people who are keen to get into the Ambassadors programme start signing up, so that we are ready to hit the ground running when we launch proper.

  3. Ensuring that this is something the community actually wants and values.

  4. Letting everyone know that this is coming, and that promo-steem is taking a massive next step, and getting supporters to know about it and spread the word.

  5. Getting great ideas that we haven't thought about yet. And finding people who can work with us to do it quickly, efficiently and securely. And make it look and function really well.

  6. Getting support from the whales, who realise the value of delegating STEEM into this project, that is ultimately going to raise the value of STEEM, which makes everyone happy!