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With the huge, ongoing effort put into #promo-steem by the countless Steem Ambassadors around the world, @stephenkendal and I would like to propose a way forward to consolidate and improve the initiative here below.


Although we do not want Steem to fall into the trap of becoming only a self marketing machine I am sure I echo the community's sentiments when I say that we are in a race against the clock, with strong competition from other blockchains in the social media / tokenisation sphere. It is therefore imperative that we dedicate a proportion of our community's resources towards the promotion of Steem and Steemit.

With a multitude of tried and tested promotional methods for our platform out there, many of which can be found on the #promo-steem tag, we have a strong basis to improve the initiative.

As highlighted during my talk at Steemfest 2017, our community has some great Steem Ambassadors dedicated to helping the community grow. This benefits everyone on the platform. Their actions should be reinforced, encouraged and remunerated.

Until now, these Steemians have carried out their valuable promotional work in their own time using their own funds to arrange apparel, transport, tickets, accommodation and other promotional materials. The volunteers at the #promo-steem team have helped to fund some of this work with their up votes.

Prior to Steemfest2 the #promo-steem tag was worth less than 10,000 Steem. With such funding, It is difficult to sustain or grow the initiative further at this present time. Below I propose solutions to this problem and outline mechanisms whereby we can leverage the Steemit community to grow the promotional effort for the benefit of all on the platform.


Propose to provide titles to dedicated Steemians who are doing outstanding work promoting Steem. The title Steem Ambassador (or Steembassador) could be given to steemians who meet certain criteria. This could be decided by either community vote or decision from other Steem Ambassadors, or a combination of both. This would allow certain outstanding, trusted individuals to be recognized and be given coordination / proposal responsibilities in geographic areas for example. Additionally, being titled an Ambassador, would not require work associated with only promotion, but other value added activities.
The details of criteria and how to apply to be a Steem Ambassador should be detailed on the website (See point 4. below).


It is proposed that an account is set up by Steemit Inc. to which Steem can be donated or delegated. The private keys can be kept by Steemit.Inc. A well regarded Steem Ambassador from the community would then be provided access to the posting keys. The account would Re-Steem and up vote the highest quality promotional blogs. Additionally, This account could run feature blogs and promotional competitions, rewarding the best / most proactive promoters each week / month along with promotional campaigns.


We are currently working on a "Pre-Steemit"on boarding site where we would like to direct new sign ups to. We would like input from the community and Steemit Inc. as to what features should be included.

We would like to request ability for certain promoters / Steem Ambassadors to ratify new accounts there and then, on the spot to avoid lengthy sign up process.

So far, This site will have the following features:

  • Various sign up options:
  • Accounts pre-charged with Steem to avoid multi exchange fiat - Steem purchase. Can Steemit Inc help with this?
  • Anon Steem
  • Standard sign up.
  • Steemit help links
  • Community Links
  • Whale shares, steemnow, steemcool links
  • Welcome page
  • View your voting power
  • Others

Credit to @anarcotech & @stephenkendal for the majority of work conceptualizing this site.


This shall be a separate web page which will shall only display blogs from the #promo-steem tag. In order to reduce up voting of spam, At least 3 notable members of the Steemit Ambassadors community shall regularly review the page for excellent quality promotional content. They shall rate the blogs and the Steem that is delegated to the guild shall be distributed to the blogs with the highest quality promotional content using the Steem blockchain. Proposal is to work with Steemit Inc. on layout of this site and obtaining delegated Steem for the guild. Credit to @anarcotech on this creative initiative.

WhatsApp Image 2017-11-11 at 23.14.11.jpeg

Additionally, include here details of Steem Ambassadors Programme, all known promotional methods, links to discord channel, Approved apparel designs for t-shirts, caps, mugs, pens, business cards, flyers etc.


Once new Steemians are signed up, @futurethinker is setting up a guild to help support new Steemians in their early endeavors on Steemit, so that new high quality content is recognized as soon as possible, resulting in higher retention rates of new comers to the platform.


We understand that it is equally as important to bring new investment & businesses into Steem as well as to bring new users in. The two go hand in hand and the sustainability of Steem depends upon a certain correlation between the two.

In September 2017 #promo-uk attended the London Investors Show, credit to @ashley-peat, @tomasgeorge, @anarcotech & @stephenkendal for making it happen. We got this excellent stage to present Steem & Steemit cost free through Ashley's diligence and Stephen's contacts. The show was highly successful, as we were bombarded with positive questions until the event finished where we spent a further 45 minutes outside of the venue explaining the benefits of Steem to a remaining crowd of 35 people.
The demand for "Blockchain" tech at investment fairs and business networking events is strong at present.

Proposal: Attendance to present at these events is expensive, however, the potential exposure to investment and new business is tremendous. We would like to propose a community crowd fund on to afford the fee to attend the London Investors show in 2018. Would Steemit Inc be able to publicize and assist with or match a crowd fund?

Full Video of the investors show is HERE



Other blockchains are rewarding their members who do great promotional work with bounty's that the community / core team votes to distribute. Proposal is to implement similar type system within Steemit, particularly for reimbursement of personal funds that have been spent on promotional work.


We already provide interest free loans (approx 200 usd) to get people started should they need to acquire t-shirts, or other apparel, but do not have the initial funds. The idea being that we can up vote their promotional blogs until the amount of the loan is made back, at which point the funds can be returned interest free, and the Steemian who loaned the Steem now has a better reputation and increased following, due to having completed their work and having blogged about it. The party loaning the Steem blogs about the loan and will receive what is effectively an interest payment from the up votes on the blog. We wanted to start off with micro loans using a pitching process for promotional work HERE. However we would be happy to expand this for larger promotional efforts with clear costings.


The following summarize the proposals in principle, but do not fully detail each proposal from the above and are intended as discussion points only going forwards:
a). Support Steem Ambassador (or Steembassador) Programme
b). Support creation of Marketing and Promotional Steemit Account
c). Support creation of separate onboarding site
d). Provide key Steem Ambassadors with account ratification capabilities
e). Support creation of accounts with pre-loaded Steem for direct fiat - Steem investments
f). Support creation of up voting guild for promotional work, possibly including publicizing and allocating delegated Steem
g). Support creation of up voting guild for new Steemians, possibly including publicizing and allocating delegated Steem
h). Support funding or match funding & publicize promo-steem / Steem Ambassadors attendance to investment shows, university talks or business events.
i). Implementation of a bounty programme.
j). support an interest free micro loan programme.

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This post is really impressive. It must have taken you hours to do. You should certainly have more input from people with influence to make something like this happen. The best thing about this platform is that it is worldwide. You get to chat and find out about many people from countries you might never get to in a lifetime which enriches life. I notice that you have many people from countries all over involved in the promo-steem tag. If that's not enough to get some help for generously giving their time, then I don't know what more you can do. I am sure that this will get the backing of a lot of whales as it is a project that will benefit all Steemians. Go PROMO-STEEM TEAM.

Thanks @honeybee11, Certainly doing what we can to try to get the community to support the amazing steembassadors around the world!

Thank you so much @starkerz and also thanks to each and everyone involved with this proposal. I think this is a must if we all agree to "think in Steem/Steemit for the long run".

Some things I can see more clearly while becoming an "rookie investor and entrepreneur":

  • The most valuable tech companies1 out there, became what they are today by evolving, changing, thinking "out of the box", etc. They have become the greatest and they have never stopped to flow in a consistent way. Let's say Netflix as an example, it has a proven-record of adapting itself in order to be the best. Those are the examples we must follow if we want the EcosystemSteem to grow. If you take a look of any of those companies, since 1 or 2 years ago, you will notice almost an exponential growth.
  • Even that we(as Steem Blockchain) provide a better "solution/idea" to the people2, it is imperative to make it more sustainable and it is a must start thinking pro-Steemians. Especially those (like me) who don't have enormous stakes of SP. The wales should start thinking in this way in order to contribute for the better.
  • Steem can survive without many people right? I know it is been proved already. I mean if the minority (big whales and steem massive holders) continue voting themselves over and over, they could still make a lot of money. My question for them is: "Do you realise you could make even much more money if Steemit becomes massive?". Have you ever thought about what would be if 1 STEEM could reach the same price as 1 Ethereum? Have we ever analysed what do we need to make it happen? Are we willing to make it happen, seriously?
  • Proof of time®. This is new definition I would like to propose, I will explain this. Since I became a Steemian, I putted my 200% in order to understand how to make it work for me. This took me more than 4 hours per day, in a 7 months time basis. This would be around 840 hours. This, ladies and gentlemen, this is "The Proof of Time" within the EcoSteem. Basically I can say that an average person will need around 500 hours of their time in order to get accepted in a nice guild/community/club such as sndbox. Have we ever thought if an average person would have this determination? Could this be avoided somehow?.
  • What happen if the next year 1 STEEM = $0.01?. This would mean my profile would worth about $18.32. I guess I would go away without a second thought. What would happen if the next year 1 STEEM = $10. My profile would worth about $18316.69. This would mean something to me. This would mean 1 year of my life, while promoting STEEM, while I was doing a lot of research by myself would worth a bit more than the average year salary of a person (with a wage under the minimum) within an average country.
  • So I must repeat this because it is important to leave it as the final idea: What would happen if the greater/almighty/masters of STEEM/whales/Gods of "great content" start thinking out of the box and also out of their pointless greed?

PS: If those who have the most powerful accounts could realise the power they have in hands, the potential they have, maybe...and just maybe, it could be a brighter future for all members within the ECOsystemSTEEM. Yes I know, my english "is not very good looking"

1: There is no need to tell you the names. As soon as I said "The most valuable companies" you've got the picture, also, I consider we "as Steem Ecosystem", we are part of a tech company with huge potential.
2: I don't see FB giving money away to professional bloggers. I don't see twitter giving away money to save Darthnava's life, do you?

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. .
Saturno Mangieri - Asesor de Tecnologías Blockchain
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This is great! thanks for the effort you put into this comment! i fully support this content! i especially like the idea of proof of time ;))

If only we have more of @starkerz and @stepehenkendal maybe we would have hit 1Million users with the #promo-steem initiative

Thank you LAGOS!! There really are many others beyond us who deserve credit here! :)

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

An idea is flourishing in our work group, I have several colleagues, primary teachers, drawing, languages, blockchain and others. They are willing to take educational classes for the adult and adolescent community, to teach them what they know for free. We already have a small site that I made a small review in my blog.

But our vision goes beyond a small room, we want to form larger and larger study communities, which is not a classroom, but thousands of rooms and Steemit can help us in some way with this project, since there may be a provision free of classes, but it would be better if one way or another could reward the work that these teachers bring to the communities.

"Steemit educating the communities".

With this, we would unite communities in all areas, and it would be easier to create projects and ideas for the community. In turn, we would know the power of Steemit, because in addition to promoting, we will instruct people who enter the platform.

What do you think about this?
How could the STM help this project?

I know you have more experience and you can open my ideas even more

This sounds very exciting! hve you been in touch with @ejemai from the steemit accelerator hubs (@stach) they sound very much in line with what you are doing....
Certainly there would be scope to look at releasing an SMT around this idea.

Hey I think this is indeed what we need. Would you want to talk to me on discord or

And if you are already doing this, I would like to add you to the list of promoters of my contest:

Of course friend would be a pleasure, I go to

@starkerz, I salute your proposal, this is indeed right on point.... Many people see a great need to steem on steemit for the steem, but only a few of us see the reason to promote steemit for those that will steem it and promote it more....

A stagnant water speaks badly of the pond and the water itself....

There is joy in sharing..... ( My Believe ) and an impacting life is an impacting life....

We must use every of our strength to build our planet and the planet we are going...

I'm @honourmaus a dedicated steemian working both online and offline to promote steemit......

May God Help Us

This is exactly right! steemit has this amazing inbuilt quality where once we start to think about creating value for others, the price will go up and everyone will benefit. This whole initiative is about starting this discussion and getting people to start changing their way of thinking about steem!

Exactly Sir....

I'm in for growth which I believe is only achievable with promotion

Now we are talking.

  • I am 100% support every and each project or proposal you made.
    For steem promoting #promo-steem

  • If you want i can help on the development of the website if you put it in github workframe.

  • And of course the agree on certain united design for promoting material is a must.

  • And the idea of the steem Ambassador is more than breliant my boss.
  • Thanks for this support @omar-hesham, I am sure that you and @anarcotech may have a lot of talking points here as he will be doing a fair bit of the work on the website!

    AMAZING proposal! This is just what is needed! I hope feel the same as I do! STEEMON!
    Upvoted & Resteemed

    Thank you! :)

    There is a lot of grass roots interest from users in trying to help make STEEM better and better. Basically free labor.

    Is the potential value of all the free labor being fully appreciated and realized by the leadership team?

    Great question @davebrewer, I am hoping that point no 1 above will provide a mechanism to address this question

    All good ideas here Matt. I do hope Steemit Inc provide the necessary level of support asap.

    As far as I know Steemit Inc doesn't have any significant marketing initiatives of its own that your ideas would be competing with?

    While at Steemfest did you manage to get much chance to put your ideas to Ned and co? Were they receptive?

    Would getting some of the top witnesses behind you help carry the message to Steemit Inc?

    Hey @pennsif, thanks for your feedback, I did spend a little time with Ned and Andrarchy, This blog has been put together to propose ideas to them and start the discussion going forwards. Will be interesting to see what next step is. I am not aware that there are existing initiatives that compete with these, however, if I have missed any, this is where we will see. and if there are competing initiatives, this is also great as we can provide our resources to help with them. Of course getting the witnesses behind this would be very helpful to all on steemit.

    Looking forward to seeing how this progresses. Hopefully well and fast.

    Have you got many witnesses on board with this yet?

      ·  2 years ago (edited)

    not many.... yet

    Have you had any contact with @aggroed (witness #9). He has 'phone-in' type radio show on MSP Waves radio. Unfortunately a bit late for the UK though - 2am Sunday night.

    @aggroed has also announced is he running a Steemit Growth Forum next Saturday for whales, witnesses and community leaders. Could be good if you can get in on that...

    This is awesome! I am busy this week, but will try to call in. I will certainly be on one of these calls however! Great info!

    Great proposal @starkerz
    This will aid our work on steemit
    And cover for the current short comings
    I pray steemit inc. considers it.

    Thanks man!! STEEMON! keep up the great work in Nigeria and in the STACHs!


    promo-steem every day is gaining strength and a big boost for the growth of the community in an organized way, this is really great. Many times when I check the promo-steem tag I felt a bit of annoyance due to the spam that some users are doing when abusing the tag when posting content that had nothing to do with the Steemit promotion, this somehow makes the promotional messages of quality lose and disappear do not receive the value they deserve. Thanks for this initiative
    On the other hand, I am grateful for all the support you have given me and it is worth noting that I am available to continue working and improving by taking steemit up.

    Awww, muchos gracias @roseri, your ongoing support is great and I really appreciate it!!

      ·  2 years ago (edited)

    Hi Matt, i must say you just made me believe more in this Steem journey and I am glad I got on the same bus with you guys. Nice proposal and it will really a good thing if Steemit Inc can look through this and act. We need to shift attention seeing Steemit as a purely blogging website. The potentials herein is bigger than the online alone.

    Thanks fella! great speaking to you yesterday! I look forward to seeing your next moves and what amazing value you can create from your steemit accelerators that you are setting up!

    This is amazing, @starkerz. This proposal is so concise and with the implementation of this, we can hit the stars for steemit. I love what you are doing,bro. @greatness96

    Much appreciate this from the greatness! ;)) cheers!

    When you get a twinge in your pants after reading a Blog, is it time to get a life? haha haha. AWESOME BLOG..!! Stephen

    Hahaha! you might want to get that checked out ;)) Ill look forward to your next blog on twinges... you can spare giving me any credit however ;))

    Dylan sent me a text on the bat phone earlier with some amazing news. From what I can gather that is him up all night for the next few nights..!! These are EXCITING times for #promo-steem..!! Stephen

    I hope he is wearing a steem t-shirt ;)

    Yes. Although I've dropped curry down two of them. #geeklife

    There's plenty keeping me up at night at the moment mate. This is just one of them.....

    the 3 things in this that i really support are -

    Going to universities, conferences, investment shows - this is the place where you'll find businesses, other established content creators etc. and in general people who are actually willing to put out high quality content and invest in the platform.

    direct fiat-to-steem investments - this is really important. Everybody talks about how they hate BTC, but they still rely on BTC for new money to come into the system. Steem must be independent of BTC.

    Voting guilds for new accounts - once you get all these people who are producing good content, you have to get these people noticed on the platform.

    Thank you!! These certainly are among the most important things to ensure promotion goes smoothly!

    Looks ambitious and progressive! I like it! It was nice meeting you in Lisbon. I hope to get on board the promo train as well

    Looking forward to having you sir! :))

    fortunately aja, you @starkerz and @ stepehenkendal.kalau not you guys i do not know what will this promo steem

    Thank you!

    Mungkin hari ini saya akan membagikan sebuah promo steem

    Saya menantikannya ;)

    Ya terima kasih kawan.
    Saya sudah menepati janji saya sama anda.
    Sudah saya promosi steemit di aceh

    @starkerz this initiative is one of the greatest ideas to market the platform in my time here on steemit.
    The point you mention: "d). Provide key Steem Ambassadors with account ratification capabilities", is very related to the invite a friend button system I was thinking of. There should be a way to help ratify and help new comers get their account faster. Hope this ideas get moving as soon as possible. If you need to translate or understand some things in spanish better, feel free to send it to me, and I can translate it so you understand the full business or concept idea. Sometimes google translator misses important details mentioned on the other language. Upvoted. Again, thanks for all your support. @gold84

    That is great! regards translation, please feel free to go through my work on my blog and translate what you think is the most important! even if you think what i am saying the vids is imporatnt, just make your own video that summarizes what i said. I will always be upvoting this type of work ;) ABUV (Always Be Up Voting)

      ·  2 years ago (edited)

    @starkerz thanks for letting me know about this. Once I decide to translate something, do I make a post on the translation, and add your name to still get you the credit on it? How do I communicate to you I made the translation? I like to write more than making videos, so perhaps I capture all the idea on the video, and summerize it written and add a few photos of the video. Looking forward to your thougths on this! I am a strong believer your business ideas, strategies, actions together with the ones of @stephenkendal , @anarcotech and may other people like @jerrybanfield and recently @elear with @utopian-io (which is really disruptive), will make the steem blokchain to have a massive run in the short, mid and long term. This looks unstoppable.

    See with all what I read and learn from you, and my business/design background I came up with my latest idea this morning of the Steemit Mentors link, were I was able to connect the promo-teams steem as Mentors (If you think its a good idea, and I read many posts were promo teams are really mentoring new people and looking for new signups on their regions), with the steemit worldmap, and having them showcased as per @stephenkendal idea and the discussion with you the other day. I like to be able to connect the dots of smart ideas around.

    Looking forward to hear from you on this.
    Regards, @gold84

      ·  2 years ago (edited)

    Great comment @gold84, steemit mentors is a great idea, @anarcotech has set up a discord for @minnowmentor for this purpose already, so maybe worth contacting him with this idea, he may even be open to letting you run this site....

    Regards translation, dont need to ask if you are translating our promo work into another language, its fine! ill be upvoting it. if you post to promo-steem, i will normally find your blog there.

    Sounds great @starkerz , I will definitely keep this in mind and let you know when I translate something.

    Regarding Utopian-io I have recently made my second contribution ( ) , and on this second one I am still waiting for 2 days to get this one approved. Do you know how long would it take? @gold84

    no idea, i have had little to do with so far., not time yet ;)) promo promo promo!!

    @starkerz thanks for the follow up. I already learned how all the process is. @utopian-io is a disruptive idea from @elear . This will really help Steem value go up. With the ecosystem they generated they will attract creative people to learn about steem and steemit, and they will be getting excellent rewards for their contributions. Its a win to win situation for all the steem community and ecosystem. @gold84

    Great post matey. It's great to see it starting to come together. I've registered and I'm going to get a holding page up for this whilst I work on developing the site. For clarification, I'm planning on building new tools, maybe similar to ones mentioned here, but not necessarily using others work unless they are keen to support us, and help implement it. I think we will get lots of offers anyway from some of the great developers here, and I'm pleased to hear from anyone who can assist. Ideally, we could do with a response from steemit Inc, but even if we don't get one, I'm still committed to getting stuck in with this.

    @omar-hesham has given some positive comments regarding supporting the website....

    Great to hear. I understand regarding the new tools, however, the lists I provided here are just to give an idea. Certainly agree we need to approach other developers for support. Looking forward to this going forwards

  • I am with you 100%.
  • I saw that you are intending to use Wordpress.
    If you want any help i am hear to assets.

    @starkerz after analysing the great conceptualization for the "Onboarding Site" (item 3 above) I would say @stephenkendal and @anarcotech have done an incredible job.

    Do you have a conceptual design in JPG or progress on the website design?

    We can also add the following:
    a- A video with an elevator pitch of 60 seconds to attract potential investors (I am writing about this idea and will have it ready in a few hours or tomorrow morning). Here I mention ideas such as what should be discussed on the minute video, which steemians could meet the criteria for doing it (yourself @starkerz and @stephenkendal togethere could make it together perhaps?), and the reasons for doing it.

    b- A link or page dedicated to @utopian-io which is huge to attract more creative people to the steem blockchain and steemit. It is giving great rewards to people who contribute with great ideas, developments, analysis on open source projects, and several other topics. In this post I made yesterday I added a link to @aggroed tutorial video which is a 40 mins quality video to know almost everything needed to get started with utopian-io. Here is the post:

    c- Somewhere make a link to Steembassadors (as Mentors). Here is the idea I proposed for steemit front-end. It can be adapted and placed somewhere on the onbording site:

    d- Steem and Sbd live prices (here is the idea)

    e- Adding access to the so people can find steembassadors easier according to the region they live.

    Hope this is helpful.


    To the best of my limited knowledge i can say that :-

    (1) Upvote guild for a new steemian will certainly be the best idea....But there is a BUT.....u have limited this to high quality content...every body is not a born writer but there are some people if u can guide then they can spark even better than the original author after a period of time. So please make it to "JUST ABOVE AVERAGE POST". Because this way they can feel that motivation. However this is my idea and my sense of understanding. So this may not be generalized sense.

    (2) The BOUNTY PROGRAM will prove revolutionary for #promo-steem and to add further please make some frame of reward for those who promote in other social sites, you may list those sites in your blog which will be reference for other to promote steem. This way not only the promotion will happen but also the promoter will work with full effort in a sense to get bounty, so both way the intended purpose shall be fulfilled.

    The steem price is down now, but i can see a great future of steem price in its journey ahead.

    As always i can say both @starkerz and @stephenkendal are instrumental for #promo-steem

    Thank you so much,...

    Steem on and stay blissful...

    Thanks for the input here!

    1. I intend to aim for as much promo work as the upvotes will allow us, however, I want to avoid spam and people just posting to the tag for up votes (as is happening already). Your point is understood and maybe I will reword the language around this for the avoidance of doubt.

    2. This is also to include digital marketing efforts.

    Thanks again for keeping a close eye on what we are doing!

    Yes sir sure . Thanks for responding to my comment.

    first point is limited to this community only....but the second point is multi dimensional and if you really frame a good schedule of reward(bounty) to those who really put every effort to bring it upto the expectation then it can give a real spark even beyond our expectation. But again it should not turn out to be a bounty hunter program, so the framework of reward should be formulated in such a manner that it should strike balance between the reward and outcome of a promotion.....

    Anyway you people are more genius in terms of managing all these aspect of promo-steem

    I myself have a separate program which i will do in February 2018 and i will let u know....and my budget is also more, but i always take inspiration from you people.


    Much appreciated! I look forward to finding out about your program, and helping out if I can!

    every body is not a born writer but there are some people if u can guide then they can spark even better than the original author after a period of time.

    True not everyone is a writer. However there are more forms to contribute to Steemit. I also think with a bit guidance everyone can contribute possitively to steemit. This is what my community will be about. We will help each other discover our talents.

    I have a strong will to encourage Indonesian to join Steemit. We are in the 5th rank of the biggest population in the world but the number of Steemian from Indonesia is even less than from Nigeria. Indonesia has a big potential for Steemit, just check our population in FB and Tweeter. The main problem that I consider as a challenge is not about to make more Indonesian to join Steemit but also to assure them to create original works. Rewards is always make people happy, but it also can encourage people to do bad things such as plagiarism. So according to my opinion, i have to not only promote steemit but i should combine it with writing lessons or other creative programs. I should assure them that being original creators is the priority, and that is more than just got the reward in term of upvotes. Steemit is a good start to join history of the world changes toward a better world, and it requires creativity, consistency, honesty, and honour.

    I am a teacher and writer, I have my students and fans throughout my country. I am sure I can promote Steemit everywhere but I need support to help those who join willing to be original and creative. I have some programs in the real world, and I will take some of my programs implemented with blockchain technology and promoted in Steemit, as examples for Indonesian how to be a good Steemian that not only got rewarded by upvotes but with honour as well.

    I hope you can help me with this. Thank you.

    Hello @mariska.lubis!

    The main problem that I consider as a challenge is not about to make more Indonesian to join Steemit but also to assure them to create original works.

    Rewards is always make people happy, but it also can encourage people to do bad things such as plagiarism.

    That is exactly what I think. New people need to be taught that this platform isn't about quick money, and don't even reward those who seek it. I am making a group in which promoters and newcomers can help each other and we also provide curation.

    You seem perfect for the group. Mind to contact me on or Discord?

    Awesome stuff guys!! i think @futurethinker has clearly written a better response than i can on this one! STEEMON!

    i totally agree with you and I am willing to join...


    Thank you!


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    good post ...

    really an awesome post

    this post is usefull

    This is amazing. The actual problem is that people haven't heard of steemit, so how can they join?

    We need this and more promotion incentives to push steemit far. I know I would get in touch with you one day.

    Hehe! My door is always open! Good to have your interest!

    Awesome work and really exciting stuff!

    loved the idea really awesome

    It seems to me that every time we will be more voices talking about steemit, as I am always at your service for this task ... better things come. and I think that it is an excellent idea to help all the new ones in steemit to have a good use of the promo-steem label .... I think this material is excellent because it seems important to me that the voice of this great idea

    Thanks @milagros!! :))

    This is fantastic!!
    with more incentive to promote Steem, it's bound to go viral before we know it

    Hopefully so!! its really down to each of us to make this happen however :)

    Very good postsharing. and informative thank you for

    Thank you!

    @starkerz - this is brilliant. Steemit Inc should have recognised your amazing work a long time ago

      ·  2 years ago (edited)

    ;)) steemon!! :) Not to be too harsh, we did want to get this work under our belts before spreading the word.

      ·  2 years ago (edited)Reveal Comment

    Nice ... very helpful

    Once this is up and running I will be one of the people using their social media platforms to drive users here and I think a lot of those people will use their platforms as well. I'm excited about this!

    I have just over 300k total followers :) CANT WAIT!

    Really really great to hear! looking forward to this going forwards! also, i am sure you know already, but Smart media tokens will allow for content creators on other platforms to bring steem to their youtube channels and own sites instead of having to migrate their users onto If you post promotional work, please post it to the #promo-steem, as we are always scanning this tag to upvote great wuality content!

    Hey @starkerz! Are you on Discord? If not you really should as it's a great place to connect and promote the Steem blockchain! :)

    I am getting ready to be there soon. We are moving the promo steem initiative forward and we will have a presence soon as part of this move! steemon and looking forward to seeing you there!

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    nice post