A Great Thank You To @starkerz for Acknowledging me and other Steemit Promoters at SteemFest

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As usual,the first thing i do when i access the Internet is login to Steemit and check what is happening.
I always like reading posts that promote Steemit on the promo-steem tag.
I read most of the articles as i learn the techniques other people are using in the different countries to promote Steemit and may be add those methods to my arsenal.


As i kept on scrolling and reading,i found a post by our own @tomasgeorge talking about the presentation the legendary @starkerz did.

I watched the video and guess what,@starkerz mentioned all the outstanding promoters of Steemit.
Among those folks was me representing my country Uganda.

You can read the full article by @tomasgeorge here


You can also find the video here below

Video Credit
The legendary promoter talked a lot of things in this video and i encourage you all to watch it to the end.

As he mentioned about my main challenge of people beliving in Steemit in Uganda.

Its true folks here do not easily belive in new stuff and i had to withdraw some money to prove to them .

I also by the way bought a smartphone from Steemit money

The smart phone has increased the belief in many of these guys.

I will move with this video everywhere to show how my work is being acknoledged and i have already shown it to some people and they are not believing its me!!

This video will solve my greatest challenge ie believability
You can find my previous posts here below.
Wonderful art pieces i found as i was going to promote Steemit
Bought a smartphone and created a whatsapp group to ease marketing!
I bought a smartphone from Steemit money yes..a smartphone!

I would like to thank @starkerz and all other people in the Steemit community for always supporting me.

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Jarau Moses


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Thank you for Using #promo-steem tag, Promote steemit by inviting your friends and your family!

I've been watching u for the 2. time and and your text is easy to read and its nice that you offer besides the txt a video...since I'm interesting a lot about psychology I'll be looking forward to post stuff about your problem if u like ..''how u can convince people in Uganda that steemit is an nice opportunity fore them'' ...(of course culture is a big part too)...I'll do my rearch follow u and let u know! Bless up jaramauoses

I will be glad if you write that article on psychology which can help me convince/persuade people here that Steemit is a life changing opportuinty for them.

When you write the article let me know on comments or steemit.chat,username is jaraumoses

I enjoy reading your posts to see how things are going for our community over in Uganda.

Your last sentence thanking starkerz made me think that you may be interested in participating in the "Share the Love" challenge, you should check it out.

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Wow this is great man

You do not know how i am thrilled to be recognized!

wow, this was amazing and very essential. thanks for sharing it.

I had no option but to share it due to excitement and also show my fellow country of how Steemit is Global!
The challenge i have always faced is their lack of belief in Steemit.

I am working hard to make them believe and probably many will join at a go.

  • I first withdrew some money and some believed!
  • I used that same money to design myself a t.shirt (their belief began increasing lol)
    *Now the grand thing happened,i bought a smart phone and now they are fully signing and waiting for their account approvals(as some are listing topics they will be blogging about!)

Many 3 world countries like mine Uganda.people take long to embrace new things(unless they see proof!!!!)

I will continue spreading Steemit to whoever cares to listen hehehehe.

Thanks for passing by my blog,thanks a lot.

Hi!, I am David, Spanish, and like you I have the honour of met @starkerz. Although I have to said he looks another person in the photo of your post (really fucking smart), he still looks like a good person.
@jaraumoses good luck in steemit!!!

He is really a good person and smart as you said,he looks an easy person to be with.
How is Spain??

Not the best place if you are looking for a job like me (rate on unemployment is so high)
If you are looking for good weather and nice people, that is your country.

This is awesome and it's great you were able to purchase a phone & create a marketing team!

It was awesome after I showed them the phone (which I am using to reply to this comment now).
They now believe in the possibilities of Steemit

That is so amazing. I wish you great success.

Good post. Let the people know. Use this as a means of promoting steemit.

Thanks for appreciating and i will continue promoting Steemit.