Full Video and Photos from the Steemit Presentation at The London Investor Show. Friday 20th October 2017.

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Hi everyone!

So, this Friday the 20th of October 2017 was the #Steemit Presentation at the London Investors show!

Speaking at the event was Dylan @anarcotech, Matt @starkerz and Stephen @stephenkendal.

Helping with the event tech was myself @tomasgeorge and Ashley @ashelypeat.

To watch the full talk then just click below :)

Below are some of the photographs that I took of the guys at the #Steemit Presentation.

Stephen @stephenkendal and Matt @starkerz holding up the Steemit banner.

Myself @tomasgeorge and Ashley @ashelypeat getting ready to film just before the event started.

@molometer, Matt @starkerz, Ashley @ashleypeat and myself @tomasgeorge getting ready before the event.

Myself @tomasgeorge and @molometer having a laugh before the event started.

Dylan @anarcotech giving us his charismatic speech about how the steem is created and distributed on Steemit and the point of view of Steemit from a blogger.

Dylan @anarcotech

Dylan @anarcotech

Dylan @anarcotech

Dylan @anarcotech

Matt @starkerz telling us about Steemit from an investors point of view.

Matt @starkerz

Matt @starkerz

Matt @starkerz showing us his annual investment return projection for Steemit.

Stephen @stephenkendal showing is his Steemit account and how he's created so much steem power from blogging.

There were plenty of Questions and Dylan, Matt and Stephen answered them all with ease.

After the talk the guys were like boyband members, everyone wanted to talk to them!

A massive #Steemit shout out to Dylan @Anarcotech, Matt @Starkerz and Stephen @stephenkendal for speaking and Ashley @AshleyPeat for doing a truly outstanding job promoting Steemit at the London Investor show.

I hope you like the video and the photos and we hope to take team #promo-uk on tour again!

Thanks for reading this,


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@tomasgeorge it was a pleasure to spend the day with you and @ashleypeat in the car, there and back up the country (even if you did spend most of the time asleep like a baby on the backseat). Look forward to the next one dude. See you soon I hope in Leeds (or Huddersfield) for a few bevvies and a bit of Steeming!

Shared on twitter. Stephen

Nice, thanks Stephen :)

You are very welcome Tomas. You and Ashley did an outstanding job. Stephen

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Great presentation!

Thanks, I'm glad you liked it!

Great post promoting Steemit


Of nothing I am following your interesting post

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Thank you :)


Fantastic video! The audience certainly seemed intrigued, which is further evidenced by all the questions you got later on.

Just want to make a slight correction, someone mentioned DTube and said that it was part Steem-blockchain and part centralized. In actual fact both parts are decentralised, the videos are saved on the IPFS network, which is a decentralized network though not a blockchain. Even the webpage itself, which hosts the client video code, is on IPFS. The aspects of DTube which remain centralized are very minor, and they're working on decentralizing those too.