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If you didn't know I attended the London CryptoCurrency Show this April 14th and wow what a awesome day it was for myself and Steemit.

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Images By: @simonjay

Have you heard about Steemit being promoted in London for the London Cryptocurrency Show?

No? Well our main speakers there were Matt @Starkerz, Dylan @anarcotech and Stephen @stephenkendal who wanted us all to make a big noise about it and gosh did we make a noise!

And rightly so, if you didn't know London is probably one of the biggest financial centre's in the world so its a perfect location to place the amazing platform that is Steemit.com

It was a great opportunity to promote our amazing cryptocurrency "Steem" in England it gave some of the attending Steemit.com community users a great opportunity to promote the platform to many people who were new and interested in crypto.
Or there was those just interested in new technology and learning of course where they should be investing their money.

Hint...yeah if you didn't guess yet anybody who attended can vouch that Steem-promo took the lime light at the event, it even stole the show for many different reasons.

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The stand looked amazing it was the vision and determination of @starkerz @anarcotech @stephenkendal and of course graphic designer @creatocracy

The main talk was presented I thought very well by @anarcotech who spoke with the audience through 10 reasons why Steem is the best Blockchain.


Gif By: @simonjay

And this was before he began introducing speakers who had travelled from all around the world to speak about their Steem based projects.

• e-steem (with @dunksky

@utopian-io ( with @techslut)

@fredrikaa and @howo from Steempress

@stach (with @ejemai)

Well @ejemai could not make it to this event due to unfortunate reasons but @anarcotech covered the STACH Project based from Nigeria and passionately done the talk on @ejemai’s behalf which was very amazing.

There was also Appics, while I was not surprised by this, I was however surprised to see that nearly the whole team made it to this event as they were speaking again at another show later during the week which was already planned but this particular event was very kind of unexpected on their schedule.

Images By @allasyummyfood

@allasyummyfood also spoke about how being a Steemian as been her greatest success story.

@anarcotech then wrapped up the power packed talk session with an audience Q&A.

A shout out to those steemians supporting the event.

@simonjay - @roelandp - @exyle - @ezzy - @rea - @soldier - @redrica - @allasyummyfood - @creatocracy - @lisadang - @justyy - @nanzo-scoop - @gillianpearce - @lloyddavis - @adetorrent - @steevc - @buttpacker - @ivargereiko - @ingaaa - @colossus39 - @cryptocurator - @gisi - @rod.crisafulli - @ultravioletmag - @roxane - @ura-soul - @ashtv - @neopch - @eroche - @dannyshine - @breadcentric - @marczanto - @wehmoen - @black-man

I met some really wonderful people and had a great day I was buzzing for I think like 3 days afterwards and was not be surprised if there was some sort of combined energy effect from this event that drove the Steem price upwards...well look at the price... I rest my case.

Images By: @simonjay

Anyway the point is with so much excitement and passion I think the question in mind was should we do this again?


Well the London Cryptocurrency Show is holding their next event on Saturday 20th of October!!
Meaning it would probably be a very good idea to have Steemit re-presented at the show once again after such a big success.

I was firstly worried because I am already busy during October but so far the 20th remains free, meaning I am already thinking of trying to attend.

Not only that but during the weekend @stephenkendal had a interesting chat with the owners and operators of the London cryptocurrency show which he shared.
Mr @stephenkendal talked about how we could develop and grow the relationship with them thereby leveraging the growth and power of Steemit.

Images By @redrica

And what does this mean exactly.. well a greater and larger presence at the next event, and to possibly allow more of the #Steem Projects creators to showcase "BUT" this time around with their very own stands, can you guys see the power of this?

Think about it.. with nearly 2,000 visitors that attended the show on Saturday the 14th and having successfully put on a great show its fair and expected that the number of attendees for the next cryptocurrency show on October are to be even higher.
So imagine the next show being full of these projects mostly based off Steem you wont be able to attended and not know about Steemit and Steem..its insane.

Mr @stephenkendal wants to know if this is something we as a community are wanting to see or agree on?
I for one will say yes to supporting the next show and will be trying my best to make it there.

Images By: @simonjay

Lastly if there are any Steem Projects out there that would like to have their own booth and presentation slot so you can showcase your project at the October show then leave a comment below and I will let @stephenkendal know or you you can leave him a comment on his blog.


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Great post!
You should speak at the next one.

Yea perhaps one day when I have more success on Steemit I would @mysearchisover thank you.

You are lucky enoug to attend it and get all these insights.
When I see these kind of events, It really makes me optimistic about the future of the blockchain and our king Steemit.

I heard about the event and there were many big personalities presented. Among all the projects, I am excited to see APPICS, how they go in future. So far they have been really good. Did you get the chance to meet them?

  ·  last year (edited)

Yes indeed I have mentioned before that after the event I felt very blessed to be able to attend.
When attending these events all optimism in my opinion goes away because you get to really see and experience what a strong driven community that is Steemit, I feel if these people continue to stay on Steemit we have nothing to worry about, Steemit is KING!
Yes I been keeping my eye on APPICS and think they should be successful and indeed I did meet them, infact this is not the first time we chatted I also talked to them at Steemfest2 @suf1an dont forget to upvote.

Excellent summary of the event. These are the little things that make our steemit walk every day more interesting. Best regards @simonjay

Thank you glad you like it and yes that is very true well said @felixgarciap thank you.

Hello @simonjay, I am convinced that the London Cryptocurrency Show on April 14th, had a great influence on the Steem price increase and thanks for that promotion work developed which is vital for the whole platform.
For the upcoming event on October 20, I think the results will be much higher. I hope you can attend so that you can tell us the details. Greetings.

Hehe your not the only one convinced that the London Cryptocurrency Show this April helped influence the Steem price increase that we experienced lately, well possibly but if it has any results whatsoever I will be more then happy, oh yes so do I but I would also like to attend Steemfest3 but I would need much supprt for that anyway all we can do is keep growing thanks @cjao20

I'e already got the date in my calendar @simonjay. Like you, I really hope I can make it! 😊

Oh great @gillianpearce will be really awesome to meet up again in October, so far I am clear but its abit of a way yet.

Yeah. Same for me @simonjay. Lots of stuff can happen between now and then. 😁

With a doubt steem was the lime light of that day as I believe we even end up getting a good few people joining on that day too. As soon as that talk started most if not all the seats was taken by steemians. It a shame I don't think I be around on the 20th but we will see closer to the time.

Haha oh yes it really was in the spot light during the event wow! Yes we did even at the show I heard people saying they was going to sign-up right now and some bigger investors are very curious so we may still see Steem rise suddenly, oh I see I was going to ask if you wanted to meet again for this event, my days are free so far, you going travelling again @hotmangoes ?

Thanks for your great post sharing...i appreciate this life..all the best..
upvote ablnd resteemit.

No problem @younus2

Great content..I appreciate your blog.
Carry on your life @simonjay
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[email protected] you're a update looking so beauty. I like your blog. best of luck.....

Great Info...Friend

nice blog..keep sharing. thank you.doing the right things.keep it up

Thanks very much for that and yes I will continue to try and help, will do, @ausharya dont forget to upvote.

Thanks for sharing... @simonjay handsame

Well thank you very much most kind @yenniyunita dont forget to upvote.